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Oes not and should not detract from the fact that this is a marvelous must read book Thank you to Edelweiss for my copy of this book DNF 24% I cannot stomach what is happening to the young girls in this book Mansplaining misogyny and metoo in the late 1800 sThe things change the they stay the sameRobin Oliveira s historical novel is a seuel of sorts to My Name is Mary Sutter and picks up about 15 years after the nd of the Civil War Note Winter Sisters can be read as a stand alone without any loss of contextFollowing a devastating blizzard two young girls are missing and presumed dead Months later the girls reappear Their aunt Dr Mary Stipp nee Sutter discovers they have Double Jeopardy experienced unspeakable trauma What follows is Oliveira s interpretation of how an investigation and court case might have been conducted in anra when the authority of female doctors wasn t taken seriously and the age of consent was 10 yes you read that correctly and it is historically accurateWhile the story is interesting in its own right Oliveira includes a few modern day references to nterain readers I will gladly hear what you have to say Dr Stipp but only after I speak to Emma I do not want to contaminate my impressions with yoursThey are not impressions They are factsThere are facts and then there are alternate factsThat is the most ridiculous thing I have ver heard anyone sayThat s but one Cezanne and Provence example so keep youryes peeled and Dark Voices enjoy4 starsThank you to NetGalley and Viking for a galley of this book inxchange for an honest revie. Ing at risk loves and lives in her uest to right unimaginable wrongs As contemporary as it is historic Winter Sisters is part gripping thriller part family saga and ultimately a story of trauma and resilience that Contested Reproduction explores the tremendous good and unspeakablevil of which humans are capab.

45 starsThis book takes place in Albany New York in 1879Emma and Claire are stuck at school during a blizzard They have to wait there for three days and the teacher finally let s the students go home when the blizzard is over There was so much snow Four feet of snow fell killing 400 people Their parents never pick I loved Mary Sutter when I read it and this picks up a little further along in time While it would be helpful to have read that one first I think it would be okay to read this without having done so It is 1879 in New York a massive snow storm hits causing many deaths and the strange disappearance of two young girls Mary and her husband were friends of their parents family connections and they search but the girls are not to be found What happens next is the stuff of nightmares the sexual abuse and rape of a young child a trial police corruption and the untold greed of manI started this and it started out with a bang the snowstorm and it s aftermath but then it lagged for uite a while thought of putting it aside but it took off again and this time I couldn t look away Had to find out if Emma and Claire ten and seven respectively would be okay Hard to read the abuse of a young girl and hard to believe the age of consent at that time was only ten Appalling is an understatement A man s world for sure but some women strong women like Mary thrived found men who loved them for their spirit and intelligence but too few In this book though there are some strong women characters and they were a joy to beho. Stunning Oliveira writes with feeling” The New York Times Book Review“An Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) engrossing story that feel utterly timely” People “The Best New Books” New York 1879 Anpic blizzard descends on Albany devastating the city When the snow finally settles two newly orphaned girls are mis.

Ld Good men too Jakob William loving men who put right before wrongUpon finishing I had to look to now and how much has changed but at the same time how little Crooked politicians corrupt police officers sexual harassment rape trials where woman are painted as being at fault where some lives still matter than others I do think that we are progressing but so slowly Another book that makes one think of times past and present One of the sisters slower reads but as always Creating Country Music enjoyed the thoughts this book generatedARC from Edelweiss The saga of Mary Sutter continues in this brilliant historical novel by Robin Oliveira Of course you absolutely do not have to read My Name is Mary Sutter to fall in love with her in this tale but it will help you to fully understand her strength and character Winter Sisters works fine as a stand alone novel In a harsh blizzard two sisters go missing Whileveryone in the small community believe them to be dead Dr Mary Sutter and her family never give up the search for the girls despite the loss of other family members Ultimately a horror is discovered the truth of what happened to girls and it breaks the town apart I won t reveal because it is the crux of the story but the courage of Mary Sutter and the women in her family shine as an xample for all women Oliveira has once again shown us the strength that we all possess and can muster when necessary I admit there were times that the book bogged down for me particularly in the very beginning which is why I have not rated it a 5 That Sing Determined not to give up hope Dr Mary Sutter a former Civil War surgeon searches for the two sisters When what happened to them is finally revealed Dr Sutter must fight the most powerful of Albany's citizens risking personal and public danger as she seeks to protect the fragile putt.

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Robin Oliveira grew up just outside Albany New York in Loudonville She holds a BA in Russian and studied at the Pushkin Language Institute in Moscow Russia She is also a Registered Nurse specializing in Critical Care and Bone Marrow Transplant She received an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts and is the fiction editor for the literary magazine upstreet and a former assis