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Ing a foster care child home for the holidays A pacifier was found in her purse and Mitch knowing for self preservation he had needed to stay one step ahead of her for over a decade Wondering what was going on in her diabolical mind another adventure and to find the secret she was holdingPlans that didn t happen for Charity as she had planned Would there be any extra surprises for them this Christmas A heart warming story of love families and dreams Good plot you will love Charity and Mitch I love the O Connor books I actually really just love Julie Lessman s books She s a wonderful author I m always thrilled to read about the O Connor family Charity and Mitch are such a fun couple It was good to get back into their world. Or children but if hope doesn’t disappoint will it be enough to find a precious bundle nder her tr.

Love Charity I am one of those who have grown to love Charity after wanting to slap her silly in book 1 This is such a good example of how to handle a deep desire when the answer seems to be no Highly recommended A really wonderful spin off of Charity and Mitch s story I loved the humor and emotions that came with itand it was super romantic too Charity s story was rounded Too Wild to Hold (Legendary Lovers up well she was a woman whose life challengeds to learn how to let go completely for God s will to work in sync with ours in our lives I will always love the O Connor family It is without doubt a sure five star novella Such a wonderful story of a Christmas miracle taking place inside the beloved O Connor family This time we get to read about one of She’s desperate for a baby He’s desperate for an empty nest Love is desperate to surprise them bo.

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Y favorite characters Charity and husband Mitch and how expanding their hearts expands their love A feel good story all around and a perfect read at Christmas It s always a joy to revisit the O Connor family at anytime They are my favorite fictional family and whenever I finish any of their stories long or short I always want I m glad Julie took the time to write the Christma Charity an ache over all the babies she had wantedHer cravings for Mitch chocolate and babies He wasn t for having any and she would love to adopt After coming to the Unwed Home and see the little ones again Her friend Emma that goes with her volunteering is adopting one will reveal it to friends after her birthday For Emma she will start plan 2 bring. Th With a husband dead set against adoption Charity O’Connor Dennehy has barely a whisper of hope