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I ll be honest I had to DNF after around 5% The editing or the lack of was simply atrocious but that wasn t my main issue It was the acism The first time the white protagonist called his Middle Eastern future love interest donkey lashes I jerked in my seat I was confused and hurt Comparing Middle Eastern people to cattle is hor First of all the easons why you should ead this book in my opinionTrans ep adorable healthy and sexy mm omance witches mystery horror elements magic and a gorgeous Welsh village And Im gonna try to keep this eview short even though I could write a long story about my thoughts This book has stayed with me since I f ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest eview This book picked my interest when I saw it on my Twitter timeline when the author was searching for eader and made pre elease advertisement I ead the blurb and honestly I wasn t sure what to think about the book Sure the blurb is interesting but very vague When I also got the information that this book is pretty dark has supernatural elements the use of magic and witches appear I was capured But I also pondered if the trigger and content warnings to be find on the publisher s website here under content notes of verbal abuse transphobia the graphic display of animal mutilation and other heavy parts would be something I could endure When I decided yes I ll give the book a try and ead further the first page I was hookedYes the author Nem Rowan describes the scenery in a very graphic way the natural beauty is visible before your inner eye which of course makes the graphic gory scenes and description of the dead animals less pleasant It s the mix and the curiousity you feel as a eader I admit I liked it because it was totally making sense to be this graphic although I ve to say it was almost poetic and lyrical and that had a special appeal It s kind of a morbid curiosity something you either like or notFrom the first page on I was with Owen our protagonist He is suffering living in the isolated pretty bigot and transphobic acting village in Wales where his mother has her oots On the one hand he feels connected through the village with his deadmissing father on the other hand he is confronted with people who know about his transition and have a distant behaviour towards him whereas his mother s boyfriendlover Geraint is the worst in calling him by his old name never acknowledging his new identity In fact he is fueled by hatred and tries to ile up Owen whenever he canThe main problems and the thrilling parts are all connected to Geraint but I won t tell how because it would take a majority of the suspense I can just say the evealings are surprising it s eally captivating how Nem Rowan is able to hook you as the eader Within one book there are so many new things you learn but you aren t this overwhelmed because the connection is there the explanation is given the way how it s displayed is fascinating and intriguing togetherI also loved. Following the disappearance of his father Owen eturns to the Welsh village where he was aised to live with.

The omantic elationship between Owen and Maredudd and I laughed so often when both behaved humorous and had their small banter and witty comments I want to stress out that Maredudd and Owen have an age gap of 15 years so if this isn t your thing you should maybe not ead it If you love things like this go and get the book I was also totally fond of Maredudd s father Morcant and his appearance is a pretty emarkable just saying and Owen s mother Wenda was a great secondary character tooI eally loved how Owen and Maredudd s ealationship grew within the book and how connected they are There is an intimacy which is different than Owen has to his mother for example and for the first time he feels understood feels connected to someone truly If you expect eally explicit intimate scenes between them there are a few but the majority is a display of their affection through kisses and touches very tender and sweet although there is enough innuendo I loved this balance I can t wait to see of them together of their daily lifeThis debut work totally nailed it and I can ecommend it wholeheartedly If you are okay with on page transphobia verbal abuse graphic display of violence animal mutilation talk of suicide and on the other hand be fond of darker magic supernatural elements love age gaps you ll probably want to pick the book up maybe even love it as much as I did 5 out of 5 stars for itReview originally posted on my blog with added content Mikku chan A world full of words 35 stars Witcheskin is an intense atmospheric book that starts out very slow It took me several weeks to get through the first 40% but after that it got intense and I flew through the estContent warnings include transphobia animal mutilation and gore injury through falling body horror in a witchy context various horror elements acismThe format of the book is familiar tiny village where everyone knows everyone a mysterious beast oaming the woods killing and gruesomly mutilating animals and all the villagers pretend it s just a abid dog or wolf ather than something vastly horrifyingThe main character Owen feels like an outsider in the tiny Welsh town His parents might have been born and grown up there but be grew up in Bristol until his father s death brough him and his mother back to her oots It doesn t help that he s dependent on his mom s new boyfriend who s an abusive ahole and outed him as trans to the village community many of whom are small mindedHis only solace is his camera and the mystery of the mutilated animals that he s trying to solve even if the villagers don t want him to And then there s Maredudd an old friend of his parents who suddenly turns up injured in their house and seems to know much than he lets onThe atmosphere of the book was what drew me in It s bleak and heavy like a smothering blanket that chokes you but provides too much warmth and twisted comfort to leave which very much eflects Owen s situationThe ampant transphobia he faces was hard to swallow at. His mother and her boyfriend While pursuing the mystery of cattle mutilations in the area he meets Maredudd


Times but there were bright moments too His mother is very supportive but doesn t always speak up for him even if the love between mother and son is palpable Not all of the villagers are bigoted dckheads and there are several friendly and even warm interactions tooIt wasn t always clear to me why Owen who s 28 doesn t just leave He lives with his mother and Geraint her horrible boyfriend and is entirely dependent on the latter It s hinted that Geraint outing Owen to the village community is the eason that Owen doesn t have a job and thus can t earn money to support himself but there is little textual support as to why the one causes the otherIt s also hinted that Owen s shyness and lack of self worth is part of the ift between him and the villagers but again it s not something clearly elaborated or establishedThese were minor uestions marks that came up while eading but didn t impede the eading experience overallThe minor omantic sideplot was well done in some areas and lacking in others I liked Owen s internal monologue and how he felt as he was getting closer to Maredudd I could elate to him a lot but the actual falling in lovedeveloping a crush part was flimsy at best Owen simply states what he likes about Maredudd but the eader doesn t get to see any of those ualities that early on Maredudd is mostly smiling silently for that part barely ever talking and I was surprised to find how early Owen expressed interest in Maredudd when he was still such a unknown variable to the eaderThe mystery of the beast stalking the village wasn t always as prominent as I had hoped and mostly develops in the second half of the book That s also when the witchy stuff starts to happenI liked the overall mystery though the conclusion was a lot smaller scale than I had anticipated and there weren t a lot of clues foreshadowing or build up previous to the big eveal Witcheskin is ownvoices for the trans ep which felt very aw and authenticThere were also several editing errors typos and some cases where I think the wrong words were usedwords switched places accidentally which was confusing at timesThe writing was good and easy to ead with mostly vivid descriptions save for a few extremely awkward ones like describing Maredudd who was born in Iran as donkey lashes which I found uestionable I eceived this novel from the author as a giveaway on Twitter I entered because the description caught my attention and I couldn t wait to ead it Witcheskin went far beyond my expectations It grabbed me from the beginning and I couldn t put it down The main character comes to life as you watch him struggle with his personal demons low self esteem and self worth and a close minded community that doesn t understand him or his motivations All he wants is to help those around him and as he takes on an investigation into a string of animal mutilations he finds himself way over his head I highly ecommend this book and can t wait to see what else Nem Rowan will bring to his eaders. N old friend of his mother's and learns something about his parents that they've never told him♦ 110000 wor.

Nem Rowan lives in Sweden with his wife and their girlfriend He loves reading non fiction and is fascinated by True Crime and unsolved mysteries especially missing persons cases and serial killers Nem is also well read in mythology and folk tales particularly British and European folklore He is a huge fan of Horror movies and Retrowave musicNem started writing when he was 11 years old and si