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Reaming that this only deserves four stars This book probably does deserve four stars But I loved reading it I was njoying myself the whole way through the book and I read for The Time It Never Rained enjoyment so that is reasonnough for a full five stars for meThough it was a fluffy and cute contemporary there were also some serious topics which were dealt with and I appreciated thatIt deals with cancer so than nearly any other book I ve read And the author has xperience She gets it and that definitely comes across in the bookIt also dealt with drug addiction This was very new for me I mean I knew that it happened but I didn t get it until now This book helped me understand so much what people will go through and I am so appreciative that this book went there and dealt with the topic What I did not appreciate was the insta love I say that I hate it all the time but if I m honest here I really don t mind if it s done well However in this book I did find it a bit jarring It didn t feel like love at first sight it was like love at third sight or something So not long nough for Childrens Phantasies either one to have a reason to likeach other but not like the destiny meet cute which I thought was a bit strange I also wasn t the biggest fan of Cason I feel like I could have liked her if I got to know of her personality arlier on I get that dancing is a big part of her life and that was something I really njoyed in this book but it is not the only The Soviet Union element to her character and I wish we got to know other stuff about her as well But overall the ship was so so so so so so CUTE and I was absolutely in love so though I can say these things now that I ve had a day to think about this book I was in love thentire time I was reading which is EXACTLY what I look for in a book so that was absolutely NAILEDOverall loved it highly recommend can t wait for a realease date 100% worth that cover Many thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a copy All opinions are my own buddy read with my OG buddy ready partner in crime lovely lady who i am a terrible influence on sara This is a story of Cason Martin and Davis Channing Their sickness brought them together as both of them are cancer survivors Besides cancer Cason also struggles with her shattered dream of being a ballerina and Davis stuggles with drug addiction I l When I was a teenager and reading Gods and Heroes every book I could get my hands on I was desperate for a girl that looked like me For a girl who had cancer and lived And it was really hard to come by So I wrote one Normally I like to start off my reviews with a uote from the book however we re going change things up a little bit today This uote is from the author s note at the verynd of this story and I would be 110% lying if I didn t ugly cry after reading this But really how powerful and amazing is thatI think it really says a lot about a book when you ve read it months ago and it still continues to blow you away and that s Science, Technology and Culture exactly what debut author Kati Gardner has done I read this book in March and I still can t seem to find the right words to talk about how important this story is I will admit that I did initially judge this book by it s cover because I mean how can you not It s absolutely beautiful But I was further sold on this book after reading the synopsis for two reasons The first was because I can t recallver reading a YA book that battles drug addiction The second was because the only other book I ve read that tackles cancer was TFIOS which I No Beast So Fierce enjoyedThis book was definitely character driven than anythinglse but I found myself rooting so hard for both Cason and Davis individually and together as a couple Cason has been hiding a leg injury in order to audition for a ballet theater telling herself it s just a strain until she can no longer put off her injury any and finds out it is something much worse In that one moment her perfect prima ballerina pink tutu world fell off its pointe She wasn t Cason Martin prima ballerina any She was Cason Martin number T7654908 cancer patient With her hopes and dreams shattered Cason struggles heavily with her new reality and falls into a deep depression Davis a former cancer patient is sentenced to 300 hours community service at the hospital wing he was once a patient in after getting caught and charged with an intent to distribute drugs Although Davis has been clean and sober for almost a year he does still struggle heavily throughout this story with his drug addiction specially on the harder days As horrible as it is to say that struggle is appreciated His drug addiction was not sugar coated as in he once did drugs but now isn t phased by them it s he did hard drugs and still battles it very day which is the reality of drug addictionIf you haven t put two and two together yet cancer patient community service in cancer wing of hospital Davis and Cason s worlds colliding together And although their reason for meeting is anything but happy they both seem to find healing and happiness in one another This did feature the dreaded insta love but I was able to see past it very uickly because this is so much than a love story It s a story about finding hope in the most unlikely places and character development like you wouldn t believe Speaking of character development you ve never seen it written so well when it comes to Cason s mom Natalie She s annoying nagging and unable to accept daughter s illness in the beginning but at the Last Chance Bride end Oh she wasverything I hoped for and I really had to hold back the big fat ugly tears for herThis is merely the tip of the iceberg of the story There s still so much to be Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy expected likex girlfriends coming around new friendships restraining orders surgeries AH MAZING disability rep visible and non visible and who knows Cason may Lawman Lover (Outlaws, even find a new passion in lifeAll in all you don t want to miss this because it s a book that will stick with you for a long time to come And this author deserves not only Cason s story to be told but her own as well so don t mind me while I go back to the author s note and continue bawling myyes outBlog Twitter Instagram 35 Getting to be brave City Girl in Training enough StarsAfter a lot of thought I think is important to leave a part of the author s note as the start of this review Some uotes that I loved will be at thend of it This touched me When I was a teenager and reading Mystery at Kittiwake Bay every book I could get my hands on I was desperate for a girl that looked like me For a girl who had cancer and lived And it was really hard to come by So I wrote one FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Disclaimer Copy provided by the publisher and NetGalley inxchange for an honest reviewBuddy reading this with my bad currently reading influence twin love I also kind of finished before her but whatever WARNING long review ahead First let me just bow to the designer of this cover because holy mother of covers my retinas are thanking her Also I don t have Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files experience with cancer but the author does and the content of this book is related to herxperienc. Hiding an injury and it's much worse than anyone imaginesDavis Channing understands all too well what it's like to give up control of your life He's survived cancer but his drug addiction nearly killed him Now he's been sober for seven months and njoying his community service at the.

I originally picked up this book because the main character was ballerina but this book is really so much than that I may have also picked this book up because of the GORGEOUS cover I really really njoyed this book It was so good I loved Davis he was so sweet and kind to Cason and I loved how he did so much at the hospital and how Davis was battling with an addiction and there was stuff going on in his life but he didn t let that knock him down Such a powerful character I really liked how Davis was able to get help and go to NA meetings throughout this book and fight his addiction it really shows that you can get through something like that and that you can get help I loved thatThe story was really good I liked how it wasn t a super depressing cancer book but it was fun I really liked how she overcame some of her challenges and didn t let the fact that she lost a leg stop hersuch a heart warning read I will definitely be checking out of her booksI could gush on and on about this book but I ll stop for your sake and for mine The only thing that was kind of a struggle for me was Cason s name I kept wanting to say Carson And the instant love was kind of cliue but the rest of the book made up for it I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a good book Overall 475 stars Rating 35 Thank you to NetGalley the ARC in xchange for an honest reviewThis story is about Cason and Davis Cason is the youngest ballerina in the Atlanta Ballet Conservatory But her life is turned a 360 degree when she gets diagnosed with Bone Cancer Davis has survived cancer but his drug addiction nearly killed him Now 7 months sober sentenced to do community service on the cancer ward where he was treated his life collides with Cason where she is also being treatedThe title of this book fits this story so well This book is so bloody positive through and through Being BRAVE is the theme throughout both Cason s and Davis s arc Things i liked Cason s Journey I uite An Italian Education enjoyed her arc The journey from shock to acceptance and moving on to some level Davis struggle The representation and the struggle of a former addict and all the temptation he faced all around and how real it was How there were noxtra over the top villains this was one of my favorite thing about this book It didn t had to make things and Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code eventsxtra like a soap opera Like people asked for help and were able to maintain strength through out Like no bad guys got away with being shit ass All the help that was around when it was needed i loved that their were so many people around to help all the support groups It was just so positive and Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, empowering that yes you can do this And so many people are yes indeed around you rooting for you The representation of the disabled and sick Their are so many diverse and disable and recovering people in this book And all their view struggles are discussed Addiction Talk This book dealsxtensively with addiction i found it so positive It has like such a big message that YES HELP IS HERE FOR YOU I loved that and their were support groups and the NA meeting And how the parents doctors and friends around were so supportive and helpful Authenticity Since this book draws from the authors own Daddy Wanted experience with cancer This felt real and genuine Side Supporting Characters Each one of the side characters were so different fun diverse and supportiveThings i didn t like The insta love I am so sad about this tbh It had so much potential sigh like so bloody much But they ruined it The like so instantly fall together ugh it could have worked so well if it didn t just happen in an instant I mean she doesn tven know him other than his name from school when they meet and BAAM they Forbidden Stranger end up together Camp The camp is mentioned like 3948348 times through out the book and in thend we just get glimpse of like two to three Snowy River Man events notven day The mom Oh she start as such villain and a bitch but than she out of nowhere get a conscience Lack of back story for The story starts with the feeling that Davis knows of Cason and maybe kinda likes her But we never get why and how he knew her from school Overall this book is filled with a nice positive and authentic representation of cancer patients survivors and addiction You should definitely pick it up for that alone Ps The struggle was real with Cason s name through out this review xD The amount times i wrote Canson and Canon was to darn high i got approved for it on net galley I MEAN WOW Now i get why people freak about net galley approvals This was such a deep beautiful story about Cancer and Drug addiction and Love the book was so well written and the plot was so realistic I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher North Star Editions in Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze exchange for my honest review Your smile is one of my favorite things And not just on you like it s one of my favorite things in this world After finishing this novel I mainly have positive things to say I love the setting of the story I always have been interested in hospital storylines I reallynjoyed how much the characters developed over the length of the story And I didn t hate any of the characters besides Natalie for about half of the book For me Brave Enough was very fast paced and a novel I was able to dive deep into immediately which I lovedThe problem areas for me though are I felt like the plot fell a little short after half of the story Too much happened to soon so much that I remember looking at the page I was on thinking Oh dang if it s like this half way through something Les brumes d'avalon : roman even better must be coming To me nothinglse was very interesting besides the Malakai (Wicked Games, ending life decisions forach character One other thing that irked me was how Cason talks about dancing I understand she is passionate and devastated over the loss of her true love but the way she was CONSTANTLY talking about herself dancing with perfect this and perfect that bothered me because I felt like she was one of those snobby performers you see at conventions and competitions yes I am a dancer of 18 years so it probably didn t bother most people I also would have liked to see of how Cason and Davis get to this point of liking The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone each other rather then them seeingach other once and being like OOO I like that person Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, even though they didn t know who the other was I give this story 35 stars because it was a cute uick read that I was having fun with while reading I also really loved how caring Davis wasven though he was dealing with his own problems he was always right at Cason s bedside when she need a friend Definitely recommend this one Check out the full review on my blogwwwsavedbythebookcom If you ve The Family Plan ever seen any of my status updates you will know that I am an absolute sucker for judging books by their covers and this was noxception As soon as I saw this on Netgalley I knew I needed it I think I ven reuested it without reading the description if I m honest here But DAMN The story definitely lives up to that beautiful cover A super cute readA part of me is sc. Teenager Cason Martin is the youngest ballerina in the Atlanta Ballet Conservatory She never really had a choice of whether she learned to dance or not Her mother the conservatory's artistic director has made all the decisions in Cason's life But that's about to change Cason has been.

Es with the illness Until that moment she hadn t really believed kids got cancer She d always thought it was a plot device If you feel this uote resonates with you meaning you are tired of authors using cancer just as a plot device this is a book you want to read From the start we know we are following two characters who have a connection with this illness and we literally immerse in what happens when you have cancer How is it to that becoming your new reality or have already battled with it but it is still part of your veryday life I did want to love this because the concept was just too good and that cover Sadly couldn t love it wholeheartedly It was very lacking in some aspects The main characters We follow Carson and Davis as our main characters I really loved both of them I was amazed by their lives and the fight they had to undergo A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity every day Just imagine being Carson a ballerina who gets diagnosed with bone cancer Or Davis a cancer survivor who is recovering from an addiction to narcotics We are in their head and we feel how their worlds get destroyed brick by brick and then are restored when they choose to be bravenough I admired them for not giving up With this characters I was able to see how much an addiction or diagnosis can become your identity your persona your only thing I mean I have lived through it but I always thought it was just something but then I read this and I felt the importance the weight people have to carry Celebrity Bachelor every single day I really want to say I know this two characters profoundly but honestly I don t I got that Carson loves to dance but I really cannot tell you anything besides their cancer and addictionxperiences Which it was a downside for me because they should have things to tell I don t think is the fault of the author but rather a way to For Better and Worse emphasize how your life becomes your illness But stillThe side characters The only one I had problems with was Natalie and Davisx Holy fuck talk about annoying characters I will say Natalie got redemption when she finally started acting like a mom and not the ballerina teacher I loved the new friends Carson makes and how they are supportive but at the same time now when not to take Carson s shit The writing I really loved the way we got the descriptions of the feelings or characters were feeling the way it vividly described the scenes in the hospital it added realness What I wasn t a big fan of was the chapter Cassidys Kids (Maitland Maternity, endings it was so abrupt and suddenly we were jumping 3 weeks in time and so many things felt in a black hole It sadly contributed time not connecting with the romance part of the story The plot I am really scratching my head here thinking if there was any plot This was my biggest problem I loved being able to see this characters go through this journey but there wasn t any big action occurring After 40% mark I was like okay so now what Something big will happen it didn t So if you are a person who appreciates plot over characters not for youThe tiny romance This book is not a romance contemporary the two characters don txist only to fall for Rescuing the Texans Heart each other romance may develop but is not the main point Our two main characters areually as important and they just realize they have an attraction and undergo a sweet very subtle romance Yes it was a bit too instant for my taste but I also understood it They weren t in a position to have this Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., epic romance adventure where they ditchedverything happening in their lives for Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch each other really this is not a romeo juliette romance Again I felt this part was really affected by the weird flow of the story I wished we had had insight into their messages interaction and stuff like that Cancer Addiction The main reason why I liked this story was how deep we got into this aspects We followed our characters in their hospital visits treatments surgery procedures narcotics anonymous reunions police officer appointments I hadn t read another YA novel that touched this subject with such a focus and it was refreshing It also gives us hope that cancer has survivors because is honestly not fair all books introduce cancer as a way to just keep killing characters yes it happens but not all the fucking time I overall I am so grateful thisxists I hope teenagers out there can relate to this story and not feel alone He wanted to claw at his mind rake his nails down the synapses and neurons as they fired and he begged to just forget verything in his own head Sadness held her heart and soul in claws that were digging into her beaten body She fought to not scream not to scratch and hit at the tangible demons tearing at her Pick this book up if the author s note uote I added at the start touched you you are a fan of contemporary and you prefer characters over plot Initial thoughtsI GOT AN ARC OF THIS HOLY SHIT THIS COVER I AM IN LOVE Cason Martin is not a typical high school student She attends half days and classes only Isolating yet unavoidable As prima ballerina in the Atlanta Ballet Conservatory properly preparing to audition for the American Ballet Theatre she only has time to dance This plan has been in place for as long as Cason can remember No distractions allowed certainly not this nagging pain in her knee Everything changes in an instant when Cason learns that she won t be pampering a pulled muscle The injury in fact is a much bigger deal Natalie Martin probably wouldn t be a warm and fuzzy maternal figure ven if she wasn t Cason s artistic director first single parent second Nonetheless her assessment of her daughter s diagnosis as an inconvenient time burglar is almost stunning Cason isn t necessarily surprised by her mom s reaction but she can t help being disappointed and frustrated Maybe she can t count on her mother but no one should suffer sickness alone It is often other adolescents that have dealt with disease who come together to create the strongest support system Davis Channing conuered cancer but now he has a different fight on his hands with the demon of addiction Recovering while repaying his debt to society has Davis volunteering in the very hospital that treated him He may not be just what Cason needs but the dude knows Mine to Take (Nine Circles, everyone and isffortlessly the His L.A. Cinderella epitome of a kind soul His sincere desire to be beneficial isvident The fact that he could use a friend right now is notI read a lot as a teen but I can only recall one instance when a serious illness affected anyone my age Now we have non fiction and realistic fiction options for high school and middle grade readers that talk about kids being seriously sick Ms Gardner joins awe inspiring authors such as Josh Sunduist Sophia Bennett Jordan Sonnenblick and John Green to fill this void Compassionately composed Brave Enough is an honest journey from heart ache to hope that deftly demonstrates the strength resilience and adaptability of our youth This review was written by jv poore for Buried Under Books with huge thanks to North Star EditionsFlux Publicity Department for the Advance Review Cop. Hospital But just when he thinks he's got it together Davis's A Groom for Greta (Amish Brides of Celery Fields, ex girlfriend who is still battling her addiction barrels back into his lifeCason and Davis are not friends But as their worlds collide they will start to depend on one another Can they both be bravenough to beat the odds.

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Kati is a recovering actor who has spent the last few years keeping tiny humans alive In high school she was determined to play a doctor on General Hospital and possibly add in a love story with Jonathan Jackson She would spend hours toiling away on FanFiction for my AOL community and dreaming of the day she would accept a Daytime Emmy Award In college she majored in Theater arts and spent lots