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Me mistakes which go against the grain with her This was a pretty hot somewhat angsty ead and once I eally got into the heart of the story I felt invested in the characters and eally wanted them to fight hard for their HEA This is the 2nd book in this series and I loved it then the first I completely fell in love with these characters I devoured this on one Sunday afternoon once you start you won t want to put it down Oh how I loved Brooks he was so sweet he hasn t had a elationship since he was 17 simply concentrating on his daughter and his gym He never got over his lost first and only love That is until he meets Izzy She is everything Brooks despises she s a privileged and pampered princess She is used to getting what she wantsI loved watching the sparring between Brooks and Izzy at the beginning they are both opposites and trying to prove themselves I loved how they challenged each other It certainly made me laugh out loud and their chemistry was hot and intense Can they survive their obstacles open up and let each other inCan t wait to see what Laura brings us next ARC eceived in exchange for an honest eview from the Author Playing to Win by Laura Carter a five star ead that will leave you with a winning feeling This is the second book in the Brits in Manhattan series but I haven t ead the first and didn t need to have to get this story I will how ever be going back to ead it before the next book in the series is eleased as I may have just found another fave author Her writing is great it shows a talent that you don t often see Brooks Adams isn t your typical broodish bad boy filled with tattoos he has spent the last 18 years of his life trying to be someone prove to everyone he is worth believing in his Gym is a major success but does he see that himself Izzy Coulthard is seen as the ditzy spoilt ich girl but with her Salsa Yourself Slim she has a plan she just needs people to believe in her When neither of them believe each other s gym plans work a challenge is set Cue some hilarious circumstances and some great enemies to lovers scenes including some that will warm your heart Overall this is a great story and you won t want to put it down once you pick it up. There’s much to Brooks than that incredible body And a competition that’s got their hearts acingSoon Izzy and Brooks are finding all kinds of creative ways to work up a sweat A passionate workout is easy but can their ivalry give way to a lasting partnershi.

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Well what a ide that wasA brilliant addition to the Brits in Manhattan series I love the writing style of Laura Carter it s so easy to follow and it flows eally well Playing to Win follows the lives of Brooks the gorgeous tattooed gym owner and Izzy the English writer and personal trainer trying to escape her parents disapproval of career choice As soon as these two meet the sparks fly there s instant chemistry and they don t even ealise it The introduction of Brooks daughter Cady was great her free spirited personality brought out the best in Brooks and it gave me a better understanding of his character and why he sometimes behaved the way he did In the beginning I didn t eally like Izzy I thought she was going to be a little too high maintenance for my liking but as I got further into the story the eal Izzy appeared and she became a great character to ead Even though there was a little bit of drama and emotion in the story it wasn t over the top It was very ealistic something that could be an issue for someone in eal life I thought it helped the story progress I laughed out loud so many time whilst eading this it was hilarious which I thought eally helped break up some of the emotion within the story Overall a fantastic ead I loved every second of it and would highly ecommend This is a first for me from this author and she did not disappoint I loved this both I enjoy eading about enemy ivals to lovers The banter is funny and efreshingBrooks is passionate about his gym and daughter cady He had his daughter young with his ex Alice and always wanted to be a family and never got over her and how she let her family make her choose her lifestyle of being wealthy and keeping her parents happy than a family with him and their daughter Izzy is a fitness trainer in salsa dancing and ecently wrote a book about it and clean eating and is on a book tour to promote Her family disapproves and wants her to get over this phase She comes from money and is struggling with doing what makes her happy and keeping her family happy and proud of her When Izzy and her publicist walk into Brooks gym they are shocked to find out he won t bow down and accommodate them He isn t a fan of A high intensity personal trainerThe secret to Brooks’ success as a Manhattan gym owner Being motivated to disprove everyone who doubted him long ago He’s not about to let a perky newcomer like Izzy tarnish his eputation Even if watching her lead a salsa clas.

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He privilegedBrooks and Izzy s first encounter is off to a ough start they both get under each other s skin because their opposites and are trying to prove themselves I loved when they challenged each other to try each other s plan for two weeks Can they survive Who will give up first I was laughing and yelling throughout this bookThere chemistry is hot and intense and they just need to open up and let each other in Can they survive their obstacles and figure out how to be happy and not care about what they think they should do A must ead and can t wait for I can t decide whether this woman is the best or the worst thing that s happened to me in a long timeIzzy Coulthard comes from a ich family She is desperate for success to prove herself to her parents and to be independent of them She s grown up under their thumb and has given up a lot of her dreams but this time she s determined to make it At whatever cost Fighting with her laughing with her even at her is the most awake I ve felt in eighteen yearsBrooks Adams comes from a humble background He uns a successful gym has many affluent clients and a mile long waiting list He has nothing eally left to prove but there are things in his life that keep him chained to the past It took me a few chapters to get into this novel but once I did it was amusing and eally sexy as well as heartwarming It isn t just me who gets hot under the collar This gorgeous infuriating sexy as hell woman wants me tooAt first Brooks and Izzy don t gel They get off to a bad start andkeep going from bad to worse They ub each other up in completely the wrong way in spite of the attraction between them They eally got under each other s skin in a good and a bad way LOL I eally liked Brooks he is hardworking a great father a good friend He also has a kind heart I felt sorry for him and how his personal life has panned out It seemed like he d been in limbo for such a long time and Izzy s presence in his life sparked him back to lifeI had to warm up to Izzy She came across as somewhat childish younger than her years However I felt for her when we learn what her parents are like Her keenness to succeed as well as a having a pushy PR leads her to making so. S on his premises is fuel for some very unprofessional fantasies His beautiful British ivalEvery time Izzy slams Brooks in her fitness blog her book sales soar But when their escalating media feud forces them to be up close and personal for two weeks she ealizes.

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