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Meh guy goes on existential uest being a jerk to most of his friends all to end up making the wrong decision and lose depressing to read great art felt for the side characters than the main one I very much enjoy Max s works I was impressed in the The Princess and the Three Knights past with The Extended Dream of Mr D and Bard n the Superrealist and Vapor certainly follows in tone and scope It s surrealhilosophical and artfully rendered in a minimal style We re discussing this book on the Jan 28th episode of The Comics Alternative A version of this review was The Beauty of Believing published in German in the Swiss comics journal STRAPAZINThirty or so years into his rich androductive career the Catalan cartoonist and illustrator Max has surely cemented his Sticky Church place in the Pantheon of great comic artists theost Forbidden Love Unchained punk master of Ligne Claire Ligno Claro has evolved into a marvelous and sympathetic genius of funny wise andoignant surrealism Max does not Witches of the Deep South publish freuently A new book comes around every seven or eight years and he appears to release them when he s ready to do so heedless of the demands of the market or hisublish. Vapor um eremita exilado num estranho deserto bastante freuentado enfrenta a tentação sobre as mais diversas formas numa história surrealista entre o minimalismo e o género fant?.

Ers The Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) publication of VAPOR late last year is then cause for celebration It s a delightfu 35 stars Maybe I m not deep enough to appreciate it but this book seemed like it was trying a little too hard to mean something It all just felt like noise to me A very strange book abstract My favoriteart is when Nick s shadow abandons him both the art and the dialogue are very thought Christianity provoking This is a book that is bothhilosophical and surreal about a cartoony character with a big nose named Nicodemos who goes into the desert to find himself and encounters a sort of mysterious entity Vapor who may be good for him or not Sometimes spacey sometimes silly decidedly allegorical its style he says owes much to the work of a certain Herbert Crowley who drew a comic strip in 1910 in the New York Daily Herald called The Wiggle Much Lots of white space cartoony characters in that sort of iconic tradition there s a cat named Moises who might remind one of the Katzenjammer kids type comics from the thirties so there s this simple aesthetic and this nostalgic feel for old comics like. ?stico marcada or um humor deliranteCriador de Peter Punk editor da revista Nosotros Somos los Mortos um dos nomes maiores da revista El Vibora e colaborador freuente da revista New.

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Able feel not very memorable story Fabulous So bizarre and ensive yet thoroughly entertaining like wondering about the vacuums around the lives of characters in vintage cartoons when you are a kid and they re created by adults It took my brain out of my head a little and danced with it And I want things that I read to do the same Also hugely indebted to Max for mentioning Herbert Crowley I have been meaning to check him out since watching the Toynbee Tiles documentary and completely forgot Now I m back on the mission to get a monography it exists but too damn expensive Unfortunately a very disappointing read which tries to dwell into deep uestions in a very shallow manner While it is obvious that the book has no claim for any sort of answers it actually also doesn t have any uestions it s like a confused teen s whims who had just come across a book about mysticism and read just the back coverBut the art is very good therefore would be worth to look at the Alice-Miranda at Camp pages while skipping the lines Not much story Great bw clean line drawing References to other comix artists abound. Yorker o catalão Max na sua fúria contra o mundo e no seu carinhoela arte dos comics criou um heroísmo erfeito; tão absurdo ue dói no nervo exacto onde a arte se deve sentir.

Spanish underground comic artist real name Francesc Capdevila