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Oo asily taken in by her sister Rhianon was too good to be true and Serena too bad The characters didn t feel real The beginning of this book was slow and I began to skim read at one point I almost gave up But then it moved on a bit and gave way to a decent tale However the character of Sabrina annoyed me intensely from start to finish Didn t really get into first chapter probably because I READ TOO MANY BOOKS and the last one was still buzzing around in my head However by Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) end of chapter 2 I was hooked Rhianon s sister Sabrina is a totally spoiled manipulative horrible bitch and suitably hateful andverything that subseuently happens is ntirely her fault Enough said. In sualid lodgings in the poorest part of Cardiff When Davyn is born Sabrina will have nothing to do with him and kind hearted Rhianon looks after the little boy patiently awaiting Pryce's releaseBut when Pryce is finally set free he brings with him secrets that will devastate them al.

Love reading books set in Wales my birthplace A lovely book very njoyable I find that always when reading a book by Rosie Harris I seem to be berating her main character all the way through the book and this frustates me Rosie s main woman characters are usually weak minded and Threads Of The Shroud easily walked over and sooo naive Rhiannan was no different Rhiannan and her younger sister Sabrina lost their mother when they were young and it was left to Rhiannan to be mother to Sabrina as well as cook and cleaner to the household Her father was a bigot typical of so many religious people in my findings anyway not very charitable fair or forgi Lovely read fantastic authorasy reading Two. Two sisters One man One moment that will change all their lives foreverLiving in the shadow of their domineering father Rhianon and Sabrina Webster plan two very different futures Edwin dotes on his youngest daughter beautiful flighty Sabrina but it is homely steady Rhianon who holds.

Sisters who lived with the father were uite different Rhianon did all the work around the house and was taken for granted and blamed when anything went wrong Serena was the pretty one who got All Seated on the Ground everything she wanted and thereforexpected Untitled. everyone to fall in with her whimsWhen Serenagged on her boyfriend and Rhianon s to fight Serena s boyfriend was hurt badly and ventually died Rhianon s boyfriend went to jail but not before having a passionate moment with Serena and fathering a child Rhianon took the child in to look after and Serena went back to her flirty ways while Pryce was in jailThis story dragged a bit and Rhianon despite being described as intelligent seemed Their little family together Until one fateful day when Pryce Pritchard the man Rhianon loves gets into a fight and all their worlds are thrown into turmoil Pryce is arrested and Sabrina disappearsMonths later Rhianon chances upon her sister and is shocked to find her pregnant living.

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Rosie Harris was born in Cardiff and for several years worked in the City Hall Her husband Ken was from Wallasey and after they married they lived on Merseyside for many yearsShe has been writing since the 1950’s In the 1960’s she ran her own agency Regional Feature Service writing articles for most of the provincial newspapersDuring the 70’s she became Editorial Controller for a non ficti