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India s most fearless A ReviewAfter Operation Jinnah this is Shiv Aroor s 2nd book again in the background of Armed forces and 1st in non fiction category which he co authored with another fellow journalist cum author Rahul Singh As the name suggests the book is about some of the most daring and fearless operations involving our armed forces ArmyNavyAirforce all 3 included and the authors made no mistake in choosing this title as no title would be so apt for a book with such awe inspiring experiences The Indian armed forces always stood as an epitome of courage selflessness patriotism and nation above all philosophy and each of the 14 heroes whose stories the authors covered in this book are a best example to this Beginning with the daring Surgical Strikes which the Special Forces did WHY IS THIS BOOK DIFFERENTHow do you review a book that is centered on true stories of bravery courage sacrifice of the people we have entrusted with protecting us You certainly cant analyse the content not beyond a point civilians don t have the depth perception and understanding domain expertise to pass judgement In that light I make no comment whatsoever on the content I am not ualified The uestion this review tries to answer is why should a reader read this book what value it adds and what extra does it possess What is it that makes this different I have raised one such point aboveThe next point in this book is the coverage of the Air and Naval wings helps us appreciate the nature and context of these wings a subject which we aren t too aware of for various reasons The difficulties of mounting operations in these wings and the hardships and challenges they face in the conduct of their activities the level of mental acuity uick response and agility reuired and the aspect of physical toughness reuired for even a sailer or a pilot is brought out well enough in these stories You are left in admiration at all these ualities displayed by each officer in uestion in the stories and how they saved the situation under the most trying of circumstances Yemen evacuation or be it near crashesTHE ARMYComing to the Army what can I say when I am reading the true and full story of a couple of events that are still fresh in memory the two Surgical Strikes in Myanmar and Pakistan in the past 2 years Here you will find their stories but there is Oh much much and it isn t all about war and fighting As we saw above here too we see stories that help us understand what makes a soldier a soldier and that it isn t war alone that carries risks or reuires toughness This is the book that will drive home the hard point that our Armed Forces are reuired to be tough every day every night 247365 Try doing that on your job any job Is this true Being an Army Colonel s Son I know that for a fact If you believe toughness and hardship is only in battle read this bookRead More The day I ot to know about this book I knew I had to read it ASAP Such books are very rare in India and I was hoping for a De Brandende Brug (De Grijze Jager, good readThe book is an absolute delight I had various A brilliant composition and collection of stories There was not a single one which didn tive me Humanizing Big Data goosebumps The narration of the book and effective writing is what made the stories appealingThis book is my first in which I made Alexa read it out to me which helped me visualize it better than what I could haveI still believe there are than 14 such stories and they deserve to be covered in another edition of this book may be 1010My Favorite Book Of The YearAuthor is the Senior Editor at India today and a world renowned journalist and Founder of Livefist he has won multiple awards in journalism This book is about 14 stories of India s bravest Officers and soldiers from The Army Navy and Air Force India shares borders with 2 enemies in the north On the north west is Pakistan who regularly send terrorists into Kashmir and we also share border with Chinese occupied Tibet Both these countries have constantly tried to capture Kashmir but to no avail Indian soldiers rarelyet any time for rest because of terrorists trying to infiltrate from both sidesWhile protecting this reat nation many sacrificed their lives They died so that we could liveThe stories that inspired me the most were those of Lance Naik Moha. The Army major who led the legendary September 2016 surgical strikes on terror launch pads across the LoC; a soldier who killed 11 terrorists in 10 days; a Navy officer who sailed into a treacherous port to resc.

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Tizens trapped in war torn Yemen trying to survive certain death due to technical litches or even fighting the elements of nature Some made the supreme sacrifice in the service of the nation leaving behind Scoring Points grieving families and colleagues As one CO wrote to a martyr s wife Grief will fade away and when it sone only one thing will remain pride Along with the stories I also enjoyed reading the introduction by the authors and the foreword by General Bipin Rawat Chief of the Army Staff of the Indian ArmyThe introduction raises some relevant points which sheds light on the irony and hypocrisy that surrounds the narrative around the Indian Armed Forces Whenever a soldier dies in the line of duty we Life Is Unfair (Malcolm in the Middle, get some TV or newspaper coverage around the event people would eulogize the martyrs on social media and the average citizen would feel very patriotic Then the social media activists or warriors would come online and we have a war between pro army and anti army people Then everything is forgotten and we move on with our lives The fact is that our actors sports stars politicians and even reality TV people enjoy coverage and recall than our soldiersThe authors also state that theodlike portrayal of the soldiers in the media I would say that our movies have reater responsibility for this we tend to forget that they are human beings too with everyday responsibilities repaying home loan installments taking care of aged parents resolving a tiff with a irlfriend and so onThe best point raised by the authors in the introduction The truth is that India remains constantly at war something we seldom rememberThe foreword by Gen Rawat which includes poetry by Rabindranath Tagore and a uote by Gandhiji was also The Billionaires New Assistant (The New Dominators, good to readI am notoing into the individual stories but will add that they are well written and easy to read The book is only 270 odd pages long and can be read uite uickly The stories also feature the cross border surgical strikes executed by the Indian Special Forces and the story of Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad the man who survived six days under than 25 feet of snow at temperature of 40 oC Unfortunately he passed away later in hospitalI appreciate that the authors also portrayed the human side of the soldiers Col Santosh Yashwant Mahadik was a visionary who tried to bridge the Witch, Cat, and Cobb gap between the army and the Kashmiris through various social initiatives and such was his rapport with some of the latter that even local politicians were concerned Havildar Hangpan Dada was a pastor in his unit church and was an avid snake keeper Lance Naik Mohan Nath Goswami was a kind man who helped the needy and was in the process of building a bigger house for his family Major Varadaranajan used to say that the toughest battle of his life was making his parents agree to his marriage to a woman from a different community the listoes on The authors tried to bring out the emotions but kept melodrama at bayI would also say that the families of the soldiers are heroes in their own right Not only do they live with constant fear they also have to live with the Quinn (Wyoming Sky, grief of losing their loved ones Major Varadarajan s daughter hides her late father s pictures so that her mother andrandparents don t feel sad But some carry on with the tradition Col Mahadik s wife joined the army as an officer Lance Hanamanthappa s wife wants their daughter to join the forces and there are numerous other families where children continue the tradition of national service just like their parents An average book of average stories full of emotions and lacks actionWhat I didn t likeThe first chapter on surgical strike had too much of background and context setting but too little details on actual executionThe rescue mission from war zone without firing even a single shot and even by taking permission to dock the ship for 4 hours I have read real missions performed by other country to rescue hundred thous Every Indian needs to read this book In this book are tales of amazing bravery and also empathy In a troubled neighbourhood the Indian armed forces stand apart with their professionalism which few can match While many of the stories in the book are those that captured the imagination of the people when they occurred the book does add considerable new Most Fearless covers fourteen true stories of extraordinary courage and fearlessness providing a The Princes Bride glimpse into the kind of heroism our soldiers display in unthinkably hostile conditions and underrave provocati.

N Nath Goswami and Havildar Hangpan Dada Lance Naik Mohan Nath Goswami had only one impulse stronger than killing terrorists it was his need to make sure he evacuated a comrade injured in an encounter He died while killing 2 terrorists AND protecting his soldiers at the same time He died on his own terms with a smile on his face doing what he loved the most His sacrifice shall be forever remembered by this nation He was posthumously awarded with The Ashok Chakra India s highest decoration for A Cinderella Christmas Carol (Suddenly Cinderella, gallantry in peacetime Havildar Hangpan Dada killed 3 terrorists single handedly in an encounter and injured onewho was captured other soldiers later Even the toughest of men take cover in a firefight but he didn t do so He fought like a man possessed and killed 3 terrorists them His mindset is what helped him to stay dedicated and fight the terrorists from Pakistan He was posthumously awarded with The Ashok ChakraThese stories of our brave warriors will inspire the nexteneration of soldiers for decades to come The author rightly said Ever Officer is a Soldier and Every Soldier is a Leader To say that this book only My Fair Temptress (Governess Brides, gave meoosebumps would be an understatement since this book clearly did much than that Jai Hind Most stories of the armed forces come up during Republic Day when media finally takes off its attention from steamy news and play its patriotic card These news are melodramatic full of tears and chest beating episode but never about the actual event When the parade closes the curtains come down The story remains untold unread and un The Magic Talisman (A Rick Brant Science Adventure Series, googled It does come up right after an event though but than coveringround reality newsrooms throng with all sorts of people trying to be heard or shouting an opinion The concentration from the one who lost his life shifts to the policies the rules the regulations the L. M. Montgomery governance but hardly on the team the buddy pair and the officers that were on theroundShiv Aroor and Rahul Singh s India s Most Fearless are the stories we left behind in the Republic Day parade of the cold January morning because it has never affected one s personal lives The book Splitting Seconds (Songbird Series gives us an encounter of what actually happened onround Who knew what went behind the surgical strike or the last minute details that was planned but had to be changed What is most interesting about the stories is that one can t stop noticing how each member of the armed forces stand up for each other fight every odds and work as a team The stories are crisp and not romanticized you don t hear pianos and violins playing in the background but you hear The Snatching of Bookie Bob and Other Stories gunshots and blasts That s how real itets What are also captivating are the conditions in which they stay so far away from civilization in crazy weather conditionsIn short it s a Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins: Delivering software at scale 1, Rafal Leszko, eBook - great book toet a uick Three Brave Women glimpse about the people who are safeguarding our countryMy take The book is well crafted However inspite of best efforts by the author to bring the stories of raw courage and unflinching conviction towards duty these stories are just a drop in the ocean of huge personal sacrifices made by Indian Armed Forces in upholding the sovereignty of India Many stories will still remain untold and unheard While the successes in battles and wars will continue to be celebrated and remembered during Independence and Republic days but the stories of individual courage will be forgotten and will find no mention except for war diaries of the units and obituariesI fear to pick up a book by an Indian author I dread the language and the effort one puts on making it into a Bollywood movie What works for me is that the book is a page turner I m neither carried away by complicated vocabulary nor blinded by over emotional story of how the jawan said Jai Hind in his last breath The book may not represent what really happens onround in its entirety but is a ood induction to some of the operations that we heard aboutRecommended for all especially to those who are so dead against the army Read it like a novel and make judgments laterdwi chekla The book features fourteen true stories of extraordinary courage and fearlessness displayed by the Indian armed forces as they discharge their duties whether eliminating threats to the Indian sovereignty on Indian or foreign soil rescuing Indian and foreign ci. Ue hundreds from an exploding war; a bleeding Air Force pilot who found himself flying a jet that had become a screaming fireball Their own accounts or of those who were with them in their final momentsIndia’s.

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Shiv Aroor is an editor and anchor with India Today television with over a decade’s experience covering the Indian military He has reported from conflict zones that include Kashmir India’s North east Sri Lanka and Libya For the latter he won two awards for war reporting Aroor also runs the popular award winning military news and analysis site Livefist on which he freuently tells the stori