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Flight or Fright is a collection of sixteen short stories and one poem that tap into one of the most common fears fear of air travel Stephen King and is co editor Bev Vincent The Last Runaway have created an anthology featuring stories about the fear of flying and all the terrible things that couldappen during air travelThe collection features short stories from Joe Hill Stephen King Ray Bradbury Roald Dahl Sir Arthur Conan Doyle among others The best thing about the book is that covers all the scenarios you could think about From Zombies to Gremlin from murder mysteries to unknown demons in the clouds from time travel to sci fi thriller it covers a very wide range of stories There is something for everyone with different genres and stylesEach story is introduced by Stephen King and that adds another dimension to each of them Some of the stories which I really liked The Horror of the Heights by Arthur Conan Doyle Set in the early days of flying Reminded me of science fiction stories by Jules VerneNightmare at 20000 Feet by Richard Matheson A man tries to make the stewardess aware of the gremlin on the wing of the plane This story was also adapted for a Simpsons Halloween specialDiablitos by Cody Goodfellow The only genuine Sanctuary (The New World Series, horror story from the collection I liked it You Are Released by Joe Hill A plane stranded mid air with a full blown nuclear war going onThe Flying Machine by Ray Bradbury A story set in ancient China A great story with a great moral Murder in the Air by Peter Tremayne A nice murder mystery but a bit predictable The Turbulence Expert by Stephen King An interesting concept narrated in Stephen King s usual flair Overall this collection was a bit of a mixed bag for me which left me a bit underwhelmed Some of the stories were really great but many of them were OK The variety in the stories though was really impressive and it did introduce me to the work of many new authors which was a big plus for me If you like short stories this is a good collection to read Many thanks to the publishers Simon Schuster and Edelweiss for the ARC Welcome Aboardor maybe not It all begins with a scary asell introduction from KING Yikes What a orrific flying experience e Lion Boy Trilogy (Books 1, 2 and 3) ((Book 1), Lion Boy (Books 1, 2 and 3) ((Book 1), Lion Boy: The Chase (Book 2) and Lion Boy: The Truth (Book 3)) had As for me back in the olden days of 1969 on the way to Japan we briefly stopped in Alaska and slid off the runway all the way to the fence May not sound it but it was indeed frightening And once on a flight from Los Angeles to Detroit also in the late 60 s I experienced flying in aorrendous thunderstorm with lightening that seemed to last forever We rocked and bobbed up and down at times it felt like an elevator but that wasn t the scariest part I was flying without a companion and the big jetliner was practically emptytruly practically empty Really felt aloneominous flight for me Anyway FLIGHT OR FRIGHT is a variety of Data Interpretation Questions And Case Histories horror sci fi and murder mystery plus one poem There are plenty of spooked passengers for various reasons zombies aliens and some super weird and creepy monster stuff as you travel these skies My top six of seventeen favorites 1 Joe Hill s YOU ARE RELEASED By far the best for me Real life fear 2 Roald Dahl s YOU SHALL NOT GROW OLD Memorable time travel 3 Arthur Conan Doyle s THE HORROR OF THE HEIGHTS Wait till you see what s way up there in the danger zone 4 Richard Matheson s NIGHTMARE AT 20000 FEET Remember the freakish Twilight Zone episode Here you go 5 E Michael Lewis CARGO Creepy sad 6 Stephen King s THE TURBULENCE EXPERT Mortal fear of flying reuired Overall a pretty darn fine anthology of old and new Oh andWould I fly again Absolutely Justope I don t forget to pack FLIGHT OR FRIGHT 35Flight or Fright is a collection of Inside the Hornets Head horrormystery short stories solelyappening in midairIt is edited by Stephen King and also includes one of Imagination According to Humphrey (According to Humphrey his short stories My favorites were Two Minutes Forty Five Seconds by Dan Simmons You Are Released by Joe Hill and obviously The Turbulence Expert by Stephen King Before each story there is also an introduction by the masterimselfSo buckle up and fly Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales high Stephen King is afraid of something that I m not He s afraid of flying Don t get me wrong Iave a lot of funky little fears and phobias it s just that flying isn t one of them So I saw this new anthology aptly titled Flight or Fright and I saw it as a personal dare from the King Oh. My. Gods. (Oh. My. Gods., himself Coulde and Phoebe’s Fair Valentine (Oh. My. Gods., his co editor Bev Vincent curate a collection of stories that would seep through the cracks and unsettle my nerves enough to make me afraid to flyThere is a definitive answerere but before I tell you let s unpack my reader s experience shall weThe cover of the book reads 17 Turbulent Tales then you open the book to read the Table of Contents and a who s who Even though several of the stories are by some of my favorite authors I was disappointed in the Boys Only guest list There are several ladies of The Ground beneath her Feet horror that Iave enjoyed over the last few years that I would Killer Pancake / The Cereal Murders have loved to see a new story from Ania Ahlborn Kristi DeMeester Nadia Bulkin or Alma Katsu just to name a few A missed opportunity for sureMoving on Stephen King s intro Having been a Constant Reader since I was thirteen and owning everythinge Lo Que la Reina Quiere (Sexys Cuentos de Hadas Al Revés nº 1) has ever put out I can say with confidence that King s intros are some of my favorite This is no exception I will never tire of sitting atis feet and William Gibson hearingis personal anecdotes It was informative to Nancy Drake haveis fingerprints on each story as well introducing each author with a blurb about the taleReaders who love all kinds of genres not just Bandbox horror will enjoy that there is something for everyone in this themed anthology Something for sci fi loversistory buffs thriller junkiesmaybe you like social commentary poetry Everglades (Doc Ford Mystery, humor I was really. Fasten your seatbelts for an anthology of turbulent tales curated by Stephen King and Bev Vincent This exciting new anthology perfect for airport or airplane reading includes an original introduction and story notes for each story by Stephen King along with brand new stories from Stephen King and Joe HillAbout the BookStephen Kingates to flyNow e and co editor Bev Vincent would like to share this fear of flying wit.

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Ories by such famed authors as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Ray Bradbury and Ambrose Bierce I was expecting it to be all recent authors and works I did run into a few stories I ave read before but only a few and those were enjoyable as a reread The collection is well selected and organized I enjoyed the introduction by Stephen King did you know e as a fear of flying as well as Sapphamire (Dragons of Dragonose his short setup of each story Bev Vincent lands the collection with a fun afterword The collection covers a wide range of plots and ideas for such a specific sub genre I enjoyed all the stories with no big misses imho My favorite surprised me but it stood out as the story that both moved me and creeped me out the most It was You Are Released by Joe Hill It s timely and I found it delightfully disturbing I recommend this collection and Iighly recommend you read it at 30000 feet There is a certain majestic nature to being far above the clouds crossing the country or an ocean while receiving small bags of snacks and watered down drinks Air travel The Donovan Legacy (Donovans has long been the go to means of getting from one place to another especially with the ongoing technological advancements for the general public However Stephen King and Bev Vincent seek to dispel this bucolic myth with their collection of short stories about flying all of which explore levels of fear or evil when it comes to being in the air The collection of seventeen pieces keeps the reader enthralled with stories from many authors who penned their works at different times during the progress of flight over the past century From stories about cargo trips back from Jonestown to ever elusive gremlins on the wing through to pieces about a nuclear war commencing during the middle of a continental flight and even the joys ofaving an airplane before a crime scene during an in flight murder King and Vincent seek to spook the reader just a little as they learn about the many ways in which flight could be anything but safe With wonderfully gripping pieces some as short as a single paragraph the editors offer a jam packed adventure that would put any security scanning line to shame when it comes to Breaking Down (The Garage, horrific experiences A great anthology that will keep many a reader wanting to plant their feet on terra firms for the foreseeable future Highly recommended for those who enjoy short stories that differ greatly from one another and those who are not put off by some of the predictable disasters that could await any airline passenger Having long been a fan of Stephen King and an avid flier I was eager to get myands on this piece to see the sorts of authors and stories that were gathered to create this nightmarish collection Not only are the pieces entirely uniue from one another but they span the entirety of the flight experience Some authors penned their stories not long after the Wright Brothers made their brief sojourn into the air while others tackle topics of a Cold War era or even when travel was as sleek as could be imagined This great cross section of writing enriches the collection even though there is a theme of fear within each piece As the editors offer a brief synopsis of the piece to come the reader is able to place it into context and can should they wish notice the chronological and technological progresses made in air travel As the reader is introduced to scores of characters in a variety of settings they can relate to as many as they like while endeavouring not to scare themselves with vivid imaginings of what could go wrong The choice of stories was wonderful as was the varied lengths of the pieces on offer However perhaps I should not ave read this days before I would board a plane Now then which button was actually used to bring down the plane and not summon assistance for additional pretzelsKudos Messrs King and Vincent for this captivating collection I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and ope you ll continue to collaborate again soon This book fulfils Topic 1Collecting Words in the Euinox 6 Reading Challenge Likehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge This book was interesting but ere is the nitty gritty if you are a freuent flyer I don t think it would be good idea to read this book on your flight Actually I would advise against it as some of the stories within this book will make you wish that you adn t read it and it might Passionate Kisses Boxed Set have you sleeping with the oxygen mask attached to your face the whole tripBefore I even made it to chapter one I was already dreading what was ahead of me as the introduction by Stephen King was scary enough to where I never want to fly Here is a small blurb fromis introduction Yet you are entering what is basically a tube filled with oxygen and sitting atop tons of ighly flammable jet fuel Now if that doesn t send shivers down your spine I don t know what will as now I cannot get that image out of my ead I My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, have flown one time when I was young but after reading this book Iave decided that I don t even want to attempt stepping foot on a plane ever againSo with that being said I did enjoy the book though and I do The Café Book have some favorite stories out of the seventeen that are within this book but I only enjoyed them because like I said I know I won t be flying the friendly skies Favorite stories areNightmare at 20000 Feet The Flying Machine Two Minutes Forty Five Seconds Air Raid You Are Released Murder in the Air and The Turbulence Expert Giving this book four stars for keeping me entertained This collection was a bit of a mixed bag for me and I was left feeling a little disappointed Some of the stories were phenomenal but some were also auge snooze fest One thi. Down the jetway and place your fate in the ands of a total strangerFeaturing brand new stories by Joe Hill and Stephen King as well as fourteen classic tales and one poem from the likes of Richard Matheson Ray Bradbury Roald Dahl Dan Simmons and many others Flight or Fright is as King says ideal airplane reading especially on stormy descents Even if you are safe on the ground you might want to buckle up nice and tigh.

Impressed with the wide range of voices genres and styles represented ereOf course many people myself included will want to buy this for the new original stories by Stephen King and is son Joe HillA word about those twoI m a uge fan of both their careers I read all of their books I stay updated on everything they do and I watch all the movie adaptations TV shows and graphic novelizations I can get my Models Dont Eat Chocolate Cookies hands on That being said I don t mind being critical of their work I get to be a fangirl and a reviewer at the same time I was a little disappointed with both of their contributions to this collection I wanted Stephen King s offering to be meatier the story felt like the bones of a good story but there was nothing to sink my teeth into it was a bony tale with no fleshy bitsJoe Hill s story was uite the opposite actually it seemed that Hillad a lot to say but with this being a short story collection there wasn t ample time to say it and I felt like this social commentaryterrorism thriller could ave been impactful with time spent on building the story and charactersOverall I loved spending time with several of my favorite authors including Dan Simmons Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Ray Bradbury and Roald Dahl Some standout stories for me was the first one Cargo by E Michael Lewis and Nightmare at 20000 Feet by Richard Matheson As I closed the book I asked myself Flight or Fright And the answer was clear FLIGHT There s a whole world out there I want to see and flying is the safest way to get around but you take the challenge and see for yourself I absolutely adore the synopsis I HATE flying with every fiber of my being Yep This should be great for my travel anxiety Me when I fly I aven t stepped foot on an airplane in 24 years following a very very very rough landing at KCI International during a storm Those 10 minutes of silent white knuckle terror ruined flying for me I m terrified to get on a plane There isn t enough alcohol or appy pills to make a flight enjoyable for me One lightning filled turbulent fast loss of altitude event Done Completely done Soaring above the clouds strapped into a metal capsule that weighs upwards of 75 tons is just tempting fate Not to mention I firmly fear that each of us only gets one extra life do over miraculous savewhatever you want to call it I got out of one scrape unscathedthe next one my luck might not kick in Game over Know what I meanStephen King as spent decades scaring the piss out of me Vampires Crazed killers Telekinetic angry teenagers Demons Aliens CLOWNS Oh my godclowns Hate them And now Scruples Two he pokes me in yet another fear factor flying When I saw this story anthology edited by King and Bev Vincent I knew Iad to read every single one of the 17 stories contained within I can enjoy the What Janie Found (Janie Johnson, horrorwhile safely on the ground I love this book I knew I was going to love it the minute I saw the dedication list at the beginning The story collection is dedicated to pilots who landed safely after aarrowing flightand the list includes Ted Striker There was absolutely no need for anyone to ueue up to slap me as I lost control while readingI was totally ready for in flight Carl Hiaasen Collection horror And I didn tave the fishThe stories are varied with selections from classic writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Ambrose Bierce to the modern commercial era featuring stories by Joe Hill and E Michael Lewis Even Roald Dahl Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command has a tale in this anthology I enjoyed every single storynone of them crashed and burned Some were lessorrificothers were completely creepy Each Explosive Acts has an introduction giving info on the author and the story Loved itWhile Stephen Kingas been scaring me for decades Bev Vincent is a new author for me He writes for the Cemetery Dance Magazine authored the companion book to the Dark Tower series by King and Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, has an impressive list of magazine short stories listed inis bio I m definitely going to look for Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria his work and do some very enjoyable reading I love it when I discover a new to me author that writes in one of my favorite genres Iope they collaborate on story anthologiesI really enjoyed this oneI recommend these tales for anyone who enjoys orror short stories whether they love flying or ate it As someone who refuses to get on a plane I found these stories a bit distressing than others mightmade for a fun experience I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Scribner via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own What you make of this review is your own choicebut I recommend a Two Reels And A Crank hat a broach or perhaps a terradactyl As my wife and I prepared for a trip to Italy I was mainly focused on the sights food and wine we were about to experience However at some point I realized I would be trapped in a metal tube for tenours or so to get to and from Rome Being slightly masochistic I decided it would be fun to read Flight or Fright edited by Stephen King on the plane A uick side note we are now back from Italy and it was better than I imagined Historic beautiful and eye opening it was a trip of a lifetime We saw Rome Florence Tuscany Pisa Vinci Siena Cinue Terre San Gimignano and Montecatini We saw everything Sistine Chapel Colosseum Leaning Tower of Pisa etc etc We ate wonderful food drank fantastic wine and met so many interesting people Anyways back to the review In all Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, honesty I only read about three uarters of the book on the flights The first flight was a tortuous attempt at sleep and the return trip I was exhausted and just did a marathon of movies to pass the time But I did read many of the stories on the flight and it s a great way to experience this collection of shorts I was surprised to find that this collection includes many older st. H youWelcome to Flight or Fright an anthology about all the things that can goorribly wrong when you're suspended six miles in the air urtling through space at than 500 mph and sealed up in a metal tube like gulp a coffin with undreds of strangers All the ways your trip into the friendly skies can turn into a nightmare including some we'll bet you've never thought of before but now you will the next time you walk.

Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologiesIn the fall of 1971 Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy the public high school in Hampden Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels