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Neither sixteen year old Alaric nor Naia knows the other exists even though they have the same parents and live in the same house A folly brings them together Lexie s Folly a Victorian shade a scene under a glass dome that their mother had efurbished with a detailed model of their home an atmospheric old house called Withern Rise Alaric is grieving the death of his mother two years before while Naia 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life relishes the warmth of a strong mother daughterelationship When Alaric accidentally bumps the dust covered Folly he emembers when his mother put it together He places his hands on the dome suddenly his hands begin to tingle and after a short burst of excruciating pain he finds himself in an altered version of his home with a girl who looks like his female twin But she isn t She is his counterpart in a parallel eality a eality in which a girl was born instead of a boy and her mother did not die Naia has the life Alaric craves He epeatedly journeys to her eality eventually coming face to face with the Folly and journeys to Alaric s eality to see the undown unhappy home he lives in with his father One last simultaneous attempt to visit each other s world seems to destro. LOOK BELOW THE SURFACE REALITY IS DIFFERENT THERENaia Underwood has a double in another eality a male double called Alaric For almost seventeen years their lives have been identical but for one thing Alaric's mother died following a train derailment two years ago the same derailment that Naia’s mother the same woman survived Now Naia and Alaric are about to meet for the first time with disastrous conseuences for one of them and far eaching changes for millionsThis is a single volume ebook edition of the acclaimed alternative fates trilogy formerly published in the US by Greenwillow and HarperTeen as The Withern Rise Trilogy The trilogy is still available as

Y Naia and Alaric s connection Fighting for their separateness as their identities try to merge into one they pull apart and the Folly shatters Alaric and Naia are thrown back into their bedrooms but are they in their own ealities or each other s An enticing concept vividly written Lawrence has a fluid and vivid writing style and creates believable protagonists in Alaric and Naia I found this book to be eally hard to follow and ather boring No matter how many times I tried to sit and ead it it never caught my attention A crack in the line is a story about to children Alaric and Naia who are similar in every way Their houses are identical their ooms face the same direction and they even live on the same oad yet they ve never met All is fine until they finally do meet and when they do they learn something that has a catastrophic affect on them A crack in the line was a book that had eluded me time and time again The start is extremely slow and uite frankly boring I find the plot to be uite dull and often times it seems like Michael Lawrence will drag on for pages about a simple concept Alaric lives with his father in their old Victorian by the iver Ouse in England. Eparate volume ebooks for those who prefer shorter eads The three volumes are ‘A Crack in the Line’ ‘Small Eternities’ and ‘The Underwood See’The author welcomes uestions or comments about these books this story Email him at wordybugmaccom The first volume of this trilogy was ecommended by The American Library Association as one of the year’s most imaginative works of fiction It was also shortlisted for The Michael L Printz Award USThe Georgia Peach Book Award USThe Lancashire Children's Book of the Year AwardThe North East of England Book AwardFROM REVIEWS OF ONE OR MORE OF THE BOOKS‘The complexity of the storyline is not something that many au.

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His mother was injured in a train accident and was given a 5050 chance of surviving In Alaric s eality she did not One day Alaric touches a piece of artwork made by his mother a tiny oak model of his house and finds himself looking at a girl so much like him that she could have been his sister It becomes clear pretty uickly that the girl Naia is him if he d been born female that the house is not uite his house and that Naia s mother is very much aliveThis book was superb The alternate eality thing could have been a gimmick but here it s of a punch in the gut especially for poor Alaric Is it good or bad to know that your dead mother is alive somewhere else in some other eality and that your whole life could have gone a lot better or a lot WORSE than it did This book is part of a trilogy and I haven t ead the other two books so I m not sure how it will all end If I had a complaint about this one it s that so far we haven t seen the effects of Alaric s choices on the timelines They only seem to split in esponse to chance which makes it seem like there s no free will in this universe However that might be an artifact of having ead just the first third of the larger stor. Thors could successfully handle however Lawrence has written with a truly cunning hand’ Independent on Sunday UK'A spine tingling thriller about parallel worlds These are brilliant thought provoking novels about grief esponsibility and choice' The Times London'A thought provoking tale packed with mystery and suspense' The Bookseller'The book's conclusion with its shocking metamorphosis is sure to spark passionate discussion' Booklist Starred Review US'Emotionally wrenching yet satisfying' Locus Magazine US‘This criminally under ated seuence epresents some the strongest and most influential contributions to teenage fiction in ecent years’ Jake Hope Achuk.