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ERIESRecipe for blueberry coffees cake is includedMany thanks to NetGalley and Kensington for a review copy The opinions expressed are my own Dollycas s ThoughtsWho knew a little trip to a ghost town would lead to murder The latest group of writers have arrived for their week long retreat and a ay out to Outlaw Colorado a tourist attraction Why Americas Top Pundits Are Wrong dedicated to the Old West is theestination for a Citizen Cain day trip One of the writers Jessi a college student works there along with her roommate for extra cashThe nextay the roommate is missing She is later found Trail of Secrets dead in one of the rooms at the ghost town saloon She went missing while working one of Jessi s shifts so was the killer after Jessi or her friend Cat tries to stay out of the investigation but her guests have other ideas and lie to her about where they are going Twice she gets them out of hot water with police She soon finds herself trying to solve the case to help Jessi but also to keep her guests out of trouble What she uncovers changes the course of the investigation and reveals a shady side of certain individualsCat actually had a few months go well no murders or police investigations so this book takes place in the following summer after the last book Shauna is still getting over Kevin seath but is How to Train a Cowboy doing better Cat and Seth s relationship is moving along nicely Uncle Pete and Shirley are handling a longistance relationship Dante is still popping up unexpectedly The writers for this retreat all belong to the same writing group and are historical romance writers with the exception of college student Jessi but they uickly pull her into the group If it wasn t for that One Special Moment doggone murder things would be greatOne of the things I like about this series is that for each story we add a new group of characters to the core cast we have come to know so well over these four books Ms Cahoonoes an excellent j Release Day I ve wanted to read a novel by Lynn Cahoon for years but it never crept high enough in my TBR no clue why perhaps I was just overwhelmed with options in the cozy world Then I was given an opportunity to read and review her latest book Slay in Character in the Cat Latimer mystery series Yikes why A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain did I wait so long 425 stars to this fantastic story To start with the premise of the series is about a writer who runs a writing group where various authors visit and conduct workshops It s a great concept asifferent characters can easily come and go without feeling too overwhelming But there s also a bevy of recurring ones who appear in all the books which keeps the series grounded in its sub genre I like the balance and opportunity for future plotsIn this caper one of the girls in the writing retreat is being stalked Her friend and roommate is murdered in a similar way a few girls have been in the past 10 years at an Old West town that s mostly for tourists Are they connected is someone playing games or is it just a coincidence As the plot unravels we learn about the other writers the girls at the college who knew the victim and the townspeople who keep the Old West image running Something seems uite unusual but it isn t clear until the end Along the path we meet the girl who was supposed to Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, die O And that throws a monkey wrench into all the suspicions and investigationsCat and her crew are likable At first I was a little thrown off because it s the type of series where it s much better to read in order Someon t reuire you to but I feel like this one is a lot stronger if you The Mommy Makeover do read in order Once I got past that aspect my fault not the writer s I had a few other small items that made it hard for me to connect with some of Cat s friends but itidn t istract from the story I have a feeling the other books might easily earn 5 star ratings from me but this one as my first intro wasn t totally there yet Overall the plot was strong the setting was very elaborate and interesting and the characters had lots of personality in a positive wayI look forward to reading from the author and I plan to read this series from the beginning and order the first in one of her other series at the end of the year Oh yeah she might also win the poll on my blog s upcoming November readathon for cozy mysteries Come check it out and maybe we ll be reading a Cahoon series together. Horse the real culprit before a real life ghost story is given a killer twist Praise for Lynn CahoonBetter get your flashlight handy A Story to Kill will keep you reading all night Laura Bradford author of the Amish Mysteries Lynn Cahoon has created an absorbing good fun mystery in Mission to Murder Fresh Fictio.

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Slay in Character is a really fun addition to the Cat Latimer series while also being sweet and sincereAnother reviewer said that one of the raws of this series is the combination of the A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, delightful regular cast of both main and secondary characters the rotating cast of additional secondary characters that are new in each book and I completely agree We get layers in the lives back stories of Cat her boyfriend Seth her best friend Shauna and her Uncle Pete as well as some of the townspeople who play a role in each retreat but we also get to meet a new This was a gripping tale from start to finish Author Cat runs a writers retreat from her Colorado college town home along with her boyfriend Seth and her BFF Shauna This retreat s guests include a local college student and a writers group from Connecticut a mix that seem to all get along and support one another well but also know how to make some time to relax on their working vacation When someone connected to the group is foundead some of the ladies find themselves First Blood drawn to investigating This was a fun group of guests to read about and the mystery was a little tricky Though I suspected the culprit I kept second guessing myself until the very end Aside from the mystery we get to hear a little about Shauna and her troubles There was a great new setting in this book an Old West town nearby where some of the book s scenes are set Slay in Character is a great entry in this series though I feel it stands alone uite well for those who haven t read any others in the Cat Latimer series If you read this one first you may find yourself wanting to back and start at the beginning I m hoping this series will be around for uite awhileI received an advance copy of this book This review contains my own honest thoughts and opinions I ve read all the previous books in this series and knew this one wouldn tisappoint I wanted to read it non stop than I was able but maybe it helped me savor it until the next book comes out This one releases November 27 I volunteered to read an ARC paperback of the book My opinions are my own but I absolutely loved this bookCat s writer resort group was an already established group of writer friends from CT who uickly embraced the Covington college student Jessi who was assigned to the session Jessi worked at the local old West reality town of Outlaw When her roommate was killed there speculation was whether the hit was meant for Jessi who had family ties and whose mother was friends with local mob family member Dante Cat promised Dante she The Palliser Novels d keep Jessi safe and now she was worried if she would really be able to keep that promise as a couple attempts were made on Jessi s lifeI had sort of guessed whoid it but I wasn t sure why The showdown was the good safe kind and the killer was taken away I really liked this group of writers One of the ladies was like a mother hen to Jessie whose own mom wasn t really part of her life very much As a side story Seth was working on a nice surprise it Men And Gods In Mongolia definitely was awesome You ll have to read it when it comes out to see what that was There s also been a couple of other fun additions to the resort family something else you ll have to read and see As always I m already anxious for the next book I wouldn t mind seeing Jessi as a recurring character like Dante is A fast paced action packed Murder mysteryin Outlaw Town ColoradoCat Latimer is hosting a writer s retreat inAspen Hills Colorado Cat has her crew which consists of Shauna her boyfriend Seth and Uncle Pete the town law officerThe writer s group consists of a group of five experienced romance writers from Connecticut and Jessi Ball Jessie is a student at Covington College She has earned the right to attend this sessionCat takes the group on a tour to an old mining town in Outlaw Colorado which sets the scene for a Western town in the 1800 s There is a saloon an old time photo shop a gift shop andgunfighter battles Jessie and some of the college students work in the town to earn extra moneyWhat a shock when Jessie s roommateressed inJessie s saloon girl costume is found straggled intheir room Was Jessie the real targetedCome along with Cat and the group as they Hunter Killer (Pike Logan decideto investigate the situation The cast consists ofcleverly crafted mischievous well Staying in character can be murder when Cat Latimer and the members of her writers' retreat head for a ghost town Cat and the members of her writers' retreat have just arrived in Outlaw Colorado an Old West tourist town complete with inhabitantsressed up as famous figures from history But this authentic slice.

Efined andinteresting characters Murder robbery run awaycars Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, danger intrigue and suspense add to thiswell written fast paced adventureThe reader will feel as is they are with thisgroupue to the author The Friend Zone descriptive flairCome join the fun and read this storyThis is book 4 in the Cat Latimer Mysteries seriesIt can be read as a stand alone as the author mixes the past and present together effortlesslyI volunteered to read Slay in Character Thanks tothe Cozy Mystery Review Crew for the opportunityMy opinion is my own I was soelighted to receive and advanced reading copy of Lynn Cahoon s book Slay In Character This is a series I love simply because the idea of this type of a writers retreat really appeals to me the setting is so plausible and the characters are all so likeable I love that something big is always happening and something fun is always being Flying Scotsman Manual discusseduring these writer retreats I think Cat the main character is well written Divorced and left the marital home she shared with her ex husband she converted the home into an amazing writing retreat Cat is no nonsense and hardworking yet has a creative and caring side that you cannot help but love At times I think she is really coming into her own solving her own mystery the mysteries surrounding the retreats and learning to live again In Slay In Character I loved the mystery surrounding the student who was selected to attend the retreat It was well laid out and I Alpha (Shifters, did not guess the killer correctlyThis book at so many touching moments for me as well I loved it This book is out November 27th from Kensington Slay In Character is the 4th book in Lynn Cahoon s Cat Latimer Mystery series This is the first book I ve read in the series and the first book by this author that I ve read Cat Latimer runs a writer s retreat workshop in small town Colorado This workshop seems to be running smoothly when one of her guest s friends is murderedI liked the story line itself alright and the characters were all likeable However I felt like this book picked up in the middle of the previous book Iidn t really know the cast of characters or the town They would bring up something that happened before but you never find out what it was A lot of the characters names were similar without much Whalerider description of them making itifficult to follow along at first I know when reading a series you Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex don t want a lot of recap from previous books in the series but I think you still need some or you can really confuse readers Like I said Iid like the story line and I actually Graphic Design For Everyone didn t figure out who the killer was ahead of time which seemed pretty obvious after the fact but I still missed it I received this ARC for my honest review 375 starsI m fast approaching the last book in the series that has been released so far But luckily I see today here on Goodreads that another book in the series will be released late next month That s a great thing because I m really enjoying this series The main reason is that it s a book about books specifically a book about authors and what the series started with it continues toeliver I hate it when a series starts for example as a bookstore owner and later books in the series really Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, don t have anything too with the bookstore I mean the reason I picked up the series is because I wanted to read about a bookstore owner I feel cheatedThat s the great thing about this series apart from likable to lovable characters good mysteries and good writing each book talks about the authors retreat and about writing The 5 writers from the current Writers Retreat along with Jessica Ball who is the current student from the college are gathered in Outlaw Colorado a ghost town that will give them an experience of a Western town in the 1800 s The writers are all penned romance and are from the same town One of the actors Jessi s roommate is found strangled to Sweetland death in the saloonLater the group went to check out the area where the body was found Cat finds it necessary torive back to Outlaw as the writers a need a ride back to the town As the investigation Art of Laurel and Hardy deepens it seems that Jessi s roommate was not a friend of hers She was wearing Jessi s clothes and working her shift at the town when she was murdered Was Jessi the intended victimI HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND Of Americana takes a murderous turn when a college student masuerading as a 19th century saloon girl becomes history herselfWas she the intended target Orid she take a hit meant for someone else With a cast of suspects to choose from including some notorious gunslingers and the sleazy town founders Cat must un.