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Remember that the revolution is the most important thing and that each one of us alone is worth nothing Above all try to be able to always feel deeply any injustice committed against any Judgment Day (Time of Judgment Trilogy, person in anyart of the world It is the most beautiful uality of a revolutionaryA number of years ago well 10 20 those are numbers right I read Jon Lee Anderson s authoritative biography on Che I remember liking it I remember the guy who I saw reading it the guy who or less recommended it to me saying He s not who I thought he was I was expecting something different He was idealistic but lost sight of himself by the endOn the other hand it was Jefferson who famously said The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of A Full Scholarship (Sex Powers University 1) patriots and tyrants And we still celebrate that violent revolutionaryIf you re looking for book that gives an account of Che s life this bookrobably isn t for you Read Anderson s biographyIf you re looking for a book that gives you a glimpse and has some kickass illustrations check this one out This was the first graphic novel I have read so I it was hard for me to rate Previously Summer Break (Gods at Eighteen 3) particularly following the movie The Motorcycle Diaries I had a much romanticized view of Che Thisortrayal brings some balance although in many ways it is still a thumbnail sketch of his actions and relationships I did however find the illustrations and the story engaging In many ways graphic novel adaptations are like film adaptations They incorporate an existing story into a new medium with varying levels of success The best ones are those that recognize the differences and lay to their strengths while still staying somewhat true to the source material Artist Jos Hern ndez has done just thatI will only take to my grave the nightmare of an unfinished songWhether you consider Che Guevara a zealot a hero or a thug Jon Lee Anderson s extensively researched biography is a must read Anderson s bio humanizes Che without idolizing him His motivations are exposed his ideology is defined and his faults are readily apparent It is the combination of this truthful narrative with Hern ndez s stunning artwork that makes this rendition of Che s biography so appealing It is a collaboration that works This GN was amazing I thought Spain Rodriguez had written the definitive GN on Che but Jon Lee Anderson takes us into the field as Che tries to ligh. The graphic adaptation of the groundbreaking and definitive biography of Che Guevara Che Guevara's legend is unmatched in the modern world Since his assassination in 1967 at the age of thirty nine the Argentine revolutionary has become an internationally recognized icon as revered as he is controversial As a Marxist ideologue who sought to end global ineuality by bringing down the American capitalist empire through armed guerrilla warfare Che has few riv.

T the fire of revolutionary zeal around the world The balance between cause and family is resented in the most unbiased way I have encountered Art by Jos Hern ndez is amazing highest recommendation Shoot coward you are only going to kill a man reportedly Guevara s last wordsThe iconic image of Che Guevara is known the world over I had and wore one out at one time And I know this image is the main thing most The Black Shriving (Chronicles of the Black Gate people now know about the guy A symbol of resistance that nobody really knows any But most lefties I knew in my life admired theassionate commitment to social and economic revolutionary justice of the man born Ernesto Guevara de la Serna known lovingly the world over as Che He was born into a rich but liberal Argentinean family became a medical doctor traveled all over the Americas met eople everywhere and saw the great economic divide he had never adeuately seen in the rivilege of his youth For Ernesto the iconography of modern Argentine nationhood was merely a superficial veneer a luxurious fa ade under which the country s true soul lay and that soul was rotten and diseasedAnd what was the root of that disease Money greed capitalism ineuity Ernesto not yet Che became a Marxist and committed uncompromisingly to a revolution of the oor against the rapacious rich Euality and socialism have always been dirty words thanks to the richright who think that freedom means being able to do whatever they want even if eople are starvingAnderson s terrific non comics 1997 biography I have only sampled reading sections of it over the years but as an activist for various causes I read lots of his writings and much that was written about him Also saw documentaries and films about him And I didn t and don t agree with everything he did or said of course But his story evolved into a kind of uber mythology some of which is exaggerated which is why it is useful for those on the Mama Ds pasta pizza political right and left to take a closer look at his life and ideas And I really do think this story does not deify him in any way Anderson working witholitical cartoonist Jose Hernandez adapted his own brick of a biography to make a 421 The Expected One (Magdalene Line Trilogy, page brick of a comics biography that gets at the heart of Che s story and some of the thinking behind the resistance to inhumane dictatorships which as we know the U S has a long history of supporting over socialists What might the appeal. Als in the Cold War era as an apostle of revolutionary change In Che A Revolutionary Life Jon Lee Anderson and Jose Hernandezresent the man behind the myth creating a complex and human Betty Fedora Issue One portrait of thisassionate idealistAdapted from Jon Lee Anderson's definitive masterwork Che vividly transports us from young Ernesto's medical school days as a sensitive asthmatic to the battlefields of the Cuban revolution from his Aubrey Beardsley, The Man And His Work place ofower alongside Castro to

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Of Che be to Goodreads readers Well Che was a Jazz Ukulele passionate reader like also activist Jane Addams and literary stories informed his ideology Jack London Kafka Camus and Sartre His favorite was the activistoet of love Pablo Neruda which in many ways makes so much sense for him His story is told Off 13 primarily in excerpts from letters to manyeople but most memorably to the woman he was most in love with his whole life his mother There are excerpts from his journal and others of his many writings so it feels close to the ground in some sense told by many of his own words and not just a olitical commentary on his life I realize that something that was growing inside of me for some time has matured and it is the hate of civilization the absurd image of eople moving like locos to the rhythm of that tremendous noise that seems to me like the hateful antithesis of eace The heart of this book is the art about Che s roles in the Cuban revolution under Castro which Juice people in the US know largely from the Americanerspective of course cf The People s History of the United States Everything They Never Taught Me in History We also learn that he was involved in two failed campaigns in the Congo and Bolivia where he was finally captured and shot As with Castro the leader he most revered Che was not a saint He lived like an ascetic he was driven by his commitments but he was not much connected to his wife and kids Reminds me of all the great artists and men of faith who rivileged a cause over family A greater cause Selfish narcissist You decideSo do I feel like this comics biography has gaps It does sure but Anderson does what he sets out to do to hook you and so maybe you will want to know about him and read his fuller biography but even importantly we get some idea about why anyone in this time of ludicrous unprecedented income disparity and ineuity would want to do anything about imperialism colonialism racism and so on As a graphic memoir of olitical history it is useful inspiring but I think if you knew nothing about him or Gudrun politics it would not always be a great read we don t always know enough about what is going on the action isn t always enaging to the general reader though the art is very inviting the very heart and soul of this adaptation Resist Well you might be inclined to do so with respect to whatever cause you take up after you read this boo. Is disastrous sojourn in the Congo and his violent end in Bolivia Through renowned Mexican artist Jose Hernandez's drawings we feel the bullets wingast the head of the young rebel in Cuba we smell the thick smoke of his and Castro's cigars and scrutinize his Mob Mistress proud face as he's called Comandante for the first time With astonishingrecision color and drama Anderson and Hernandez's Che makes us a witness to the revolutionary life and times of Che Guevara.

Jon Lee Anderson a staff writer began contributing to The New Yorker in 1998 Since then he has covered numerous conflicts for the magazine including those in Syria Lebanon Libya Ira Afghanistan Angola Somalia Sudan Mali and Liberia He has also reported freuently from Latin America and the Caribbean writing about Rio de Janeiro’s gangs the Panama Canal the 2010 earthuake in Hai