Toni Mozzie: My Dirty Janitor Book 4

Er felt inside herBut he stops just before she comes Instead she is made to rush ff in hopes f finding her janitor waiting for her somewhere else Are these janitors playing a game with her teasing her humiliating her Are they part f some clit worshiping.

The fourth installment in the thrilling saga Love! Valour! Compassion! of the pussy hungry janitorsGinny smitten with the janitor who had eaten herut Book 1 Chinned sets Scream out to find the man who haunts her crotch Instead she meetsne f his friends with the longest tongue she'd ev.

Cult And if they are why does this make her wetThis 8200 word long story made short contains explicit sexual scenes f sloppy cunnilingusThis book contains scenes f ral sex public sex bedience rimming peeing submission and dominanceFor mature audiences

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SUMMARY My Dirty Janitor Book 4

Toni Mozzie has been writing mystery romance and erotica for over twenty years while traveling to exotic locations such as Thailand Vietnam South Korea Italy and Brazil