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Y my own Content warnings include alcoholism and ating violenceThis book took me back to the Point Horror books of my childhood if their characters swore Addison is a 17 year old who is obsessed with a series of books and writes fan fiction on her popular blog Reader Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] dream 264 comes true for her when the mysterious author of the Gap Lake books contacts her and asks for her help in generating buzz for the upcoming series finale Addison and her best friend Maya stumble upon the body of the most popular girl in school theetails of which eerily mimic those of the snippets of the new book the author has asked Addie to post on her blog Addie begins to wonder whether the person contacting her really is the author or if she s talking to the killerWhile there was nothing specifically wrong with Addie s character it was Maya that mad 25 StarsI thought the premise of Copycat sounded great but unfortunately it was hindered by subpar writing Addie is a super fan of the series Gap Lake and when the allusive author contacts her to help promote the latest release she jumps at the chance However when strange parallels between the book and real life start happening like the most popular girl at school being murdered Addie begins to wonder if it s really the author who s sending her these emailsThe Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, dialogue felt forced and overly teen if that makes sense Like the author was trying too hard to sound like a teenager Iid enjoy the parts written as part of Gap Lake and there were a few good moments but overall it was hard to become invested and sucked into the plot because the writing would pull me out Sometimes I like to pick up a book that I know is being published purely as saccharine entertainment I Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm devoured the entire PLL series as an adult so I have no issue reading novels where I m not the target audience and am happy to review them fairly as I feel I veone here While many adults won t care for this type of read I found it overall to be a fun palate cleanser I ve read many of the author s previous books and I felt this was a comparable Whispers Of The Heart display of her writing style and plot choiceMy favorite aspect was theual narrative where we find the fictional Gap Lake world alternating with real time happenings There are some overlapping portions where things feel they are The Dukes Gamble done twice over but it sets the scene for what s to follow when the story takes off I adore books within books and this was a really fun portion thatrew me in Throw in the fact that this is a popcorn thriller with page turning prowess and I was there My major issues here were that the voices of the teens id feel very well not teen It felt like an adult trying to talk like a teen I m not like those other moms I m a cool mom and that it was fairly predictable and formulaic after the initial uniueness of the two narratives wore off This could just be me reading as an adult though and if you re into these types of books chances are it won t affect your reading experience Glad to have read this and love the cover to pieces I received a copy of this book for review from the publisher via NetGalley. K that life may be imitating fiction And as other terrifying events from the book start happening around her Addison has to figure out how to write her own ending and survive the sto.

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35 starsThis was a fun uick read I liked Addie the main character and I loved Maya her best friend I liked how Addie s father s character was eveloped and the growth shown throughout the story However I think there were still several loose ends that weren t tied up at the end For one although we know who committed the crimes we Let Go don t know how theyid it specifically These should have been carefully analyzedOverall good read I really enjoyed interacting with the author Hannah Jayne and I m glad I bought this book Thank you to NetGalley for providing me a complimentary copy of COPYCAT by Hannah Jayne in exchange for my honest reviewAddie writes fan fiction for her favorite mystery series She can hardly believe when the writer notices her work and asks her to help with publicity for the last book of the series But soon murders that mimic the books begin happening Is life imitating artThe premise of COPYCAT and having read some of Hannah Jayne s books previously inspired me to reuest the ARC Addison was a likable main character I could practically feel her teenage enthusiasm for reading and writing Her excitement at being contacted by Spencer felt organic COPYCAT moved at an even medium pace The Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition dialogue was the weakest part of the story It felt like an adult writing for a teen rather than a teenager actually speaking If the mystery aspect had a few surprising twists or a gotcha moment I would have rated COPYCAT higherTweens and younger teens will probably like COPYCAT than older kids This book was so much fun to read Io love a good young adult book that I can get lost in and this was certainly that A very uick read with a story that will have you hookedA book about a book obsessed teenager called Addison She is obsessed with the Gap Lake mystery books and has a very popular blog as well She receives a message from the author inviting her to help with the promotion for the new book she is thrilled But then the most popular girl in school is found murdered and life starts to imitate the books Is she really talking to the author or is it a murderer Is she safe Filled with teen Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh drama murder family and lots lots I reallyid enjoy this book and will look out for by this author Thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for the advanced copy of this book to read in exchange for my honest opinions I picked up Copycat for a fun summer read something my friend Chelsea at The Suspense is Thrilling Me refers to as popcorn reads I knew this was a YA thriller which is always something I m a little reluctant about because those can be hit or miss for me given the fact that I read so many regularadult thrillers What I Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward did like about this book was the plot There was a story within a story aspect to the plot and I generally enjoyed the concept of killings mirroring an unpublished book It was easy to read and on the shorter side so I ended up reading most of it in one setting It was engaging and Iid find myself sucked into the story That said there were some things I idn t enjoy as much Largely that was the fact that I felt like the book was REALLY predicta. Everyone is ying to read the latest book in the popular Gap Lake mystery series and Addison is no exception As the novels biggest fan Addison is flattered when the infamously reclus.

Ble I was able to pin the killer from really early on The other thing that took me out of the story that many other reviewers mentioned was the How to Disappear dialogue The book was written from the POV of a high school girl butidn t read like a high school voice It Act Like You Know definitely felt like an adult trying to write as a teenager and I struggled with that a little bit Overall I rated this one 3 stars because Iid like the plot but the execution was lacking If you re looking for something fluffy but still with an element of suspense and are fans of high school TV mysteries like Pretty Little Liars and Riverdale I think you ll enjoy this one Yeah this wasn t a great read for me Granted I ve been in some kind of weird reading slump lately I want to read but I m not enjoying anything I pick upThere are a few positives Copycat is a uick read and A Guide to Americas Sex Laws doesn t reuire much headspace Perfect for when you need an easy breezy read I also really liked the parallels between the Gap Lake series and the murderFor me that s where the positives end None of the characters really came alive The way they talked made it uite obvious that the author was an adult and there wasn t much chemistry between any of them On top of that the big reveal of murderer and motive was predictable and unsatisfactory and the ending wrapped up too uickly If it had managed to surprise me with a twist I might have given it 3 stars As it stands I m giving it 2 it was okay Thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks FIRE for providing me with a review copy Addie runs an online blog for the popular Gap Lake Mystery series and is over the moon when the reclusive author contacts her through email to promote the latest book in the series But soon life starts imitating fiction especially when a popular girl is murder in Addie s school When other strange things from the 35 StarsAddison is a teenage girl who is the biggest fan of R J Rosen an author of suspense He writes the Gap Lake series and Addie has read every word in every book at least 10 times She has a blog of all things Rosen that now has thousands of followersShe is excited beyond belief when she is contacted by the author He s impressed with her fandom and offers her the opportunity to help him with his newest book He follows by sending her uite an excerpt sending Addison into a head spin with a note telling her a surprise will followUnfortunately that surprise is the murdered body of a school friend When Addie realizes that the murdered girl is exactlyescribed as in the newest book Life imitating art And then the author sends a note Did you like my surpriseAnd then there are other surprises that seem to surround herI Agewise don t read a lot of YA mystery but the book blurbrew me in I liked the teenage characters most of the conversation was very much reminiscent of my own children at that age although it s hard to fathom that they were allowed to investigate they way they id It s heavy on the action slightly less on the suspense Many thanks to the author Sourcebooks Fire Netgalley for the igital copy of COPYCAT Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirel. Ive author RJ Rosen contacts her granting her inside information others would kill for But when the most popular girl in Addison's high school is murdered Addison can't help but thin.

Hannah is the author of the UNDERWORLD DETECTION AGENCY CHRONICLES from Kensington books and the upcoming young adult thrillers TRULY MADLY DEADLY and SEE JANE RUN available from Sourcebooks Inc When she's not battling the demons of the Underworld or tackling a murderer at Hawthorne High Jayne kicks her feet up in her San Francisco bay area home and attempts to share couch space with two enor