Meena Sharify-Funk: Contemporary Sufism

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Orary Sufism in the West Poetic influences and popular manifestations; Gendering Sufism Tradition and transformationThis book will ascinate anyone interested in the challenges of contemporary Sufism as well as its relationship to Islam gender and the West It offers an ideal starting point rom which undergraduate and postgraduate students teachers and lecturers can explore Sufism today.

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Responds and the many divergent opinions about contemporary Sufism's relationship to Islam The three main themes piety politics and popular culture are explored in relation to the Islamic and Western contexts that shape them as well as to the historical conditions that rame contemporary debates This book is split into three parts Sufism and anti Sufism in contemporary contexts; Contemp.

What is Sufism Contemporary views vary tremendously even among Sufis themselves Contemporary Sufism Piety Politics and Popular Culture brings to light the religious rameworks that shape the views of Sufism's riends adversaries admirers and detractors and in the process helps readers better understand the diversity of contemporary Sufism the pressures and cultural openings to which it.