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Nnie butt heads I wouldn t say this is an enemies to lovers book so much as adversaries to lovers I didn t feel this to have the spark or wit that we see in Ambereye book 2 or Silver Collar book 4 but their interactions are still entertaining The romance felt a little superficial as they fall for each other based on physical attraction and the energy of conflict rather than having an emotional connection C est la vie thoughIn most of the series I think the werewolves due to their nature connect both physically and emotionally early on where the humans spend the rest of the time playing catch up Because of that the romance aspect usually feels a little lopsided This book also has an element of mystery One comes in the form of Connie trying to find out what the story is behind the Garoul family and their land The other being that a mysterious creature is wreaking havoc on the neighbors and posing as a threat to the Garoul s and Connie herself We don t get to find out who or what that is until the endSo expect a paranormalmysteryromance with this readAs for dings I found there to be some melodrama in the climax from outta left field that didn t feel completely natural I essentially was thinking Waitwhat Why It felt a little clumsyI m not sure if it was ust the app I was using to read the ebook but the transitions between points of view or the passage of time were really odd There were no breaks between paragraphs to indicate the changes so each time it happened it was Riverbend Road (Haven Point, jarring A new chapter break spacing or some kind of line indicator would ve saved thatAnd the ending felt abrupt I would ve liked another chapter or two with Connie and Marie officially togetherOverall the read feels like a tacked on bonus to the rest of the series Not great but good For stars I place it around 385 4 12 Stars It was great to be back with the Garoul clan First I want to mention while this is the 5th book in the Garoul series this is a preuel This book takes place in the late 70 s way before the other four books in this series What is nice about this you do not have to read the other books first If you are new to the series you can start right here if you wish This was a really enjoyable read and I hope it is not the end of this seriesConnie is a moderately famous wildlife photographer and illustrator She is on the hunt of a rare bird that has been seen in Little Dip Little Dip is private property owned by the Garoul s who don t like trespassers After being told she is not welcomed on their land Connie decides she will sneak in anyway What could possibly go wrongIust love paranormal books and the Garoul series are some of the better lesfic werewolf books around In fact book 2 Ambereye is one of my all time favorite books with one of my all time favorite couples When I heard this book was coming out I honestly could not be excited Throughout the series we learn little pieces of the characters histories and events that happened to make them the way there are It was great to finally read this story that tied everything together This is the start of many characters I have grown to love from the other books It was also nice to see how Connie and Marie got together Connie and Marie are great and even likeable than I remembered The romance is slow going but the chemistry is obvious The sex scenes were nice and steamy I do feel this book is still at the beginning of their relationship I feel we ust scratched the surface I would actually love to read another book that picks up where this one left off so I could read about Connie and Marie s relationship developing even I am big fan of this series and highly recommend these books to paranormal romance fans If you are new to this series and you read this book make sure you go and grab Ambereye it is fantastic I really hope this is not the end of the Garoul s I would love another book An ARC was given to me for a honest revie. As cold as ever but this time things have changed The residents of Lost Creek are up in arms about strange goings on in the valley and Connie is unsure whose side she is

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T s likely better to read Little Dip first anywayI know how I ll be spending my next few days Don t call me this weekend I ll be eyeballs deep in books 1 4Solid 4 starsMany thanks to Dirt Road Books and the author for providing me with an ARC copy in exchange for my honest review Little Dip is the long awaited preuel the missing link that completes the saga of the Garoul clan of werewolves Their adventures and romances such as they are are chronicled in a four book series that to this day remains the only shapeshifter series I love completely and would wholeheartedly recommend The reason being that each book is different enough from the others not ust in plot but also in tone and mood that it never gets old The only thing missing from the series and thus intrigued me forever was a book featuring the most important characters in the clan Marie the Alpha of the clan and her human mate Connie Ever since the first book I ve waited and waited to see if these two and most especially Connie I love the Garoul Series I really doUnfortunately this one is not as great the others it isn t so much compelling like 1 4 book in the serie which always leave us to want I didn t finish it in a single sitting this book was like drink tea read the book in a pleasant morning type it needed me several time to finishThis really fill the gaps on the prior book from Garoul series tho it really connected the dots we met childhood of Garouls babies how Roy Johnston dead little Amy Luc Leone and the whole packan ARC was given for honest review from publisher This was my least favourite of the series in fact I d go as far to say I was bored for most of the book the characters were ok but boring i didnt take to connie very muchthere was Tell Me About Eternity just something irritating about her plus because I read all the other books first I felt I already knew the story itust filled in a few gaps It s so nice to be back into Garoul seriesAnd Little Dip is somehow getting the old vibe of Ambereye so full of humour and fun While the other books were a bit about paranormal mistery and action Little Dip rediscover the lightness of the second chapter thanks to the freshness of the character Connie so eager to put herself in trouble Love and romance won t be lackingThose who loved the series like me will love to see all the known ladies as little kids as Little Dip is a preuel to the series But the book can be read as a standalone and is a good entry point to the series Ah Little Dip It s always good to be back at the Garoul compoundThis werewolf series is one of my favorite paranormal series out there mainly because each book is so uniue and the setting is well done Though this is book five in the series it s actually the preuel to books one through four Little Dip Garoul 5 takes place in 1977 1978 so all of the adults you meet in the rest of the series are children hereShould you read this book first if you re new to the series I wouldn t recommend it The rest of the books in the series unfold the world building elements and rules around the Garoul family hierarchy and werewolf behavior I also think having knowledge of the characters and what happens to them as adults gives us readers an insider easter egg type feel to seeing them in their youthThat said if you re bent on reading this one first you can I think it would be a flatter experience thoughIn book 5 we get to see how Marie the alpha werewolf and leader of the family in the rest of the series meets her all human life mate Connie At this point Marie is not the alpha nor does she care to be And Connie is a young but fairly successful wildlife photographer determined to get a shot of a rare cuckoo bird that exists on the Garoul s land Since the Garoul family compound is highly guarded and private from any outsiders we can see how well this will turn out Connie basically acts as a party crasher and for most of the book we see Marie and Co. Are bird but a clash with Sylvie Garoul the valley’s owner and her daughter the haughty Marie Garoul ruins the dealThe following year Connie tries again Marie Garoul is.

Im a new fan of this seriesI was immediately sucked into the world this author has created Marie and Connie are great characters I wanted to know about them and everyone else in this world that was created in this book I didn t want to put the book down and i definitely didn t want it to endI will be recommending this book to my friends Cant wait to read from this authorI received an advance ARC copy for and honest review Audiobook version is worth picking up I enjoy this series and was happy when I was able to pick up this one and book 1 in the series on audio If you enjoy the series you will enjoy the audio version I was excited when this book came out I purchased it uickly but held on to it waiting for a vacation to read it I decided when I read this one I wanted to be able to read the entire series over I was so excited to read Connie s story I actually think in the remainder of the series she is so often left out We read very little about her and that was sad I think she is such an interesting character I enjoyed this one a great deal and hope other books in this series will come later I read this one and immediately went into rereading the series If you haven t read this series you have the opportunity to start at the beginning and read it in order Pick this one up even if you are not a fan of Were shifter books I am positive you will enjoy this series Perhaps if I had read this book first and then continued with the rest of the Garoul series I might have liked it That s not the case however Nope instead I remember being on the edge of my seat reading books 1 and 3 and I laughed my butt off reading books 2 and 4This book however lacked something and I can t really figure out what it is exactly I think it s a combination of the things I liked so much about the previous books To me there was no humor in it like in Ambereye and Silver Collar and that s ok I wasn t expecting a comedy The crime mystery and action elements however were hinted at throughout the book but only kicked in towards the very end The relationship between Connie and Marie fell flat and I had trouble seeing them as a couple For me personally it felt like they hadn t interacted enough to build up chemistry Connie spent so much time with other characters in the book it was like a who s who of the Garoul series I wish I could go back and tell my past self to wait and read this book first and then rest of the series Though I m sure my past self would use an entire roll of duct tape over my mouth and proceed to read books 1 4 anyway because she s a damn know it all Typically I m not a paranormal sci fi reader but Little Dip by Gill McKnight was a Little Dip into all the good things that this genre can be To be up front and honest my personal problem with most books of this genre is that it s Once Upon a Time (Calluvias Royalty, just too difficult for me to suspend belief and get into the story Authors tend to put too many complicated details about their new world too much over the top weirdness etc and my uncreative and OCD brain tends toust nitpick and have trouble letting go of reality NOT the case with Little DipOthers have summarized this one much better than I could and the book synopsis is accurate so I ll Enamoured (The Enslaved Duet just share my personal feelings pick this one up you won t be sorry I started this one around lunch yesterday and didn t put it down until I finished Technically this is the 5th book in the Garoul series but it s a preuel to all the others I haven t read the rest of the series yet but I m actually glad I picked this one up first It left me withust enough of a taste of the Garoul life to want I ve seen others mention that this book may not be uite as good as the other books in the series and if that s the case I can t wait to read the rest Little Dip worked well as a standalone novel even without reading the rest of the series yet so don t be scared to pick this one up first I have a feeling that It’s 1977 and Connie Fortune has an easy freewheeling life as a wildlife photographer and illustratorA new contract brings her to the Little Dip valley to track down a

Gill McKnight is Irish but spends as much time as possible in Lesbos Greece which she considers home She can often be found traveling back and forth between Greece and Ireland in a rusty old camper van with her rusty wee dog Gill enjoys writing roses and by necessity DIY