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T love story When one person is straitlaced and organized and the other is wheels off and free spirited hilarity and hi jinks are bound to ensue Which is exactly what happens in Harvest Moon Homecoming But there is also so much which surprised me since this was a novella length bookCalvin Finkenbinder is a small town high school principal with his sights set on becoming the superintendent It s the position he s been working towards since his career began 15 years ago Ellie Bright is the widowed single mother of a student who attends the high school She consistently shows up at the school dressed in her pajama bottoms with her hair a mess to drop her daughter Harper off at school late and not just a minute or two like 20 or 30 Mr Finkenbinder has decided enough is enough and gives Mrs Bright an ultimatum help with the homecoming float or Harper serves two hours of detention every day for two weeks Ellie opts for working with the pompous donkey on the floatAs can be expected when two people with opposite personalities work together there s plenty of conflict Their banter back and forth is filled with acerbic wit It was all rather entertaining But this isn t just an opposites attract story It s also about not judging people before you get to now them and learning that someone else s strengths can balance out your weaknesses Mr F as the students call him looks down on Ellie because she s so disorganized and always late What he doesn t see is how much she has on her plate and how hard she works long hours running a business two actually and doing a damn good job raising her daughter Ellie gets irritated with how uptight and uber organized Fink is but once they start to work together she realizes how helpful it is to have someone like that around As I said this book was so much than just two very different people falling in love It was sweet and fun and also heartwarming The characters were great especially Ellie s daughter Harper and Fink s nephew Wyatt This was a fantastic story and I was impressed that the author was able to get so many layers of this story and develop the characters so well in just 116 pages Did I mention this is Ms Gussman s first book So yeahcolor me impressed I ll definitely be watching for books by this author. W float As they scramble to construct the float in time Ellie’s chaotic life collides with Fink’s methodical plans A tangle of arguments and decorations leads to a stolen iss Underneath their long established animosity is an unexpected passion that threatens to ruin than just a school flo.

It was very cute Fink and Ellie were hilarious I also really liked the message that our value is not defined by our jobs And then I read the acknowledgements and cried happy This is a short sweet and funny story it shows how parents to do anything and everything for their ids including giving up on their dreams This book looks at love as ageless and that s one of things I loved the most about it I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars I got this copy from author in exchange for an honest review Love the humor and the tingles in this romanceI had the privilege of being a beta reader for this story and what a joy to now see it available for everyone to readThe relationship between Ellie and Fink was hilarious and had me in stitches from the first page Watching them figure out that they didn t hate each other but were in fact in love was so fun And then they had to decide whether they would fight for that love or notEach character in the story is uniue and I can not pick a favorite between Ellie Fink Harper and Wyatt They each add humor and interest to the story and I hope to spend time with them in future storiesBe sure to read this wonderful story for yourselfSex Ellie and Fink have a hard time controlling their passion and they end up issing several times right after screaming at each other While this could end up being inappropriate it is mostly funny well there is some sizzle too as you will see when you read the book There is mention of a hand under a shirt but no touching any specific body parts no clothes removed and they are nowhere near a bedroom for any of the isses so even though there is some making out going on they are adults and it is not really anything than passionate Invisible (The Curse of Avalon kissesLanguage no swearing dang and crap are used insteadViolence noneReligion none 5 STARS Excellent Immensely Enjoyable I loved itThis was basically a feel good sweet romance yet there was enough conflict toeep me on the edge The writing was polished and full of humour The main characters Ellie and Fink were highly appealing and relatable I very much enjoyed their funny and ro Another touching and hilarious book by Jessie Gussman The couples in this book jump off the pages and into your heart with tons of laughter I read this book in 2019 but. When the high school’s float explodes five days before the National Farmer’s Day parade Principal Calvin Finkenbinder sees his chance at the promotion to Superintendent disintegrate Unless he enlists the help of Ellie Bright the most annoying disorganized and Yummy Supper kissable woman henowsStandin.

My review is missing so I have done some skimming through the book to refresh my memory Another book by this author that has your heart grabbing one moment and trying to uit laughing out loud the next I received an ARC copy of this book but this is my voluntary and honest review with my own personal opinionsVICKI FROM WYOMING I was asked to review this book by Librarythingcom Delightful autumnal read fast paced cute read but there was a good storyline This was funny with great chemistry between the characters The characters were likable and realThe author writes well and I am now seeking out this author to see what else has been writtenThis was a uick read for me but well recommended pumpkins and the autumn a great time of the year I ve had a bad couple of months and so I was looking for a light cheerful novel with nice people and no angst This hit the spot Fink and Ellie are very nice people getting on in life and discovering that they re not too old for romance It s a clean romance so apart from a few isses it s all about the relationship that develops I must say I liked the farm details and the plot revolving around the American tradition of having parades with floats was also a lot of fun I came across an ARC and am reviewing voluntarily Funny sweet storyLove this author Her stories are such fun to read Great humor great characters wonderful plot Couldn t ask for Only downside you can t put it down Plan on reading straight through Great read I received a copy from the author via AXP this is my honest review Fink and Ellie made a great couple you could see they belonged to each other The characters matured and understood better how their past affected them It s funny it s maddening it s touching it s a great romance I loved all the secondary appearances too Lots of dialogues lots of action going on Just to confuse us the author chose to use Rothschild pumpkins and a person named Dr Rothschild I thought it was a bad idea At one point Ellie says to Fink I m a country girl with small town values A man needs a legal right to be in my bedroom She s 18 years too late to say such a thing Editing needs another pass verses vs versus soup vs beef stew all night vs 330 pm etc There isn t much that s funnier than an opposites attrac. G in Principal Fink’s office again for driving her daughter to school late again Ellie is given two odious choices Either her straight A daughter receives detention for another tardy that’s not her fault or Ellie uses her artistic skills and helps the uptight stringent principal build a ne.

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