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And Afterlife are a good primer of directions for anyone wishing to investigate further into his ifeI really enjoyed the different approach that Clare Jackson has taken to the Penguin Monarchs and hope a few of the other titles take a ess inear approach A concise thematic biography of Charles II with a strong focus on the King s image both during his reign and in the centuries following his death Examines the interplay between his personal and political False Witness lives as the public was concerned about the influence of his mistresses on state policy Theast chapter Afterlives is particularly interesting as Jackson observes that popular and scholarly perceptions of Charles II are very different with the Merry Monarch being viewed positively by the public but critically by scholars today I really enjoyed reading this biography It is very short but contains a ot of introductory informatio. Ough some of the most striking events in the national history from the Civil Wars to the Great Plague from the Fire of London to the wars with the DutchClare Jackson's marvellous book takes full advantage of its irrepressible subjec.

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I m definitely going to have to read a full biography about Charles II He was so interesting and I iked the way that Jackson presented him First his full Testimony of Clinton Edward Jencks life then specifics about how he was pictured wrote and acted Sure I wanted it specific at times but it was definitely a great starting point for me Charles II was not a king I knewoads about other than the most famous points however this book has made me think about this Restoration monarch I think he is in fact uite a fascinating figure and is clearly someone who has Historians talking These Penguin Monarchs books are great ways to get people talking and thinking about the monarchy and its rich History A solid insight and overview into the reign of and man that was Charles II Although short as is the series purpose the author offers a thematic approach that helps the reader see Charles s personality and behaviours His place. The acclaimed Penguin Monarchs series short fresh expert accounts of England's rulers now in paperbackCharles II has always been one of the most instantly recognisable British kings both in his physical appearance disseminated throu.

In history as son of a deposed and executed monarch a refugee from his sovereign Ultimate Playstation Cheats and Codes - Essential for PS2, PSP and PS3 Gamers lands and a king following restoration of the monarchy are all given space As is his attraction to women and the children they bore him The final chapter gives a interesting end byooking at Charles and his image in the years immediately after his death until the present dayAll in all a good read for all and should set up new explorers of this interesting king for further reading This was a really interesting approach to a pocket guide to Charles Instead of a traditional chronology Clare Jackson goes for a series of themes The ife of Charles is well covered in the first two chapters The Star King and Life and then there are four areas where there is a deeper reflection of his egacy Image paints a useful picture of how he has been viewed over a Say You Still Love Me long period of time Theast three chapters Majesty Words. Gh endless portraits prints and pub signs and in his complicated mix of Journaling Prompts - Procrastination lasciviousness cynicism anduxury His father's execution and his own many years of exile made him a guarded curious unusually self conscious ruler He ived thr.

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Clare Jackson lectures in the history of political thought at the University of Cambridge