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Nteresting and predictable Characters here have lots of potential nothing but potential for development but for some reason the author just won t go thereWhile I ve njoyed the series This time we really got some serious suspense I don t know this author well The Child of the Soul and Other Stories enough yetven after 55 books to know if he s going to really kill off a character or not I m usually pretty sure he won t but you can just never be sure and that helped the plot hereBut what got me most of all was the laughing I laughed out loud so many times during this particular book in the series that I knew it was going to warrant 5 stars Say what you want about predictability and a recycled plot it works And it s the best Childrens Phantasies entertainmentRC Bray makes this perfect of course it goes without saying really I d never love this series if not for him OK so not knocking the book because Injoyed it Great story interesting nding and wonderful performance as always by RC Bray on the audible version But like some others here I m starting to wonder where it s gonna lead Will it be another 30 books or will it nd in book 6 7 Not because I don t The Soviet Union enjoy the characters but that it s starting to remind me of how I felt about the TV show Lost So many mysteries and it was so awesome at the start but then it was like hey keep following these breadcrumbs until next season and then next season until you have the last season which was ok but the mystery got too big for one season toxplain Ok I m starting to rant here Basic jist if you liked the other books you ll like this one but I hope the writer starts moving the overarching series story forward with a bit pace Because it s getting a little bit of the same now While I loved this book overall I feel it suffered from some pacing issues and felt like a bridge between story arcs with a lot of backstory and foreshadowing but very little plot advancement and weak characterization I would have Gods and Heroes ended the book at chapter 24 82% at around 400 pages The remaining chapters 26 85% about 80 pages would then have made up the beginning of Book 6 as they did not fit thematically or temporally with the rest of the book but do set the stage for the next A novella would have worked better to cover the lengthy but imprecise time gap andvents between chapter 24 and 26 aka chapter 25 I m still Science, Technology and Culture enjoying this series but overall I m starting to wear on the repetitive pattern Pirates get in trouble Skippy can t figure out a way out Joe finds a solution that Skippy thinks is crazy but will work Rinse lather repeatMostly this installation had somenjoyable moments but it s starting to seem like it was just hitting a big reset button with little actual plot advancement and that s a little sad to me since there s some nice plot concepts lurking within the background of the Elder. Ghtyears from home The ancient alien AI they nicknamed ‘Skippy’ is apparently dead and ven if they can by some miracle revive him he might never be the sa.

It s fun but it s also One damned thing after another There s nothing that gets resolved Sometimes I feel like we ve recycled a plot device Oh no here come the aliens again I njoy the dialog and the characters and will read the next one and the next and the next As consumers we have to stop accepting this crap Book 1 2 and 3 are amazing Amazing And if you haven t listened to RC Bray s narration you need to find a way to listen to it Pardon the cliche but he was born to narrate this series I still LMAO verytime I think about one sheep Book 4 was also xcellent with a few moments of been there done that But book 5 there is sooooooooo much of the same old same old Problem sarcasm monkey banana comment Joe with a never conceived of before solution that will most likely kill us all Hooray they did it Now repeat that 10 times Cue Bart Simpson I didn t do it Kid Last Chance Bride episode Now I am not an author and I do not write for a living but I find it hard to believe that Craig Alanson thinks this book is great When I do something that isn t my best I sure as hell know it AND I respect people who tell me it s not good AND because I know I can do better and better isxpected of me I do better The publisher wants to make money and it s Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy easy money for Alanson and his agentgreat power to them But as a fan of the series and a consumer of it I am totally insulted Just because an author I love wrote something doesn t mean I have to love it Craig Alanson is a great writer and I have highxpectations of his work This one falls short So as consumers we have to rate things according to their real value I don t think people are doing that with this book As for this series Books 1234 brilliant hilarious Lawman Lover (Outlaws, engaging to the max but after reading this one I m outBlah blah blah shutting up and putting soap box away How many times can I use the word awesomeSeriously this book is awesome Unlike previous books now the thing in danger is no other than Skippy himself The worm is back and he s out of options He doesn tven have his awesome capabilities any This little change in circumstances makes this book City Girl in Training even interesting than the rest Before Skippy could just deusx machina whatever Joe needed for his monkey brained idea and we d have an awesome action scene not that I am complaining I love it Now though they have to Not as good as the othersI loved the previous books although I started noticing in the previous one irrelevant chit chat between characters to fill up the pages In this one th I listen to this book while I m driving and sometimes I just burst out laughing at Skippy s rantsalthough those seemed to be less freuent in this installment of the seriesthis book just lifted my mood while i was reading it I definitely sped through this one so i have to listen to it again to cat. United Nations Special Operations Command sent an lite Expeditionary Force of soldiers and pilots out on a simple recon mission and somehow along the way they.

Ch what i missed Expeditionary Force is by far my favorite series so I guess you have to temper my xuberance I mean Craig could probably defecate on my coffee table and I would probably take a selfie and post it on instagram For those who don t read the book because of all the reviews complaining about typos and grammatical Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files errors you are missing out on an ingeniously written story that will keep you on thedge of your seat and make you laugh out loud throughout the book I m thoroughly The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, entertained by itthough again I m not the type to get hung up on grammar I do think Columbus Day was the best of the books but that s just because Skippy smergence as a character was so different from all of the other serious sci fi I ve read I looked like a lunatic while reading that onewith a witty comment from Skippy practically on very page after he was introduced The introduction was just a riot and I read it again very now and then when I need a little inspiration Such a novel idea that an alien AI has such a wild personalityrather than the standard killer AI Zero Hour had a great story line and continued the trek of the Merry Band of Pirates with some predictability which was then yanked out from beneath you with unexpected twists Story side tracks like the insane visualizations of the bad kitty at the An Italian Education end of this one had me laughing hystericallyits just so crazy I love that Craig continually develops thenemy aliens he s created and this book gives some individuality to some Thuranin and Maxolhx away from their typical collectives I m hopeful the story line will Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code eventually swing back to the Berger Meister again at some pointshe s another of those characters along the way that Craig creates a depth that makes the reader want to know about them In all seriousness I instantly put down whateverlse i m reading at the time when continuations of this series are available My favorites are history alternate history and sci fi but CA jumps to the front of the line There are probably better sci fi writers with many rabid fans but I ll be willing to bet that those in the cult of Skippy the Magnificent are the most fun The series remains fairly well done but is beginning to slip Plot Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, elements are being repeated for at least the 3rd if not 4th or 5th time and the predictability factor has skyrocketed The series is starting to become formulaic like the author picked up discarded scraps from a Star Trek cutting room floor and pieced it togetherIt s been a book and a half now since anything surprising has happened That wow I didn t see that coming moment was left in the dust 300 pages back and the story has been coasting on momentumver since Even the characters have flattened out While I appreciate characters getting some dialogue what is delivered remains flat uni. Sparked an alien civil war Now the not at all Merry Band of Pirates is in desperate trouble again Their stolen alien starship is falling apart thousands of li.

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