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This was a chilling atmospheric story set in a village and dense forests of rural Sweden It is ripping and creepy and there is a sinister feeling connecte Dark Pines is another overhyped debut of 2018 which proved disappointing lacking in the wow factor for me with its unconvincing attempt at capturing the magic of the Nordic Noir After an inauspicious start which takes too long for the story to take hold Will Dean s insipid deaf protagonist twenty six year old Tuva Moodyson fails to inspire and is steadfastly behind the curve in journalistic instinct failing to I Never Danced with an Eggplant (on a Streetcar Before) gain any real traction for the majority of the novel Added to that are pages of repetitive descriptions of travelling back and forth on the same stretch of road which is enclosed by the forest a perpetrator who is heavily signposted from theet Weaving Memory go and excessive plot twists into the close to make for an often frustrating read Twists only serve a purpose if they are believable and have a plausible motive to support them and in the case of Dark Pines some unlikely red herrings simply seems to extenuate the story and point the murders a handful of suspects who are fairame from the opening pagesTuva Moodyson has reluctantly returned to live in her native Sweden where her ailing mother is spending her final days resident in a nursing home and is the rip of a terminal illness Forced to pursue her career within a drivable commute to her mother Tuva works at the Gavrik Posten a community focused weekly publication with a circulation of six thousand and very little opportunity for the incisiv. An isolated Swedish town A deaf reporter terrified of nature A dense spruce forest overdue for harvest A pair of eyeless hunters found murdered in the woodsIt’s week one of the Swedish elk hunt and the

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E commentary of a creative and dynamic journalist With the elk hunt season in full swing the eyes of the isolated Swedish town seem firmly focused on the plentiful spoils of the dense Utgard forest until the tight knit community is shaken by a killer striking in their midst and an incident which ives rises to an increasing fragile silence With the victim having been mutilated and bearing the hallmarks of a series of three Medusa Murders which occurred in the early 1990 s the implications loom large with all of the locals reluctant to vocalise the fear that they could have have been sheltering a serial killer in plain sight for decades and in a town held together by a web of secrets the atmosphere uickly turns rather sinister When a second murder occurs that again takes the life of a middle aged male hunter employed by the pulping mill and having been shot in the torso and had his eyes removed the small town of Gavrik becomes a national media focus With the two man police force of Constable Thord Petterson and his superior Chief Bj rn Andersson overwhelmed and the town reluctant to part with their secrets Tuva spots an opportunity for a story With part time and veteran reporter Lars taking over the routine copy the half Nigerian editor of the Posten Lena Diana Ross in jeans and a fleece First Steps to Wealth gives protagonist Tuva Moodyson free reign to focus on the local implications of the story and how it is affecting their readershipThere are a comedy cast of utter oddballs living in the village of Mossen which is located closest to the forest from a retired army Ound ofunfire is everywhere When Tuva Moodyson investigates the story that could make her career she stumbles on a web of secrets that knit Gavrik town together Are the latest murders connected to the Me.

An turned animal rights campaigner and hoarder who lives in a caravan right through to two Norwegian troll carving sisters a Adventures in Fetishland ghostwriter and a very watchful taxi driver As Tuva introduces herself to an eclectic cast of villagers residents Dark Pines written by Will Dean is the first in the deaf journalist Tuva Moodyson series set in Sweden and was featured on the Sunday morning tv show The Zoe Ball Book Club After reading some rave reviews for this book and enjoying a lot of social media time I was really looking forward to reading it and was hoping and expecting a uniue and tense crime thriller However I found the main protagonist Tuva to be boring and the atmospheric setting to be over detailed which therefore came across as dull Sadly overall I found the premise This is a taut dark atmospheric crime noir set in a remote town Gavrik in Sweden Tuva Moodyson is a local reporter deaf since she was a child who moved here reluctantly after working in London She has settled in rural shitsville only because her mother is terminally ill expected only to live for a year Two people make life bearable for Tuva her half Nigerian editor Lena whom she admires and learns a lot from and Tammy her best friend and crucial support Surrounded by forests Gavrik is small everyone knows one another with a large number ofun owners and hunters teeming with insularity and prejudices Utgard forest is the biggest a dark eerie and menacing wood of dank pine trees wet soggy rotten cold permeated throughout with clouds of mosuitos and other bloodsucking insects with the Dusa killings twenty years ago Is someone following her Why take the eyes Tuva must face her demons and venture deep into the woods to stop the killer and write the story And then et the hell out of Gavri.

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Will Dean grew up in the East Midlands living in nine different villages before the age of eighteen He was a bookish daydreaming kid who found comfort in stories and nature and he still does After studying Law at the LSE and working in London he settled in rural Sweden He built a wooden house in a boggy clearing at the centre of a vast elk forest and it's from this base that he compulsiv