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Not only was the writing fantastic the plot and pacing were great If ou re a fan of slow burn gritty high fantasy novels that deal with dark and harsh themes I would strongly recommend this series It s a thought provoking and hauntingly realistic even though it s played out in a completely fictitious world Now if Sermons Not Spoken you excuse me I m off to reread The Black Witch in preparation for The Iron Flower Buddyread with Melissa Loved Sage and watching her grow into a confident woman determined to do what needs to be done The scenes with her makeshift family warmed my heart tooview spoilerI hope they all make it bites lip hide spoiler t was great to get the backstory to Sagellyn and her baby and the White Wand with some on the Shadow Wand It was briefly touched upon in the novels but this novella gives readers of it I liked it and found it to be very interesting Pretty sure her baby is going to play a huge roll in the coming novel so I think readers of the novels in the series should check this one out before book three comes out in March My uick and simple overall a complete novella that does not feel rushed or shortsighted A great read and I honestly would say a must for series readers I meanis anyone really surprised that I finished this book in less than 12 hours on a work dayImagine living in a world where society imposes restrictions on women to trap them accused them of lying about assaults and where ppl don t teach children about contraceptionwouldn t that be crazy Read with HEAVY sarcasmLoved it I am really hoping we get Sage Incorporated in the next book She has to find her beau This is a personal one and I m looking forward to sharing it withou It s Sage Gaffney s story the oung women with the Icaral child who gave Elloren the White Wand in the beginning of The Black Witch This book loops into Book Two and is best read after The Black Witch and before The Iron Flower Enjoy Light Mage is out July 1 201. Der to keep the Wand safe from the demonic forces hunting for it Sage must abandon everything she once knew and forge a new path for herselfa dangerous course that could lead to either triumph or utter ruin.

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Le MCs He is different from many others and I loved that There are a lot of lovable secondary characters my absolute favorite is Rivyr I need him and his antics A must read by an author that has uickly become one of my favorite AUGUST 1 2018Once again I m stunned by Laurie Forest s writingLight Mage broke my heart and made me fall in love with new characters Full review coming soon This was the story about a light mage coming into her power and finding out that not everything our culture Dancing with Fireflies (Chapel Springs, your ppl evenour religion teaches The Little House in the Woods and Other Stories you in her case is necessarily true or right for her or for every individual She has a rare affinity for Light magic and this was the neatest book to read Sage opens her mind and her heart and she finds something much special than what she has been told to think all of her life I loved this story This leads her to the MC in the main books and this is really important Her story was really amazing ACTUAL RATING 475 Stars I am in awe currently at Laurie Forest s ability to suck me into her writinget again This series will be the death of me but like in a good way Normally I never give novella s anything above 4 stars for some reason my brain has a hard time justifying giving something 5 stars when it s not a full novel this literally only makes sense to me in my brain I am aware it is a completely ridiculous notion Light Mage is the exception to this rule Although this is a novella it felt like a full novelSage s story was so engrossing and made my heart hurt for all the things she had to go through I was so attached to her as a character There is a trigger warning for Sexual Assault in this novella which Forest personally addresses in the beginning with a note to the readers giving exact chapters for those scenes for reference and explaining how those scenes came from her own personal experiences I applaud her for her courage and bravery for including something so personal in her writing. Other bearer Sagellyn Gaffney Sage’s affinity for light magery a rare skill among Gardnerians makes her the perfect protector for the one tool that can combat the shadows spreading across Erthia But in or.

I loved this story The worldbuilding is rich the characters are well fleshed out and the stakes are high Good to finally discover Sage s story I hope we find out about she does later in the series maybe in the Iron Flower This series continues to be completely addictive This novella which is really the length of some books gives us Sage s story which I thought was a missing element in the first book This also gives detail on all the other cultures I m really glad I read this and am excited to go on to the second book UPDATE SEPTEMBER 1 2018Rating 5 SupernovasReviewImagine living in a world where people are segregated based on their race Where religion has been twisted and turned into a weapon aimed against other s beliefs Where fear of the unknown leads to hate and cruelty Where little girls have no right over their own bodies and are forced into marriage Not difficult to do rightSage Gaffney comes from an extremely religious family even for a Gardnerian She has been taught that being obedient and following the teachings of the Ancient One will keep her safe Safe from the demons that want to corrupt her people safe from the vile men that hurt innocent girls like her Her bubble shatters when she learns in the worse way possible that evil thrives within her own people hidden behind mountains of liesShe is thrust into the cruel reality of being shunned by her family her kind and all the other races the Gardnerians have hurt But she is not alone she finds allies from where she least expects compassion from those who she thought were evil patient teaching from the shunned unconditional love from a man she should fear There is a lot of pain and heartbreak for her but also a lot of friendship and love Sage is brave compassionate kind and she learns fast The kind of heroine I can root for easily she makes mistakes but learns from them and comes out stronger in the end The love interest Ciaran is one of my fave ma. Journey to the magical world of Erthia in this exciting preuel to The Black Witch by critically acclaimed author Laurie ForestBefore Elloren Gardner came to possess the Wand of Myth the Wand was drawn to an.

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Laurie Forest lives deep in the backwoods of Vermont where she sits in front of a wood stove drinking strong tea and dreaming up tales full of dryads dragons and wands She is the author of THE BLACK WITCH LA BRUJA NEGRADIE SCHWARZE ZAUBERIN WANDFASTED LIGHT MAGE THE IRON FLOWER THE REBEL MAGES which is the book form of Wandfasted & Light Mage together in one volume & THE SHADOW WAND Sh