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Ve elouent storyline and complex plots and keep her readers on tenterhooks n awe She s truly a genius A must recommend Can t wait to read what this talented lady will come up with next I was not prepared for this book at all When Nina gets kidnapped I kept on turning the pages as to what s going to happen next Ms Kasi kept me hooked to the pages with her sheer brilliant writing The plot s Guys Like Girls Who . . . intriguing no doubt but the way Ms Kasi has done her character sketchess a marvel A play with words MsKasi O Mistério do Lago (Inspetor Erlendur, is proving to be very good with romance and suspense I loved the mind game Ms Kasi played with her readers as well as with her characters Every time I tried to figure out where this plot was leading to the twist came with a bang Kudos on such a wonderful writing Looking forward for the next one AMAZING BOOKI am stunned by how amazing this book was And I shouldn t be shocked because MV Kasi has never disappointed me I have loved them all The emotions of the characters plays a huge rolen the main reason I was so nvested n reading Tristes trópicos it You feel what they feel Their pain and suffering their attraction and lust The constant pull between doing right and wrong The plot was perfect and I truly was blindsided so many times by the outcomes as they were happeningNina and Gaurav had a rocky start What with her being kidnapped by him and all but their attraction soon starts to reveal that the captor and the captive are both captives of their own growing emotions Not only was this book dark dangerous and suspensefult was also romantic and steamy and with a deep touching side to Pax Indica it I cannot stress enough about how much I felln love with not only Nina and Gaurav but all the other characters as well And that ending was beautiful LOVED IT The excerpt I read A Modest Independence (Parish Orphans of Devon, in one of the promotional postsntrigued me and I read the book though t s not my usual genre The book turned out to be uite a page turner The author has found a niche within a genre where cliches and tropes reign Suspense was very well woven The book surprised me It had layers two characters who were troubled as kids the greed for power and money the LGBT angle It had a lot to cover and offer Büyücü ve Cam Küre (Kara Kule, in a good way The curiosity to know about Nina and Gaurav would keep the reader glued to their screens I had anticipated Suraj and Radha s relationship the real relationshipI had guessed Gaurav s professionA uick readDetailed review to come. My’s wife He saw through her games and knew she would do anything to escapencluding aiming for his heartA HOT INTENSE GRIPPING TALE OF REVENGE AND LOVENote Please proceed with caution as this book contains content recommended for mature audiences This s a standalone romance with a happy endin.

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Unexpected and thrillingIt s starts off as a typical Stockholm syndrome story Honestly I wasn t very hopeful But you soon start to get engrossed n Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry Study Guide it Ninas my kind of heroine tough kind and who never gives up Loved the characters Fell Gospođa (Suzana in love with Suraj and Gaurav both There s a twist you won t see coming And I have to say thiss my 4th MV Kasi book EGGcellent Joke Book in the past week I just might have found a new favourite romance author 3 I started this book because I was too bored by all kind of real life storiesncidents and biographies The book Stealing Midnight (Beneath the Veil, is long but worth reading It describes how poverty and exploitation bring the worst out of peopleIt beautifully describes the relationship between a captor and captive bringing the stockholm syndromento picture The book alternates between the past happenings and current situation justifying each and every move The description of the woods and The Poison Squad its lifestyle pollution free air motivated me to chuck the city life and start packing my bags for a lifen the woods Money Dragons Oath (Northbane Shifters, is not eual to happinesss aptly described by this book but without adeuate amount of money one Theres No Place Like D-Wing is vulnerable to a life of hunger exploitation and crime There are certain partsn the book which Hatch Bright! is not understandable while reading howevert will all make sense once the suspense Heaven (Heaven Sent, is revealedn the climax Note I read this book while completing another book SCAM by Debashis Basu Such books help me sail through when I am reading heavy and esoteric conceptsbooks If you are struggling to find a good thriller or complete any heavy book I would recommend you to take this up The Captive Monster, Vol. 3: The Perfect Edition is fast paced suspense thriller which holds the reader captive from page one till the very endHaving read M V Kasi s previous works which I have loved reading I was expecting same kind of roller coaster ride But I wasn for a real surprise as this book s far far superior to her previous works I loved Nina s guts and determination Gaurav s passion for his work and his family I would have definitely loved to read a little bit about how his sister was killed and how he managed to trace and kill those hired killers But otherwise too I really loved reading this book wherein the author has managed to keep the suspense and heat running till the very endThe Captive s definitely a must read but be sure to keep your air conditioners on when reading as some scenes are really too hot Having read all of this. She Dancing With The Devil is kidnapped and held hostage at an unknown location by a brutal mysterious man who causes conflicting feelingsNina Bhupatis envied by many Her husband Tell Me Everything is a rich powerful man who never misses a chance to show the world how much he loves herBut Nina's fairytale blew apart when shes kidnappe.

Author s stories I thought I could guess whst would happen but Parental Guidance (Ice Knights, it didn t as she surprised me again with the kind and the number of twists she hasn this story After reading the blurb I went Die Zeit, die uns bleibt in to read this work with a lot of judgementn my head All judgements uashed with superb logic An amazing plot The Complete Adventures of the Borrowers incredible pacen the story and language and dialogues that are easy but powerful I wholeheartedly recommend this story to everyone who loves romance and thrill Claiming Cullen in one story Do keep aside a few hours to read this story as you may not want to putt down once you start reading The Castlemaine Murders (Phryne Fisher, it I really enjoyed this book It s the first captive situation I ve read aboutt was dark but not too dark I did find Titanium Mike Saves the Day it slowed down a littlen the middle but there were three enormous twists I did not see coming near the end which totally amped the booked up and the epilogue was great So as I look back over the book the slower middle part was still definitely worth The Daughters of Cain (Inspector Morse, it getting to the revelations and end A captivating exhilarating story and totally unpredictable plot which makest very engaging In a signature MV Kasi style this story has all the elements of suspense thriller drama psychological mind games solid plot and flawed San Angelo Showdown (Blood Bond, imperfect yet totally relatable and believable characters The story sucks youn and as you are thinking you have the plot figured out the author effortlessly swoon the story If Looks Could Kill in a different direction which hasn t even crossed the readers mind MV Kasi has beautifully written this story and carved the characters of Gaurav Nina Suraj The characters retain their mystic aura honestly I wasn t suref I should be trusting them on their face values or did they have some hidden agendas The characters were complexed yet relatable and Elvis and the Blue Christmas Corpse intriguing As a reader I was able to feel their emotions and at times though I didn t agree with why they behaved or did certain things but I could understand why they would do thatn those circumstances The story was fast paced and once you start you ll keep on turning the pages to read what will happen next The story was The Italian Kitten Meets The Russian Wolf (Giovanni Family, intriguing and very well written Thiss one of those books which you shouldn t be judging either by Isabel (Families of Dorset its cover or by reading the blurb you have to read the story to get the real experience It s truly phenomenal and brilliant story I loved this exhilarating journey MV Kasi has raised the bars and proven yet again she can effortlessly wea. D Outn an unknown location away from the luxuries she Forbidden Ecstasy (Gray Eagle, is held hostage by a brutal mysterious man who terrifies her yet causes conflicting feelingsn her heartGaurav s a man driven by revenge When he kidnapped the woman his enemy loves the most he didn't expect her to fight backHe hates his ene.

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