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A Wedding on Bluebird Way Four Novellas Four Romances One Theme WOW Four wonderful stories surrounding a wedding that never happened and four couples that found love in spite of the epic event s failureor was it a failure indeedthat I could not ut down and had to finish to find out how each story ended The book begins with a rologue that is almost like that of a fairytale with an omen of dire events to come but can a jinx be nixed Read the stories to find out THE WEDDING THAT WASN T by Lori Wild Felicity has had a run of bad luck since her mother died She has lost much but never lost her ability to bounce back from adversity Her BB is soon to be THE lace for weddings and she is sure all will be well And thenperhaps not Tom Loving one of the guests at the BB takes a fancy to Felicity settles in to help bring back the bluebirds and the two hit it offuntil something happens This story has a slightly older couple that so deserves the HEA that they finally get THERE GOES THE BRIDE by Allyson Charles Savannah Loving is the runaway bride who takes off on her uncle s motorcycle only to be ulled over for speeding Hank Evans remembers his younger brother s classmate rovides her with a safe マジック・ツリーハウス〈1〉恐竜の谷の大冒険 place to stay and thenfireworks occur between the two of them This story had me smiling and oh so very happy as I read of Savannah leaving behind who herarents wanted her to be while returning to the feisty strong woman she was always meant to be LOVING HAILEY by Stacey KeithHailey Deacon and Joshua Loving are the story of young love with a second chance The two were a couple at eighteen It may take some time and come when you least expect it to but love will find you Just ask Savannah and Hank or Harper and Chance or Hailey and Joshua or finally Felicity and Tom They all found love but never expected to find it when and where they did You won t be able to read fast enough to find. A Publishers Weekly Best Books of Summer SelectionThe sun is shining the garden’s in bloom and every detail is erfect as the wedding of the year gets underway at the charming Bluebird Inn But when the Big Day becomes an even bigger fiasco the surprises unfold in four entwined tales featuring the unforgettable Loving family   The moment for “I do” has arrived and all eye.

Out what happens next I loved every minute of this bo A beautiful collection of stories about four couples in Texas All good uick easy reads with a heart A Wedding on Bluebird Way is a series of four stories that are entwined in several ways each written by a different author It all begins with a wedding day that the four were articipating in one way or another The Wedding That Wasn t is the story about the woman who owns the inn the wedding was to take Good Authority Good Authority place at the bride s uncle Tom Felicity keeps receiving notices of cancellations Tom tries to encourage her There Goes the Bride is about Savannah Loving the runaway bride She s always done the expected correct thing Until the morning of her wedding when she realizes she s marrying her best friend because it s expected not because she loves him While running away she meets an old friend Loving Hailey is a story of second chances The runaway bride s brother Joshua was serious about a girl from the other side of the tracks in high school He let hisarents convince him to go on to college without Hailey he s regretted it ever since Will Hailey ever forgive him The final story Bachelor Honeymoon is the jilted groom s story Chance can t believe Savannah actually left him at the alter He s Carneycopia proud of her Chance came to the rescue of the weddinglanner felt the spark that had been missing in his engagement Can he convince Harper to give him a chance Each story is a short sweet read with wonderful characters Reading A Wedding on Bluebird Way by Lori Wilde and fellow authors Janet Dailey Allyson Charles and Stacey Keith was so much fun This book had four Captives of New Pompeii (New Pompeii, parts to it and eachart was written by a different author This book was based in the town of Serendipity Texas Lori started the book with The Wedding That Wasn t This story was about Felicity Patterson and Retired Army Major Tom Loving Felicity is the owner of the Blu. S are on the bride until she turns heel hijacks a Ducati and speeds out of town Now everyone entangled in the wedding that wasn’t takes off on an unexpected adventure of the heart A down on her luck BB owner who needs a little help finding her own bluebird of happiness A big city cop with small town roots who ulls over the girl he could never have A jilted groom and a Type

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Ebird Inn and Tom is the uncle to the bride Savannah Loving The wedding of Savannah Loving and Dr Chance Worthington is to take lace at the Bluebird Inn and What a treat for romance fans This is four linked stories written by four wonderful authors to make a whole novel which gives you insight into four different couples involved with a wedding Whew That sounds complicated but it s not it s delightful It all starts when Savannah decides to run away from her wedding to Chance You ll meet all sort of Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, people in Serendipity Texas Felicity who owns the inn where the wedding was to takelace Harper the wedding Alfie Outdoors planner Hank who is an old flame and so on Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC Nicely done Lori Wilde s writing style is always so easy to read Her characters extremely likeable The storyline was hard to read mostly because she makes us like the Tom and Felicity so much But theayoff is worth it Highly recommend Savannah s story had me smiling I loved Hank Yum Allyson Charles was new to me As was Stacey Keith I really enjoyed their stories 4 connected stories of love gone rightI enjoyed the Texas background and theBluebird theme running throughoutGreat beach read One of my new favorites Hailey Deacon is an exceptional character who captures your attention with her honesty and uick wit Even Joshua who you have every reason to dislike is a charming character The love they have for each other is The Agile Team Handbook, 2nd Edition perfect Not too much sap but a comfortable and sweet dynamic At the end of the book you are genuinely happy for the characters Lori Wilde s writing style is always so easy to read Her characters extremely likeable The storyline was hard to read mostly because she makes us like Tom and Felicity so much But theayoff is worth it Highly recommend Savannah s story had me smiling I loved Hank Yum Allyson Charles was new to me As was Stacey Keith I really enjoyed their stories. Wedding lanner with mischievous twins who discover a little chaos can make life and love wonderfully exciting And of course the caterer a hometown girl who risks getting burned when she reconnects with an old flame   That loving feeling is sweeping through tiny Serendipity Texas and second chances are turning into happy endings as sweet as the bluebirds coming home to nest

Lori Wilde can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to write She even went to nursing school so she could have a schedule flexible enough to allow her to write on the side She nursed for 20 years working in a variety of settings from the newborn nursery to the recovery room to dialysis But she never lost her desire to writeShe sold her first book in 1994 to Silhouette Romance but later dis