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Lucy is evolving into uite the sleuth and I am eager to see f her skills This book had all the makings Tribeca of a delightful cozy mystery food murder charm Overall a good read andne that will have readers ready for At the end Grey's Lady of the first book Lucy Berberian has decided to takever her parents restaurant The Kebab Kitchen and they are doing a phased takeover in Blue Streak order to keep the standardsf cooking high Lucy s ex boyfriend and potential re boyfriend Azad has stepped up to be the head chef their first major catering deal is a wedding an actress is getting married and her fiance wants the Kebab Kitchen to cater this isn t a problem err apart from the fact that it is for 250 people and the most they have catered to before this was 100 still they manage to get this done and head to the hotel where the reception will be held Before they can get fully set up a drunken guest wanders in and Azad ends up threatening him this would normally have been the end The Asketikon of St Basil the Great of itnly he ends up dead and Azad appears to be the nly candidate for the murdererLucy and Katie don their sleuthing caps again and set ut to find ut the truth and n the way they discover just how untrustworthy the dead man was which means that people could have wanted him dead if Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time only the Detective would look atther potential killersAnother great story with Lucy settling in and finding her feet I will say that I hope the love triangle gets resolved uickly as that is something that can put me Thoroughly Disarmed off a series however good the restf the storyline is and Tina Kashian has crafted a wonderful storyline with some great characters In the second book f Kebab Kitchen mystery series Lucy Berberian is in charge f the family restaurant and her ex boyfriend is the chef Together they cater a society wedding During the reception Azad has an angry argument with a guest who is later found in the locked catering van murder The homicide detective Calvin Clemmons feels that Azad is the killer and take procession After the Ashes of the van as the murder scene Lucy feels that Azad is not guilty and setsut to prove it She needs answers before her chef ends in prison Recipes are included I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book and series Disclosure Many thanks to Kensington Books for a review copy The The Angry Planet opinions expressed are mywn Stabbed in the Baklava by Tina Kashian is the second A Kebab Kitchen Mystery Lucy Berberian is now the manager Melody's Key of her family s restaurant Kebab Kitchen in Ocean Crest New Jersey Lucy is surprised when Philadelphia socialite Scarlet Westwood asks Kebab Kitchen to cater her wedding in two weeks It is a tight timeline for the restaurant but it would be excellent publicity Two weeks later they arrive at Castlef the Sea prepared to wow the wedding guests with their cuisine Preparations are going well until a drunken Henry Simms local banker stumbles into the kitchen and ends up in a verbal disagreement with Azad Zakarian Kebab Kitchen s head chef After extricating Henry from the kitchen the rest f the meal goes ff without a hitch Henry is later found in Kebab Kitchen s van with a shish kebab skewer thrust through his neck Detective Calvin Clemmons unfortunately is assigned the case and he has narrowed his sights A Chance Acquaintance on Azad Lucy at the urgingf her parents works to prove Azad s innocence and unveil the killer Accompany Lucy n her campaign to decipher the clues and spot the individual who skewered the banker like a shish kebabStabbed in the Baklava contains good writing and a nice steady pace which makes for an easy to read cozy mystery While Stabbed in the Baklava is the second book in series it can be read alone The author provides Lucy s backstory and summarizes the mystery from Hummus and Homicide Lucy has settled into managing the restaurant and is learning how to cook as well There are some luscious food descriptions that will have readers craving Mediterranean food Her attempts at making improvements at the restaurant have met with limited success Lucy has two love interests which include her ld boyfriend Azad Kazarian who has her parent s approval and the handsome motorcycle riding Michael Citteroni While a cozy mystery needs to have some romance it is expected I prefer it to play ut softly in the background and I am tired f love triangles The murder mystery was ingenuous I identified the victim and killer before the victim was skewered Lucy needs to work The Wallflower's Revenge on how she asks suspects uestions She lacks subtlety and her Lucy Berberian has takenver her family’s Mediterranean restaurant n the Jersey Shore after an unsatisfying stint at a Philadelphia law firm It’s great to be back in her ld beach town even if she’s turning into a seasoned.

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St f the characters are strong although a few f the supporting characters still seem to be a bit weak and the way that Lucy s mother focuses n her love life annoyed me The love triangle is still going strong here although I have a feeling I know where it will go There are three delicious sounding recipes at the end f the book Overall this is a fun second in the seriesNOTE I received an ARC f this bookRead my full review at Carstairs Considers Dollycas s ThoughtsWe are back at the Jersey Shore where the staff f the Kebab Kitchen is catering a high society wedding The food seems to be a hit and that should be great for the business Then when the crew is packing up to leave they find a grisly discovery in the catering van The best man has been stabbed in the neck with a shish kebab skewer Lucy s parents are not going to be happy but they may become apoplectic when they find ut their head chef is the prime suspect in the murder Lucy knows it will be up to her to prove his innocence because there is no love lost between Lucy s family and the investigating detectiveMs Kashian has written a very compelling mystery with plenty f suspects The story moves right along with plenty Introductory Algebra: Models Concepts Skills of twists The victim had his sharef enemies and may have made Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God’s Purpose for Your Life Together on the day he died As in bookne Lucy and her friend Katie start sleuthing Katie s husband is a cop and he knows what the girls are up to even though he wishes they would stay ur it If Detective Clemmons finds ut he wouldn t think twice about arresting them for interfering in his investigationI was engaged by these characters in the first book and now know them even better Their relationships are typical Blue Blood of those in a family run restaurant business I grew up inne The Gollywhopper Games: Friend or Foe of those Lucy and Katie s friendship shines and while working with her ex is not easy Lucy really champions Azad and does all she can to get himut f hot water Although there is still Michael hanging around as the third limb to this romantic triangle I know who I would choose but Lucy s mother may have ther ideasThen there is the food the glorious food I just like saying the word Baklava Mine would have to be made without the walnuts allergy but I could almost taste that and the hummus and the shish kebabs and everything else they mentioned right through the pages Yes there are recipes in the back It's Like This of the bookLoved it Appealing characters in an entertaining mystery setn the Jersey Shore Who could ask for Me I can t wait for the next installment One Feta in the Grave hits stores February 26 2019 Stabbed in the Baklava by Tina Kashian is the second installment The Mirage of the cozy Kebab Kitchen Mystery series At the centerf this series is Lucy Berberian who returned to her hometown along the Jersey shore and has taken ver the family business f running their Mediterranean restaurantThings have been going well for Lucy after she successfully solved a murder right after returning home She s hired her ex boyfriend Azad to work as the chef at the restaurant and the customers have been steadily coming in so when Rituels secrets des Templiers offered a chance to cater a big wedding Lucy refuses to admit they really don t have the experience and is determined to make it happenOf course catering a high society wedding is not without difficulties but Lucy and her crew feel they ve done splendidly when the party is winding down That is until Lucy and Azad find a dead body in the backf the catering van When the police begin looking at Azad as a suspect Lucy is determined to set the story straight and find the real killerUnfortunately I find myself lowering my rating a bit for this second book f the Kebab Kitchen Mystery series I found the first book a solid mystery read with likable characters but simply lacking that extra bit f uirkiness that I truly love so I still enjoyed them but what I don t remember is a love triangle in the makingNow I know that when the lead is a single woman there may tend to be a bit A Mild Suicide of romance and that s perfectly fine but I prefer it kept tone man and in the background Beethoven for a Later Age: The Journey of a String Quartet of the story In thisne Lucy s dating life seemed pushed all throughout with the ex a suspect and another man she may Born to Ride: A Story About Bicycle Face or may not be interested in so I wasn t a huge fanf it Still enjoyed the setting and Lucy as a lead especially when she s with her best friend but hopefully the you need a man will be dropped next roundI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visi. Zad who’s the restaurant’s new head chef is the prime suspect But she doesn’t give a fig what the cops think He may have killer looks but he’s no murderer She just needs to prove his innocence before he has to go n the lam.

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Estions come across as accusatory I am sure she will get better in time I hope the author introduces a new detective in a future book Detective Clemmons is the clich nasty detective with a grudge because f an incident that ccurred in high school I appreciate Lucy s best friend Katie Watson She is a lively character with an upbeat personality Katie is always up for adventure and has inside intel thanks to her police fficer hubby I did feel that there was too much time devoted to Lucy speculating n the crime and I could have used less repetition f key details like Lucy s lack f cooking skills Stabbed in the Baklava is an undemanding cozy mystery with a uaint small town charming characters and food descriptions that will have you salivating Lucy Berberian is excited and a bit nervous when she gets a catering job for a wealthy socialite Everything must be perfect but when ne Mayan, Incan, and Aztec Civilizations, Grades 5-8 of the wedding guests is found dead in her catering van and stabbed withne Tablettes Albertini Actes privés de l'époque vandale of her shish kebab skewers the event takes an awful turn To make things even complicated and bizarre her head chef her ex boyfriend is the prime suspectLucy knows Azad couldn t have committed this horrible crime and fully intends to prove it to the cops She s shocked at the secrets she uncovers especially when they put herwn life n the lineThis is the second book in ne Sexual Soulmates: The Six Essentials for Connected Sex (English Edition) of my new favorite cozy mystery series The Kebab Kitchen series is fun It is filled with humor mystery and some romance along the way It s a fast paced read with well developed characters The author gave us many suspects to choose from I was very surprised at the direction she tookLucy has a strong groupf supporting characters They are all people the reader can care about and want to meet up again in the next book f this series I know I m looking forward to another visit to the Jersey Shore with Lucy and her crewFTC Disclosure I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy f this book from NetGalley and the publisher I was not reuired to write a positive review All Piazza, Student Edition: Introductory Italian opinions expressed are mywn When I read the first book in this series HUMMUS AND HOMICIDE I was instantly taken with author Tina Kashian s style Unbroken Circle: How to Take Your Family Through the End Time of writing the wonderful characters and setting she introduced me to and the food STABBED IN THE BAKLAVA served to reminded me about all the reasons I loved that book and It was wonderful to be back with this castf characters that feel like friends and family I ve enjoyed getting to know them all so much and can t wait to learn even about them in future installmentsWith a cleverness worthy f the mystery world s greatest authors Tina Kashian filled STABBED IN THE BAKLAVA with suspects clues twist and turns and red herrings enough to keep me guessing until the endTruly a fabulous second installment in the Kebob Kitchen Mysteries STABBED IN THE BAKLAVA with have you begging for f this delicious series I enjoyed this book I instantly clicked with the characters and liked the author s style f writing The storyline is engaging and fun Lucy is a former lawyer who moved back to south New Jersey and took ver her parents Greek restaurant A celebrity is marrying a local who asked that the wedding be catered by Lucy s restaurant This is a wonderful pportunity for the restaurant but as in all cozy mysteries things don t uite go as planned The groom ends up dead and the prime suspect is Lucy s head chef and former boyfriend I read another review that described this book as clever and charming and I have to agree Lucy has taken ver managing her family s Mediterranean restaurant in Ocean Crest New Jersey and she is thrilled when they are hired to cater the wedding Tajweed Rules for Qur'anic Recitation: A Beginner's Guide (Tajweed Rules, of socialite Scarlet Westwood However in the middlef the reception Lucy s chef and ex boyfriend Azad gets into a fight with the best man Henry As the night is winding down Azad finds Henry s body in the back Selling to VITO the Very Important Top Officer: Get to the Top. Get to the Point. Get to the Sale. of their locked catering van Naturally the police think he is a great suspect but Lucy disagrees Can she figureut what happenedIt was great to be back in Ocean Crest and I felt like we got to see a bit The Reformation (World History Series) of this resort town I loved it and I d love to be able to visit in real life just maybe between the murders The mystery here is very strong with several viable and well developed suspects I followed along with Lucy s thoughts as she investigated figuring that her current theory would turnut to be wrong but when she finally figured ut the truth it made perfect sense Mo. Sleuth Catering a high society wedding should bring in some big income for Kebab Kitchen and raise its profile too But it’s not exactly good publicity when the best man winds up skewered like a shish kebab Worse yet Lucy’s ex

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