Meghan Sullivan: Time Biases

I was very unsure about whether this book would be worth reading as it could easily have been focused on complaints about behavior that experts have long known are mistakenI was pleasantly surprised when it uickly ot to some of the really hard uestions and was thoughtful about what. Should you care less about your distant future What about events in your life that have already happened How should the passage of time affect your planning and assessment of your life Most of us think it is irrational to ignore the future but completely harmless to dismiss the past But this book argues that rationality reuires temporal neutrality if you are.

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Mits are controversialI had hoped for some discussion of ethics eg what discount rate to use in evaluating climate change whereas the book focuses purely on prudential rationality ie what s rational for a self interested person Still the discussion of prudential ration mentioned via. Ngless Meghan Sullivan considers what it is for you to be a person extended over time how time affects our ability to care about ourselves and all of the ways that our emotions might bias our rational planning Drawing substantially from work in social psychology economics and the history of philosophy the book offers a systematic new theory of rational planni.

Uestions deserved attention I disagree with enough of Sullivan s premises that I have significant disagreements with her conclusions Yet her reasoning is usually ood enough that I m unsure what to make of our disagreements they re typically due to differences of intuition that she ad. Rational you don't engage in any kind of temporal discounting The book draws on puzzles about real life planning to build the case for temporal neutrality How much should you save for retirement Does it make sense to cryogenically freeze your brain after death How much should you ask to be compensated for a past injury Will climate change make your life meani.

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