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Wow this amily had a bad rep such a bad rep Poor guys I just wanted to smack a Merry Christmas, Daddy few people over the head These are good men despite having an idiotor a Roped in father and grandfather Not theiraultJack is a doctor He is good sensible and up to date not like a certain other doctor He cares or those that have nothing to offer in return He is just omg so nice Even if his head sure is turned by a pretty ace and he does not see the obvious before him But hey he can t be perfect now can heIsabella had a shocking incident And you know what it was shocking When they say these things I am all come on but herepoor Bella No wonder she is skittish But she is trying and she loves to help people and she has even read medicine books We can all guess where that takes herThese two slowly becomes Secrets of the Tycoons Bride (The Garrisons, friends of a sorts And yes he will see the light and she willind peace But before that there is some drama with people in need and some people that need to be hit over the head or the Samanthas Gift face Oh yes d bagsA nice historical romance with some interesting elements in it Loved this book Virginia Heath totally reads my mind when it comes to heroes This one was just delicious a gorgeous kind brainy hunk What can you askorIsabella Beaumont appears to be dour and withdrawn She seems awful next to her pretty vivacious sister But Bella has a big secret she has been assaulted by bad man and is emotionally suffering Bella Friscos Kid (Tall, Dark Dangerous forms a connection with Joe Warriner the young physician in town because of her intense interest in medicine They gradually become attracted to each other but can Bella overcome herear of menThis was a heart strings book Courting Miss Adelaide (Noblesville, Indiana, for me That means that the story actually made me hurt physically with empathy and concernor the characters That doesn t happen very often so I know the book has affected me deeply Joe is super swoon worthy and wonderful but not perfect He has a ew things to learn about himself over the course of the book Bella makes great strides with her self confidence They make a great couple Also I read the book in one day It was just so yummy I have to note that the guy on the cover is one of the best looking guys I ve ever seenARC provided by the author A Warriner to Tempt Her is a story to make you believe in kindness generosity brotherhood and love Virginia Heath has woven a tale which truly captures the spirit of being a part of a community during trying times Doctor Joe Warriner is a man to all in love with immediately no uestions asked He is a reserved and uiet sort of A Colton Target fellow and all the intriguingor it He is guilty of always wanting to do the right thing and helping everybody despite the obstacles thrown his way primarily his surnameBella is a gentle and caring character with a backbone of steel which slowly starts making its presence Love Isnt Enough felt as the story progresses She has some reservations but is shown to have great resolve Her reservations are presented with great sensitivity Virginia Heath strikes a perfect balance in BellaThe characters bond in a natural and delightful way They aren t strict opposites but are very much attracted to one another and complement each other beautifully The story isascinating and had me absolutely hooked The history and medicine aspects of the book were brilliant too with just the right amount detailA wonderful part of the Warriner series leaving you wanting I love the Warriner brothers This is the third brother s Joe story and it is wonderful Joe is now a doctor and has set up his office and home in the town closest to his Prodigal Prince Charming family s estate Due to his deceasedather s and grandfather s actions most of the town does not like his Task Force Bride family The old town doctor especially hates Joe as he has modern medical ideas after training in Edinburgh Joe treats anyone who needs it even if his pay is a chicken Recently an Earl and hisamily have rented a house in the area A Soldiers Family (Wings of Refuge, for the summer Joe is attracted to the daughters Lady Clarissa is beautiful but he is curious about the shy Lady Isabella Theamily thoug. A shy innocentwary of all menAfter a shocking incident shy Lady Isabella Beaumont is perfectly happy to stay in the backgr.

A while after what her Desejo Indomado (To Tame A Playboy, family has termed the incident Isabella couldn t bear loud noises or crowds and didn t leave the house but herears are gradually receding She is still wary of men and still Dangerously Attractive (Harlequin Intrigue finds it difficult to go out alone but when Clarissa sullenly refuses to accompany her on her visits to the children s home any longer Bella screws up her courage and makes the journey by herself Unfortunately however herirst solo Mistress foray ends badly when she is crossing the town suare and courtesy of a cartload of spilled vegetables sprains her ankle In spite of her protests sheinds herself carried to the nearby surgery of the handsome Dr Warriner by the handsome doctor himself no less who swiftly ascertains that her sprain is nothing worseTheir conversation is stilted and Joe is once again irritated by Bella s rudeness but when he pays a visit to check on her a couple of days later he begins to think that perhaps she s not rude but shy and after she returns to her work in the infirmary he is surprised to discover that she reads medical journals and is knowledgeable about current treatments and medical matters in general Increasingly impressed by Bella s keen mind and her capacity to learn new skills and apply them Joe offers to teach her as much as he can Women at this period in time were not permitted to become doctors and young ladies of Isabella s status were not expected to undertake work of any sort but she clearly has a talent Cinderella Story Part 2 (36 Hours) for healing and it would be a shame to let it go to waste For Bella working at the infirmary has become a life line of sorts and with each passing day she begins toeel and like her old selfJoe is increasingly drawn to Bella and she to him although she is still skittish around him and Joe A Ranchers Redemption finds it difficult to reconcile her sudden and inexplicable retreatsrom him with the compassionate approachable young woman he is beginning to see and often Bella is both surprised and relieved to discover that the ability to A Doctor, a Nurse, a Christmas Baby feel attraction and desire weren t taken awayrom her but while she recognises the need to conuer her A Mother in the Making fear of physical intimacy she isn t sure if she canI am always a little apprehensive when I read that a character in a book has suffered a horrible trauma because sometimes characters are SO damaged in order to create drama that it s hard to believe they can recover during the span of the book Here however I m happy to say that Ms Heath has done a splendid job with Isabella whose thought processes make perfect sense Herears are understandable as is her impatience with herself and her worries that if she doesn t get back to normal soon she will be subjected to horrible and invasive treatments Bella knows that the answers lie within herself and that she s the only one who can break down the walls of self protection she built up after the attack She has begun the process through her work at the infirmary and with each new experience and with the benefit of Joe s unwavering support and belief in her we witness Bella taking back her self a little bit at a timeAnother thing that impressed me about the story is the amount of research Ms Heath must have done into the medical practices and extent of medical knowledge of the time These aspects are very skilfully and subtly integrated into the storyline without making the reader Her Kind Of Cowboy feel as though they are being subjected to a lesson or pushing the romance aside Joe and Isabella are clearly dedicated medical practitioners and not just characters in a book who pick up a stethoscope now and againIn A Warriner to Tempt Her Virginia Heath has created a gorgeous slow burn romance two attractive likeable protagonists and an absorbing storyline infused with lots of interesting historical detail It s not necessary to have read the earlier books in order to enjoy this one but I d recommend them all especially as one thoroughly unpleasant recurring characterinally gets his comeuppance here and am eagerly awaiting the inal book Jake s story in the coming month. Ck and needy pushes her closer to a man than she’s ever been before Is this man worth trusting with her deepest of desir.

Ht being out of London may help Bella over her ear and shyness with men caused by an incident in London Bella works at the Through the Language Glass foundling home two days a week reading to the children and helping in the infirmary Bella is very interested in medicine and reads medical books but women can t be doctors While Joe was attending a difficult birth Bella tended a sick child at theoundling home Joe discovered her later that night still sitting with the child whose ever was down thanks to her He was very impressed and later gave her a stethoscope She was thrilled When smallpox was ound in a nearby town Joe sent his brother Jake to buy cowpox vaccine Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, from Dr Jenner the inventor of the vaccine Of course the older doctor thinks vaccinations are a waste of time and dangerous Bella volunteers to receive theirst vaccine and she has the best answers You Are Not A Gadget for the uestions thrown at her Then the older doctor did something despicable I won t spoil the rest of this heart wrenching wonderful book And there is a lot than I ve mentioned Each brother s book in this series can be read on its own But if you missed theirst two this one is not out until January I highly recommend this series and this author I ve given this an A at AAR so that s 45 stars rounded up Shall we take a moment or three to appreciate that cover sighIn the three years or so that she s been a published author Virginia Heath has gone Sanctuary from strength to strength having produced coming upor ten novels all of which I ve read enjoyed and rated highly A Warriner to Tempt Her the third book in her Wild Warriners series takes place around Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, five years after the events of A Warriner to Rescue Her and in it weind Joseph the third of the Warriner brothers ualified as a doctor and working in Retford not too ar rom the One Part Woman family homeReaders of the previous books in the series will recall that the brothers the eldest of whom is the Earl of Markham haven t had an easy time of it Thanks to theirather and grandfather who ran up debts drank gambled and chased skirt to excess the current generation while nothing like their debauched Stranger forebears has been very much tarred with the same brush and the locals are wary and keep their distance In spite of theamily s tarnished name however Joe is kept busy treating Retford s less well off denizens the ones who can t afford the services of the pompous and old Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis fashioned Dr Bentley Joe isorward thinking dedicated hard working and a bit of a romantic at heart he is nursing a crush on the beautiful Lady Clarissa Beaumont eldest daughter of the Earl of Braxton even though he knows he has no chance with her whatsoever and has to content himself with worshipping her rom afarClarissa is an Incomparable whose blonde curls and sparkling blue eyes ensure she is ted wherever she goes but her sister Lady Isabella is a different matter entirely Just as lovely but dark where Clarissa is The English Spy (Gabriel Allon, fair Isabella is a bit of an enigma and in spite of himself Joe is intrigued They have crossed paths occasionally at the children s home run by the Countess of Markham Joe s sister in law where Isabella volunteers in the infirmary but Joeinds her awkward standoffish and sometimes outright rudeIsabella is really none of those things but a violent assault she suffered around a year earlier has left her much changed The physical scars have long since To See Paris and Die faded but the mental ones are ever present and she hates that her memories of that night have turned her into someone she doesn t recognise as Isabella Beaumont Heramily did what they thought was best Out of China for her and she was subjected to the sort of remedy that was believed at the time to be efficacious in the treatment of mental imbalance such as being strapped to a chair and doused with icy water but when that didn t work there s a surprise she asked heramily remove Mary Tudor from Londonor a time hoping that a change of scenery would help her to move on and As Aventuras de Hornblower (Saga Hornblower find her true self againAnd she doeseel that little by little she s moving The Accidental Tourist forward For. Ound and let her sister get all the attentionrom handsome suitors However working with Dr Joseph Warriner to help the si.

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