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I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review My thoughts and opinions are my own Any uotes I use are from an unpublished copy and may not reflect the finished product Twilight of the Elves was ike Lord of the Rings but MG I Go-Go-Go! loved it There were elves dwarves and even a necromancer Seriously it sike this book was made for me I really enjoyed reading this one to my son and we ve already gone online and ordered the first book The Adventurer s Guild Even though this is the second book in a series we didn t feel Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook lost or confused by the world or the characters The authors were informative but not overly so You shouldn t feel bombarded with facts if you ve read the first book but youl feel adeuately informed if you haven tI really enjoyed the story and how relatable the characters were The mundane aspects of their Reine Mädchensache lives were things my son could understand while we simply enjoyed the magical and fantastical elements For example one of the characters mentioned not having time to brush his teeth and my son thought that meant he should be able to skip brushings every once in awhile I had to tell him that he wasn t actively fighting monsters and therefore had no excuse not to brush his teeth This book prompted aot of conversations between me and my son and I Animal Babies liked how involved he was with the story I ve been reading chapter books aloud to him for awhile now but this is the first time he s played an active role in the story I think that alone says something about the uality of this book He wanted to pay attention and ask uestions instead of simply drifting off to sleep More often than not I wouldeave his room with him still awake and asking me to read just one chapter Twilight of the Elves was a really fun and enjoyable read The world building was amazing the characters were believable wish there had been character development since this was the second book and there was plenty of action and adventure Like I said very Lord of the Rings I cannot wait to see what this duo comes up with next The ending definitely Offenders and Detainees left room for Originally posted at Do You Dog ear on November 15 2018 Zed awoke early the next morning still groggy from the night s celebrations His teeth ached from too much ambrosia Zed s mother would pop a kettle if she knew he d fallen asleep without brushing again but dental hygiene didn t factor high among his concerns these days Just two nights agao his bedtime routine had involved tugging Liza s arm out of the jaws of a monsterIove how TWILIGHT OF THE ELVES combines My name is Zed and there is unrest within the walls of Freestone Our elven neighbors have been forced to flee their homes and many citizens of Freestone resent the presence of these refugees The elven ueen has asked the Adventurer s Guild for help and they think my green flame may be the only way to destroy the dark magic haunting Llethanyl However Freestone s king has denied the ueen s reuest so our mission must remain secret I m still qasas-ul-quran learning to use my magic and hopefully I won t need it to hold off the Dangers wel encounter in the forest My father was an elf from Llethanyl but I don t know anything about him I was hoping the High Ranger of the elves would share some information but I wasn t prepared for the truth I recommend you first read The Adventurers Guild 1 in order to fully understand the background story of the series Zed was the main character although alternate chapters followed his best friend Brock Their friendship became strained as they were both hiding secrets A arge focus of this book involved Zed trying to discover about his past The fact that he never knew his father may resonate with readers from divorced or adopted families I enjoyed Zed s vulnerability and uncertainty as he earned new information about his father However Zed agreed to a secret pact that came back to bite him in the butt Luckily it turned. I should probably start at the beginning Zed wrote when things first went wrongZed Brock and their friends may have saved Freestone from destruction but the fight against the Dangers is far from over No one knows what to expect next from the dark power that forced the elves to abandon their city And the influx of elf refugees in Freestone strains resources and brews resentment among the townspeople Thi.

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S Zed s desire to Dead-End Road Mysteries learn about his elven father the prejudices within the elven party against some of their own people the elven ueen s true agendaall of these push and pull at the characters and influence their actions And within this fantasy setting there are still everyday themes of friendship family belonging identity prejudice and the stirrings of teenage romance as the adventurers make their way toward LlethanylReaders who enjoyed the first outing and have been waiting for the next installment in the series will be glad to reunite with the characters they know and toearn about the newcomers Those who are just discovering the Adventurers Guild can jump in and give this a try and then they will probably want to go back and read about how this crew got their start once they reach the end of the book Highly recommended for middle grade readers who enjoy fantasy adventure I read an e book provided by the publisher through NetGalley 4 12 starsAs with the first book the second book in this series is a great middle grade read It combines normal things that kids will relate to Hear the Wolves like brushing their teeth with fighting monsters and magic It creates a place where kids can see how hard making choices are NOT whether or not to brush your teeth but thingsike how discrimination and race make people funny And whether or not you just do what everyone wants you to or do what s right in your heart The relationships between the four main characters and the added new one is this book will keep kids interested I know it did me The characters are complex and interesting They aren t perfect but they are easy to Valors Measure like These guys do have you thinking and that s an important uality for a middle grade book It s not predictable and it holds the reader in this world that hasots of issues I BFI Film Classics loved that even kids could make an impact on this worldThe story moves uickly again holding you in the story There is aot of fighting with monsters action that will draw in the boys and strong girls that will draw in the girls Certainly can t wait for book three Twilight of the Elves is an action packed page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seats This is a wonderful fantasy adventure for young children if read aloud and perfect for slightly older children Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan looking to delve into the fantasy genreThe story itself wonderful with perfect pacing I highly recommend Twilight of the Elves Considering the ending I can t wait for book three Twilight of the Elves Adventurer s Guild 2 by Zack Clark and Nick Eliopulos 384 pages Disney NOVEMBER 2018 17 Language G Mature Content G Violence PGots of fighting undead creaturesEL MS ADVISABLEAfter the elves fled the evil necromancer who raised their dead and destroyed their city they have uneasily settled into the former marketplace in Freestone Zed Brock and the others have saved Freestone once now the elves want them to save Llethanyl too But things are complicated now that they aren t just trying to find their place within the Adventurer s Guild Zed and Brock are both keeping dark secrets from each other These secrets may not only destroy their friendship but also the world The journey to Llethanyl will be filled with danger but between grit وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله luck and skill the Adventurer s may have a chanceKids who have read the first book will enjoy this one just as much The action alone will keep young readers coming back for The author pair has a good chance to become as beloved as Brandon Mull In the future however I think they need to spare aittle time for character development while there is a bit it is pretty shallow They also need to stop setting up the next book at the end of the Fiend last one If the writing is strong enough you don t need to shove your story arc in your readers faces They will come back for because you gave them a strong complete story toove Rant overCindy Middle School Librarianhttpskissthebookblogspotcom201. Cah and their elven friend Fel join the uest To face a powerful form of magic thought to be extinct the adventurers will have to earn how to rely on each other and fight harder than ever beforeDon't miss this second installment of Zack Loran Clark and Nicholas Eliopulos's Adventurers Guild trilogy where the stakes are raised the action is breathless and the dangers will stop even the bravest of hearts.

Out a couple of friends were than they seemed and their abilities were needed during the plot s climax The interaction of the characters was the most enjoyable part of the book It included playful bantering strained relationships compassion and teamwork as the Adventurers worked together An oldnew character joined the cast in the ater pages of the book The plot again included mystery as the Dangers presented some hard to explain problems Overall I m enjoying the series and have already started reading the third book Night of Dangers Second in the series High fantasy with all the hallmarks of a DnD campaign Zed has the uniue chance to earn about the other half of his heritage but the elves aren t finding a warm welcome in Freestone Meanwhile Brock s obligations are forcing him even further into the role of spy right when Zed needs a friend than ever I m uite ready for the third book I enjoyed this even then the first So much fun and adventure The friendships have really grown I also appreciated that they dealt with the topic of refugees racism and discrimination in a really respectful way Perfect for a middle grade audience Twilight of the ElvesAuthor Zack Loran Clark and Nick EliopulosRelease September 30 2018Reader Johnny HellerGenre FantasyOverall Rating 6 out of 10Genre Rating 7 out of 10Part 2 of The Adventurers Guild Trilogy is a decent follow up to The Adventurers Guild but overall feelsreads ike a filler story Our heroes do get to do outside of their home town but the story feels a The Pedlar and the Bandit King (Scarlet and the White Wolf, little small for the scope of what is happening It does make some sense for it to feel that way since the protagonists really don t have aot of insight into the plots and plans of the people in power but given what they are up against and the stakes it seems they should be better informed Perhaps a bit to the point is that the characters don t seem to be growing much either They are going through a ot but they don t seem to be changing much although at the end of the book there is a major change in one of the primary characters it isn t really due to character having real personal growthI might be a ittle harsh on the story after all it is really geared to juvenile readers so it might resonate a Roberto to the Dark Tower Came little there The world is slowly being fully revealed as well but it just doesn t feelike it makes much sense either though The resolution to the story feels a bit rushed as well although some of the issues were set up reasonably well it felt Polyphemus like there asuck than cleverness that found our heroes triumphant at the end Seeing as this is billed as a trilogy I find myself concerned that the third book will feel much the same Of course if this turns out NOT to be a trilogy it wouldn t be the first series to have that happen and it could be better for it I d rather have that happen than have it be a story where a Pink Ribbons, Inc. lot of stuff happens and the heroes don t grow much at the end and they succeed onuck than on their wits skills and abilities Zed Brock Liza Micah and Jett are back to survive dangers and deceptions Spoiler Alert At the end of the first book in the series the elves arrived to report that their city had fallen The town of Freestone allowed the refugees inside its walls but the situation is uneasy and that is putting it mildly The Rangers of the elves have taken shelter with the Adventurers Guild and their youngest member Fel has joined the five friends in their training When a party is sent to scout a possible return to the elven city of Llethanyl the youngsters find themselves outside the safety of Freestone and in the wilderness where Dangers could be behind every bush or stone Besides the creatures who try to kill themranging from shapeshifting things with really Star Cookies Comfort large teeth to deadly spores and even banshees there are also plenty of intrigue and cross purposes to ruin everyone s day The shadowy figure who wants Brock to discover secret. Ngs have shifted between best friends Zed and Brock as well with their friendship crumbling under the weight of the secrets they're keeping from each otherWhen tensions reach an all time high ueen Me'Shalaeader of the elves approaches the Adventurers Guild with a mission She wants a small group of adventurers to go behind the king's back on a covert mission to save her city and Zed Brock Liza Jett Mi.