Nicholas Wade: Visual Perception An Introduction

Vision is our most dominant sense from which we derive most of our information about the world From the light that enters the eye and the processing in the brain that follows we can sense where things are how they move and what they are The first edition of Visual Perception took a refreshingly different approach to perception starting from the function that vis.

Ion serves for an active observer in a three dimensional environment In this second edition Nicholas Wade and Michael Swanston have continuedthis approach in contrast to many traditional textbook treatments of vision as a catalogue of phenomena The core of the book covers the perception of location motion and object recognition The machinery of vision is also de.

Scribed The book places the study of vision in its historical context as our ideas have been shaped by art optics biology and philosophy as well as psychologyThe authors have again provided a readable accessible and truly relevant introduction to the world of perception that will be welcomed by students studying visual perception and those with a general interes.

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