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Browsing in the library I was intrigued to find a book about an African immigrant in Saudi Arabia written by an author who went through that experience himself No doubt this is what caught the ublishers attention as well I don t really blame them exotic locales and uniue experiences sell I m as responsible for that trend in Forever publishing as anyone else and so I suppose they d be thrilled to take something like this as long as it s minimally competent withroper grammar and scene construction and so on It does have that but otherwise isn t a novel I d recommendThe first erson narrator Naser came to Saudi Arabia as an Eritrean refugee at age 10 When the book starts ten years later he s alienated from his family but has built a sort of life for himself he has his own apartment a job at a car wash and friends with whom he sniffs glue and drinks erfume um okay at night But due to the strict separation between genders he hasn t spoken to a woman in ten years and falls head over heels the moment a veiled girl starts dropping love notes at his feetThe relationship between Naser and the girl is at the heart of the book and disappointed me She s in love with him because of his looks he s in love with her because she s available Which could have been Illuminatis promising not every fictional relationship need be a beautiful love story except that it s never acknowledged that this relationship is founded on lust and loneliness and that the chances these two are actually compatible are slight I m willing to read a book about aair of horny repressed desperate kids but I want to see the actual conseuences People Will Talk pardon theun of that relationship rather than just being told over and over that this is some earth shaking romance And does this book ever tell rather than show I was willing to overlook some awkward exposition my fifty year old Chadian boss let me have some time off given that it s a first novel but the larger Demon Divine (Demon Accords problem is the constant heavy handed effort to manipulate readers emotions If you re already invested in Naser slight you don t need The Pearl Thief passages likearaphrasing What would happen next What would happen to me What would happen to Fiore Would we ever see each other again whenever he s in danger And if you re not this melodramatic filler won t do the trick The repetitive flatly written and yet overwrought detailing of emotions is eually off Healthier Together puttingI feared going back to my lonely room I didn t want to leave her I wanted to be with her forever I didn t want to let go of herink The Haunting of Sunshine Girl painted nails herarted lips I loved looking at her eyes the fact that one was slightly smaller than the other gave the impression than she was eternally searching for something for her life As I caressed her delicate lips with my finger and gazed at her wild hair I was happy that she was my woman and I was her man We belonged to each other I thought We deserved to grow old together because we had made the impossible Routledge Library Editions possible I hoped fate would be kind to usThe characters don t get much development either Naser starts off very sympathetic if notarticularly vivid but later veers between seeming overly sensitive and responding to obstacles with clumsy attempts to blackmail whomever gets in his way The girl who never gets a name Naser dubs her Fiore has little Crisis in Bethlehem personality to match Everyone else is minor and one noteThe constraints of the setting also seem to be adjusted arbitrarily as thelot reuires As an immigrant Naser s life is The Return of the Twelves precarious and yet he has sufficient savings to uit his job and chase Fiore full time for months She can walk the streets alone to find Naser and drop him notes but says it s too dangerous for her to bend over andick up his Then later they meet in Dizzy Jimmy publiclaces and go off together And then he starts regularly visiting her house disguised as a woman But wait if it s inappropriate for her father the man of the house to see or speak to a female guest then why are love affairs so difficult any man whose body type might Locuras lejos de casa! (Serie Lady Pecas 1) pass for a woman s when shrouded from head to toe could come and go without notice And why is Fiore s mother complicit Fewarents even in the US with a completely different view of relationships are so happy to facilitate their teenage children s having sex Let alone with a virtual stranger and in a society where women are expected to be virginal at marriageThe setting though is what saves this book from total disaster It rovides a vivid view of Saudi Arabia in the 1980s a country as restrictive as many a dystopia The author clearly hates that country and I d like to read another book by a Saudi author for an insider s view but it s a fascinating setting nonethelessThis is a uick easy read with a fairly interesting lot and who knows if you consider yourself a romantic you may like it better than I did However I would not recommend it I wanted to like this book I was. Naser is a young African immigrant who works the carwash in downtown Jeddah The long hot summer has.

Looking forward to reading a story about an Eritrean man s time in Saudi Arabia given that the author is an Eritrean man who lived in Saudi Arabia The story had Grammar by Diagram promise and I enjoyed certain aspects of it but overall I found it rather disappointing I read it uickly so I could finish it and move on to something elseThe writing itself was average I don t know if that s due inart to the translation or just the fact that this was Addonia s first novel but it definitely felt like a first novel I say that as someone who admires the work that goes into writing a novel and who has never done it Murder Maker personally It takes a lot of dedication andassion and hard work to write a first novel and I think Addonia should continue writing and improving The language was at times trite with a harleuin romance novel feel to it and I thought the ending was rather نشانی‌ها predictable It did manage to make me feel angry atarts and I appreciated that it discussed religious oppression sexual abuse and immigrant rights in Saudi Arabia I had never considered how immigrants might be treated in that country so that Ask Yourself This part was illuminating But at the end of the day I think it fell flat It was an entertaining story that no doubt othereople will enjoy reading This is a love story set around the middle east had read Finding Noufa couple of months ago and found it a much better read The Conseuences of Love A Novel is a slow book to get into and a little depressing although it is a good insight into the Saudi culture Not one of my favourite books and was glad to finish it Good book Very different I don t think there is another book just like this one in bookstores A rare find There is a lot to learn in this book I would say One gets to understand and learn about a culture and its Good Witch, Bad Witch practices however unfair or gruesome it might be The author writes with a lot of frustration anger and a sense of desperation that I could feel as a reader which speaks a lot of the uality of this novel Somearts are a little hard to read it s gritty and The Tokyo Zodiac Murders painful toass through those Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances pages I found a great deal of satisfaction in reading this book It has all that a book should have love loss andain There are some unrealistic elements in this book though I find that the writer has a lot of hatred fo Once i started this book i couldn t Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten put it down any The central love story is gripping sensual dangerous and makes your heart beat All what you need from a great novel The focus is on Naser and Fiore who live in Jeddah Saudi Arabia and because they are not married are not allowed to meet inublic under the strict Wahhabi regime of Saudi Arabia While the story is thriving many othe NadirasPointOfReview I decided it was better to continue holding on to an idea even if it was dangerous in the hope that it would one day become rather than continue living in a loveless worldI just finished reading The Conseuences of Love by Sulaiman Addonia What I thought started off as average writing turned out to be a thoroughly engrossing tale of Caged Emotions and Love before Sight I never came across a book that gave me chills and goosebumps throughout It was a fast Boneshaker (BA 43-500, paced book never had a slow boring moment and kept u on the edge biting ur nails turning theages to find out what happens next This beautifully written love story with its dramatic conclusion is a compelling gripping story indeed The Conseuences of Love is a book about love about A Star Is Born political and social and cultural constraints and the conseuences of following your heart in direct conflict with those rules and constraints The novel is set in the year 1989 in Saudi Arabia where the women are covered head to toe in black cloth and the men move freely in light coloured cotton through the streets Naser a 20 year old man feels like an outsider His life from a little boy has been to serve others and survive but Naser dreams of one day falling in love with a woman This is something hiseers scoff at knowing that Naser s westernised conception of being free to love does not exist in Saudi Arabia with its arranged marriages and complete segregation of women from men Then one day much like any other a note is dropped by a woman in a tradional black abaya at Naser s feet When Naser reads the note his fate is sealedThis novel is uite CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition precious It s uniue and strange andretty It s at the same time uite dark and swimming with youthful desire It opened my eyes to Saudi Arabia s view on women and their inherently evil natures which must be kept in check by the men If a man falls The Ornament (Ornament, prey to such deceitful wiles instead of staying true to his God he will beunished but it is the true fault of the woman and she will be unished worse Having just been to Egypt last month this novel resonated with me I could smell it I could taste it I could feel the dust on my skin and I could see the women in their flowing dark. Arrived and his friends have left the city Naser spends his time off sitting beneath the alm tree.

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NessI was told that in comparison to the bulk rest of the Middle East Egypt was westernised Even though I was groped stared at offered camels for my hand in marriage no less than 13 times and just basically made to feel like a Rant piece of meat I could wander though the city of Cairo in shorts and a t shirt without getting stoned I never wore singlets and the shorts never came above my knee but even that was consideredrovocative enough to be the centre of attention I thought that Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM perhaps once I got there I would wear a veil to be respectful but in reality my open mindedness with regard to their culture narrowed I suddenly felt insanelyroud of my Western freedom and waved it about like a flag I decided I didn t want to wear a veil because I felt that to wear one when I didn t believe in their culture would be disrespectful than being categorised as a filthy Western slutSo to have this book set in a country that was even strict I felt the Challenged to Win pain of the women and inarticular the imprisonment of this one woman wearing the Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons pink shoeseeking out from her traditional abaya for Naser s benefit Naser refers to her as Fiore which means flower and we never come to learn her real name She becomes a symbol of scent fragility beauty and strength in Naser s world But Fiore is also much of the time a mysteryI had a bit of a lightbulb moment with this book as well that I didn t recognise in my time in Egypt it s that a man living in this culture is eually as imprisoned and bound by cultural restraints Their thoughts have to be restricted and though they may be aroused by the mystery of what lays behind the veil they must never act on it in fear of the whip or even deathThe characterisation of Naser is erfect he is a romantic and dreams of Egyptian actresses with their sparkling eyes and generous smiles but he is also realistic and attempts to act rationally in his rotection of Fiore knowing that they will both suffer the conseuences in they are caught It makes you feel all the anxious as Naser becomes and brave some would say stupid in his acts of love and worship to Fiore You will them not to get caught but you can t see how they can continue on like this forever Fiore is eually heroic The Color of a Leader perhaps even so considering if caught she will beunished the most severely and yet she takes the first step by dropping the note at Naser s feet signalling her wish to be involved with himThe writing in this book is wonderful it s clean and innocent and sweet and symbolic Even when describing Naser s duty to Into the Planet provide his body to men in order to survive in a city where women are off limits the writer weaves compassion and strength in Naser s retelling in eual measure Even if you are not much into learning about the culture of this world that seems so far away but in reality is sorevalent to our own society right now you should read this book because it is a lovely Dusk (Rosales Saga, piece of literature I ll finish with a teaser bit just so I can show you what I mean I followed her and looked down at her feet As she walked in front of me her shoes came and went under her black abaya They were of a deepink colour made of soft leather and I could see that the leather sat comfortably around her feet as it bent easily with every step she took From behind her the only thing I could see well were the medium sized heels George Washingtons Secret Six peeping out from under her robe All of a sudden the black and white set of Al Nuzla Street was coloured It was as if aair of ink flamingos had arrived from a faraway tropical island It really is just gorgeous and I urge you to read it 4 stars for this little treasure Ummmmdisturbing oppressive hypocritical sick Wondering how much truth there is to the story and the acts that take lace in it I know so little about our Saudi allies and their seemingly oppressive culture but if there is even a glimmer of truth to this It s sad and disgustingwhat a rotten interpretation of the Koran Just to clarify I m not talking about the writer or the writing itself just what takes The Caretaker place in the story A beautiful love story just when I thought I ve read everything there is to read about Muslim countries Such aleasant surprise The Clara After Dark - 01 problem with this debut novel is that it isrecisely what the title says it is a story about the conseuences of love Despite the dramatic cover design it is a very Quanta Reset (The Shadow Ravens, plain novel with alot straight from the Mills BoonHarleuin stables Middle Eastern style boy meets girl society disapproves it all ends in tears It is the story of Eritrean refugee Naser living in Jeddah Saudi Arabia under strict Muslim law As a light romance it has merit but it is not a literary work with depth style and complexity It reads like a Over the River Through the Wood poorly edited diary with clich d language a weaklot flat characterisation and a redictable ending It will entertain readers but it is too shallow to be memorable or thought rovoking. Outside his flat dreaming of Egyptian actresses and keeping out of the way of the religious olice.

Sulaiman SMY Addonia is an author residing in London He was born as the son of an Eritrean mother and an Ethiopian father in Eritrea He spent his early life in a refugee camp in Sudan following the Om Hajar massacre in 1976 In his early teens he lived and studied in Saudi Arabia He sought the asylum with his brother in London in 1990 and studied at the University College London