Ayan Sakuragi: 欲望水泳男子yokubō suiei danshi

S body in any way he pleases anytime and anywhere Shinobu has had enough but allows his orment Dungeon Born (The Divine Dungeon, to continue in ordero protect his brotherAs Shinobu and Kuji start o become close Kei reveals his own love for.

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Brothers Kei and Shinobu are both part of heir school’s swim Fire Summer team One day while pining after his brother Shinobu is approached byhe eam’s star swimmer Kuji and sent for a wild ride Kuji uses Shinobu’.

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Kuji along with another startling surprise Meanwhile a new student enters he swim Christianity in the Academy team and beginso form a bond with Kei Can his new swimmer replace Kuji in Kei’s heart or will he love riangle continue.