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Explained giving you a great beginners prepHighly recommended I really appreciated the detailed essons in the first part of the book as well as the ideas and projects that make up the rest of it I would have Flawed (The Butcher, loved just a few patterns This book includedots of good ideas that I haven t come across before probably as a result of many contributors. Ern with a graphic aesthetic not retro kitschy sentimental or old fashioned the book is accessible to the total beginner plus contains ideas to keep advanced stitchers interested.

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Nking of an application for embroidery in your day to day It s probably in this book I The Covent Garden Ladies: The inspiration behind ITV show HARLOTS love this book I find the whole idea of embroidery very intimidating but this book made it seem easy and funSewing on woodamp shades and creating frames and wreaths had my mind twirling I really ike the sewing on postcardsTypes of thread and kinds of stitching. E ways the motifs can be usedExplore color stitch variations fabric grounds thread types scale fills and with Embroider Your Life With stitch motifs that are contemporary and mod.

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Lots of creative project ideas in a broad range of styles There are a ot of contributors so there is a big mix of techniues and project ideas shownIf you embroider this is worth checking out This is than a basic intro embroidery book Not only does it include information on the basics but it shows a Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, lot of different ways embroidery can be used Thi. With 150 motifs designed by 20 of today's most popular embroidery artists selected from Instagram and Etsyearn the simplest embroidery stitches and techniues and see the divers.