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What are “everyday mysteries” In the context of this volume they are the things we all onder the nature of love making sense of a violent world how to nurture ourselves and our families In solving the large and small mysteries we encounter every day we are able to discover ourselves and the meaning of our livesWhen Karen Stockwell wasn’t making rogress on her next novel.

She decided to unearth the oems she began writing in the late 1990s to see if there were enough of them for a book As she found rintouts of them in crinkled manila envelopes and in the folders on a vintage Macintosh computer she remembered the thrill of reading before a live audience at weekly open mics She was also reminded of the events that sparked her writing failed rela.

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Tionships followed by a successful marriage late in life; her mother’s death; trips to Australia Turkey and New Orleans; the satisfaction and fulfillment of writing itself There were oems in Possibilities a chapbook she Private Elisha Stockwell, Jr., Sees The Civil War published in 1998 and in her 2013 novel Dreams of Darkness and Light They are included within the eight themed sections of this book along with three newoe.

In her creative life Karen Stockwell has been a visual artist a journalist a poet a singer songwriter a jewelry designer a fiber artist and now a novelist She’s made a living by working for advertising agencies and an educational publisher She holds a BA in Art Education and a MA in Art History and has taken many classes and workshops in the arts including poetry and creative writin