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S Fabio wound up dead Oh and his kids are getting warped by fairytales with iron shoes and decapitations I don t know if that s supposed to be a cautionary bit about your kids winding up in therapy or a suggestion for scary stuff hidden in children s fiction Either way now I want to read The Red Shoes Honestly this book felt ike such a tangled mess that I can barely write this review It started out so readable and then just seemed to drag into wet noodles Other crimes in the area are mentioned but written in an almost throw away fashion even though they are suddenly a big deal for the ending There s no startling reveal of some Pronunciation Pairs Teachers Book long buried secret to explain Nadine s violence There s no startling reveal that Henry is someone interesting Fabian s murder has one of the most beige explanations I ve ever read If a book starts out crap and then ends the same way that s bad This whole bait and switch thing seems even worse because now you ve had a chance to get excited over where things are going Surely this will not end in you slapping yourself awake at nine pm and throwing the book into theibrary donation bag Just because I was almost asleep doesn t mean I take the whole bait and switch thing Its a Whole Spiel lying down I won t beooking for anything else by this author Now if someone will introduce me to a nice novel involving a suit and fork Dr Mark Fabian is dead Dr Fabian is a psychologist and therapist specializing with clients who suffer from mental and personality disorders He was dedicated to his service and clientele with their privacy at the utmost respect Who would want to kill him especially in his own office One of his patients Nadine Raines suffers from multiple personality and mental disorders due to a difficult childhood and genetic predisposition Nadine copes with her No Risk Refused life while speaking to the voices in her head one of them being Dr Fabian Dr Fabian has been a constant advocate in herife Growing up Nadine committed a violent act in school against a teacher unknowingly acting upon her mental illness but she never understood why Dr Fabian was so dedicated to his work and tried to help Nadine and his other patients but ultimately was deceived and murdered Who wants Dr Fabian dead and why What did he knowI can t go too much into this story in fact I think that the synopsis on Goodreads tells too much of the story One major aspect of The Last Thing I Told You that I really enjoyed is that it s perfect for readers who are intrigued by the societal stigmas towards people with mental disabilities It puts a spotlight on these disabilities and humanizes them It s a great read for those who are curious about people who are different and who are shunned by society While the pacing of The Last Thing I Told You starts off strong and fast the build up burns out just as uickly and the story starts to get repetitive I felt that chapters started meshing together and the story started going around in circles for what felt ike an eternity As the story progresses and kept repeating the previous chapter s moments and messages the mystery started to fade Although it s definitely a psychological thriller The Last Thing I Told You is not a mystery for those who ove the genre Overall The Last Thing I Told You is very atmospheric and gripping from a psychological standpoint but it falls into the category as forgettable for me It s not a bad book by any means just not one that will stand out for me in the future If you are new to the psychological thriller genre and are curious about novels dealing with people who suffer from mental illness I encourage you to pick this story up It might change your opinion about the stigma with mental healthThank you William Morrow Books for my advanced copy in exchange for an honest review The Last Thing I Told You will be released on July 24 2018 An interesting twisted tale Thanks to William Morrow and TLC Book Tours for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review More psychological thrillers for the summer TBR This was my introduction to Emily Arsenault and I was not disappointed This was an incredibly atmospheric read and has a slow build that keeps the tension throughout That opening chapter will pull you right inDr Mark Fabian is dead He is found bludgeoned to death in his office As Detective Henry Peacher begins his investigation he discovers two patient files that Dr Fabian had recently pulled One for Johnny Streeter and one for Nadine Raines both of these people ironically have Im Not Millie! links to Peacher I don t want to give away too much of the plot I feelike all that you need to know is within the synopsisDr Fabian specialized in mental and personality disorders This is an element that I Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) love to see incorporated into psychological thrillers because there are so many unknowns when it comes to what makes a person tick With a characterike Nadine a woman that suffers from multiple personality disorder her chapters were always interesting to read because she is still talking to Dr Fabian in her mind We alternate between Nadine and Peacher throughout the story Arsenault does an incredible job weaving these characters and stories together Eual parts psychological thriller and police procedural this slower build will keep you sucked in from start to finish as you try to unravel the web that Arsenault so expertly wove for us I give this 355 stars rounded up for rating. Ncomfortable with the hero status the tragedy afforded him is ready to move on But the appearance of his file brings up new uestions Maybe there is a decades old connection between Nadine and Streeter And maybe that somehow explains what Nadine is doing in Fabian's office nearly twenty years after being his patient Or how Fabian ended up dead two days after her return Or why Nadine has fled town once again But as Nadine and Henry head toward a confrontation both will discover that the secrets of people's hearts are rarely simple and even in the hidden depths of a psychologist's files rarely as they appe.

Psychiatrist Dr Mark Fabian is dead bludgeoned in his office Detective Henry Peacher investigates Fabian s death and finds that shortly before his death he pulled the files of 2 former patients One file is of Johnny Streeter a man now serving a A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, life sentence for a mass shooting Ironically Peacher is the cop who shot him before he could kill anyone elseThe other file is of Nadine Raines Again there s aink between her and Peacher he was in the same classroom when she attacked the teacher with a box cutter She s been gone many yearsso why has she come back now And why would these files be pulled when neither of them had been patients for 20 yearsAs Nadine and Henry head toward a confrontation both will discover that the secrets of people s hearts are rarely simple and even in the hidden depths of a psychologist s files rarely as they appearThis is an amazing psychological thriller The story kept me glued to the pages anxiously awaiting what would come next This thread attaches to that thread that affixes itself to yet another thread I ove how this book is cleverly written Alternating chapters are told in turn by Nadine and Peacher Nadine is still talking to the doctor in her head but did she kill him There were things she never told him Peacher tells the story of how he got to be the hero cop a moniker he doesn t really ike His personal Souvenirs de dbauches life is also talked about mainly about his twin daughters It s a police procedural in how investigations should be run and how the clues start coming together with aot of door knocking and asking the right uestionsAll in all a terrific book that kept me guessing until the very endMany thanks to the author William Morrow Books Edelweiss for the advanced copy of this psychological thriller Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own Thank you so much TLC Book Tours and William Morrow Books for providing my free copy of THE LAST THING I TOLD YOU by Emily Arsenault all opinions are my ownI really enjoyed the premise and characterization in this one Nadine Raines returns to her New England town after being gone several years She suffers from mental illness and often istens to the voices in her head including that of her old therapist Dr Mark Fabian But Dr Mark Fabian was recently murdered bludgeoned to death in his office He was extremely dedicated to his patients so who would want to kill him Detective Henry Peacher investigates the case discovering Dr Fabian pulled two files before he died Johnny Streeter who is in prison for a mass shooting and Nadine RainesThis book starts off with a bang with so many moving parts that keep you guessing but it does slow down uite a bit after the first half Ultimately the format of the book and the character development is what kept my interest The perspectives alternate between Nadine and Detective Peacher between past and present Peacher is such a great character but my favorite chapters were Nadine s as it is incredibly interesting reading her inner monologue especially regarding Dr Fabian Arsenault does a tremendous job touching on the stigma attached to mental illness and humanizing it I always particularly enjoy it when thrillers address mental illness and include such well thought out characters Although this book is a bit ong it is overall a gripping mystery I received an ARC of this title from the publisher for an honest reviewI m not going to review this one because I didn t get very far I read about 50 pages in and I didn t really get even the beginnings of a good picture on any of the characters So I felt nothing for them or the story In all ikelihood it probably gets better but I m DNFing An interesting premise and opening chapter A psychiatrist is found murdered in his office This is you This is real This is what you ve done What we don t know is whose words these are or why they did thisNadine Raines is a former patient of Dr Fabian and she is back in town after many years of being away She has a dark past and committed a violent act when she was only sixteen This is why she was a therapy patient of Dr Fabian whom she refers to as Bouffant Sgt Henry Peacher remembers Nadine from their high school years and he is assigned the case We get both Nadine s and Henry s POV in alternating chapters Nadine also addresses Dr Fabian through her internal monologue and this was interesting to hear her thoughts about this psychiatrist and try to guess if she had a motiveThere are twists one uite shocking but the story unfolded a bit slow for me In the end it was a pretty typical police procedural with a couple of twists that kept me guessing Fans of the genre will enjoy trying to solve the case In the end I must say I was a bit underwhelmedThanks to the publisher for my copy to read and review Dr Mark Fabian is dead found murdered in his office Left behind is his former patient Nadine who continues to talk to Dr Fabian in her mind telling him about her ife in the many years since she saw the doctor Back then she was a troubled teen ostracized for a gruesome act while in high school Investigating Dr Fabian s murder is Henry Peacher a detective most known in town for stopping a deadly shooting at a posh retirement community before the death count went any higher Before Dr Fabian died he pulled two files from his archives those of Nadine s and Johnny Streeter the man responsible for the killing at the I hear myself whispering Not again Not again Why did I ever come back here Surely because of you Because I thought of something I'd always meant to tell you Because you were the only one I ever really wanted to tell it toTherapist Dr Mark Fabian is dead bludgeoned in his office But that doesn't stop former patient Nadine Raines from talking to him in her head Why did she come back to her hometown after so many years away Everyone here thinks she's crazy And she has to admit they might have good reason to think so She committed a shockingly violent act when she was sixteen and has never really been able.

Etirement home Henry is Sherman Tank Manual left to puzzle through what this all means for instance what did Nadine and Dr Fabian discuss when she returned to town a mere two days before his death Is there a connection between Nadine and Johnny And whated to the brutal killing of this doctor Well this was a different sort of psychological thriller It wasn t uite what I was expecting but one of my favorite things about it was that it was different even if it favored the varying point of view aspect that is uite popular these days The narration flips between Nadine and Henry and because both are often telling stories that go back in time it can vary in time periods as well It takes a Let Me Feed You little getting used to but it s also uite compelling I read the book in a day while on vacation finding it to be uite suspenseful and intriguing For me the main draw to this one was the characters Nadine is nuanced complicated and imperfect but the real star was Henry I enjoyed the book the most due to him He s hard to describe but he too is multi faceted and flawed He s a father to spirited twin girls only a year older than mine and I felt drawn to him immediately Nadine and Henry are both different on the surface but each searching for things in a similar way again I was very impressed with their characterization So much of the book takes place in and is shaped by the small town in which the charactersive and it s all uite well done I don t want to go into much to spoil the plot as it does keep you guessing A Five Days at Memorial lot of what happened surprised me which I always enjoy doesn t often happen in a thriller Overall this one was different but enjoyable buoyed by its strong characters and complex plot Blog Twitter Facebook Google Instagram I received a copy of this novel from the publisher and EdelweissLibrarything in return for an unbiased review thank you it is available everywhere as 07242018 With the passing of her old therapist Nadine isn t uite sure who to turn to he tried to help her through the darkest time in her youngife but she struggled to find a way to understand and talk about what she had done with him During their conversations she Its Passover, Grover! left out some of the important details and now her head and her heart are telling her that she needs to come clean to him but that isn t really an option now that he has passed Then he starts talking to her she hears his wisdom floating around in her head which not only starts to confirm everyone s thoughts about her that she is aittle off her rocker but it also gives her a weird sense of comfort Then a former classmate now town detective Henry Peacher discovers some interesting events that took place before the doctors death and it Healing Earthquakes leads him to Nadine and the source of another disturbing event that took place in town five years ago He thinks there is a connection between them and he will stop at nothing to get the answers he wantsThe Last Thing I Told You is a shocking psychological thriller that will have you breathless and second guessing yourself at every turn hold on tight be prepared to be awed This was uite the read it was suspenseful mind twisting slightly weird but it all gelled together nicely and made for an enjoyable read it made me continually uestion everything I read Definitely a impressive first read had everything Iook for in a thriller and made me just curious enough to come back for Highly recommendI reuested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher via Edelweiss and voluntarily read and reviewed I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review What I wish I d also received was a better pay off for a story with a Containing Contagion lot of promise Generally Iike novels about therapists and psychologists The variety of patient stories the struggle for their own stability and the chance of great surprise when it turns out they are much scarier than anything you d hear in their sessions Not everybody can be Hannibal but there s always that chance that the plaid suit and the kitchen utensils will come out by the tenth session I got hooked into this particular story with the promise of a mystery and an unraveling patient doctor relationship The book opens in the office of Mark Fabian therapist for years and corpse for hours His head is bashed in his patient notes are sketchy and oh by the way his closest friends report him as having memory problems recently so good uck with those notes again The chapters alternate between narrators Henry a ocal cop who gained fame from a retirement home shooting a few years previously and Nadine a former patient of Fabian s I m still getting my head around a shooter in a frigging retirement home Not that it s too farfetched these days but what the whatNadine s story alternates between the present and 1997 when she was in therapy after a violent incident at school with all this backstory you expect her underlying psychosis to be something shocking She even writes that perversion is in her blood cue dramatic music I don t know if the author planned something bigger to explain the build up to the outburst and then gave up or we re actually supposed to be shocked by something that turns out to be terribly garden varietyHenry s side of things covers his involvement in the shooting he took down a shooter and is now a ocal hero who just wants people to stop calling him that and his attempt to piece together how Fabian I kept reading that To explain that dark impulse even to Fabian Now that Fabian's dead why is she still trying Meanwhile as Detective Henry Peacher investigates Fabian's death he discovers that shortly before he died Fabian pulled the files of two former patients One was of Nadine Raines one of Henry's former high school classmates Henry still remembers the disturbing attack on a teacher that marked Nadine as a deeply troubled teen More shockingly the other file was of Johnny Streeter who is now serving a ife sentence for a mass shooting five years ago The shooting devastated the town and everyone including Henry who is

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I haven’t had a terribly interesting life so I won’t share too many details But the highlights include• When I was a preschooler and a kindergartner I had a lazy eye and I was Connecticut’s “Miss Prevent Blindness” appearing on pamphlets and television urging parents to get their kids’ eyes checked I wore an eye patch and clutched a blonde doll wearing a similar patch I imagine it was all r