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And pick this one up ASAP Big Juicy Lips picks up with the current life of Misty and Brick The pair is in some type of weird elusional relationship that is so one sided you just want to stop and pray for Brick Being inseparable since they were young Misty and Brick go through crazy lengths to keep their current living conditions a float Just as in Double Dippin callow Brick is ran and ruled by Misty however it Broken Prophecy doesn t stop him from going though insane extremes to make sure his little ornament is living well Empty on the inside his only form of love comes from the same person that is oppressing him With Misty s bright idea and a bread winning phallus at her I had readouble The Dangerous Debutante (Romney Marsh, dippin awhile ago and couldn t remember some of the story but io remember the main charecters and this really idn t connect with the preuel its a stand alone book with all the twists in this story i just want to finished to find out the connecton with shane I enjoyed reading this book as much as Double Dipping Misty is truly in a class by herself Not only was this a page turner it was hilarious as well Looking forward to the next book in this series. Shane It's bad enough that his name is Dane but even remarkable he has Shane's panty ropping good looks and his The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker deliciously kissable Big Juicy LipsSo what's Misty going too about her money maker Brick Can she juggle two men Or will she have to make the ultimate choice between money and lo.

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Pretty Good SPOILER ALERT Much better than book one of the series Very early on the trajectory and conclusion of the story were fairly easy to Quadruplets On The Doorstep discern Surprisingly itidn t spoil it or lessen the enjoyment of the tale because I enjoyed reading about some of the seedier characters reap the whirlwind Vengeance can be soooo satisfyingBuy it read it and enjoy Wow Probably the best book of the Urban Erotic genre yetIt s just so ridiculously over the top and absurd it s one of those so bad it s good type booksEvery time you think you know where this novel is going there s a twist And before you know it everything is resolved and you re like huh But all you know is that you enjoyed the ride If Zane is the ueen of Erotica then Allison Hinds must be the Princess I loved this entire series Allison Hinds is a phenomenal writer Most of her books are hot and juicy while others are Luke deep and show the strength of her writing skills I recommend them all Once again the preuel Double Dippin should have stood alone This seuel was good but I struggled to finish itItidn t get real good until close to the end unfortunately I felt like it was. Misty and Brick the two shady yet memorable characters from Double Dippin' return in this follow up to the popular titlePretty and petite Misty is always plotting on ways to get paid It's time to step up her game and the bossy little iva comes up with an innovative plan to showcase Brick's.

The same conflict over and overlike the plot wasn t progressing However because in the end some folks got what they eserved I ll give it 3 stars instead of 2 Not nearly as good as the first book My least favorite characters from the 1St book were Brick and Misty and this was their exclusive tale There was a good 2 minutes when Ms Hobbs returned to her good writing style while she told of Brick s childhood and how he acuired his nickname but otherwise it was all about Misty She s rotten to the core manipulative and a scammer Raunchy reading at its best My my what a A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy dirty mind Allison has a real good read to get the juices flowing There are a few really nasty scenes like gross but if you can get past that and the cruel intentions Misty has for Brick then you in for This is raunchy reading My goodnessI never knew one could imagine or put on paper such words LOLit sefinitely a street lit novella in every way possible The characters were flat but the twists and turns Hobbs includes in this novel really make up for the poor character The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning development If you re looking for something juicy and HIGHLY entertainingo yourself a favor. Attributes to an affluent and freaky clientele Big muscular and thuggish Brick is so weak for Misty he's unable to refuse any of her outlandish get money schemesThe money's rolling in like crazy and life couldn't be better until Misty falls hard for a man who looks exactly like her ex lover.