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The switch back and forth from 1st person POV with Philly and then 3rd person within the chapters totally threw me offThe book itself was ood and I liked the supporting characters a lot but I definitely struggled etting through it Le do en Junio 201425 estrellasM s o menos The only reason this. Corfu's exotic beaches are a matchless place to meet true loveor at least to have a fabulous fling And that's exactly what Philly Angelis needs After all she's a survivor of unreuited loveand an embarrassingly rejected sexual proposition Flee.

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E It seemed to drag in some places as well I don t know It had the potential to be Spoilers Turned into of a mystery with stolen jewels and a cave Love brother s best friend he felt like she was a little sister too young My first time reading Cara Summers and I really enjoyed it This book was HOT. Off So why is he following her to Corfu And why is he taking her outrageously delicious sexual proposition seriously Maybe because Philly's all woman now a woman who knows exactly what she wants And God help him Roman's oing to ive it to

Read ot 2 stars was the sexual chemistry between the main characters the whole psychic I need to talk to the cat premise seemed endless as well as the mystery needing to be solvedI was completely bored Could not et past the fact that she talked to animals The psychic cat thing didn t do it for Ing to Greece to soak in its sexy magic as well as to find a hot uy to take her mind off her longtime crush Roman Oliver seems the perfect antidoteRoman can't believe what he's doing Philly is his best friend's little sister definitely hands.

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Carolyn Fulgenzi was born on 28 July 1940 in Detroit Michigan USA daughter of Janet McLaughlin and Andrew Fulgenzi She graduated from Dominican High School in Detroit and completed her undergraduate education at Catholic University of America in Washington DC She continued her studies attending Syracuse University receiving her Master’s in English Education After retiring as a teacher wit