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What do you do when you learn at your engagement arty your fiance has been cheating on you the entire time you have been dating Read Soaring on love to see how Tressa deals with this and wheere it leads her Great story Soaring On Love is a must readThis is the first book that I have read by Joy and let me say that it most definitely will not be the last book This book is truly indeed a love story and I enjoyed reading about Tressa and Roth Tressa and Roth were truly meant to be together Funny how life sometimes throws you a curve ball and that special someone is there is catch the curve ball and is truly your knight in shining armor and that is who Tressa and Roth were to each otherIt all begin at an affair that was given by Tressa and Roth s best friends Vivian and Alonso who have there very own book In The Flights of The Complete Baby and Toddler Cookbook passionWhen her engagementarty is crashed by her fiance's mistress Tressa Washington will do anything to escape the disastrous aftermath Even stow away in the back of a guest's SUV And when she tells Roth Lexington to just drive the handsome aerospace en.

Arket For Love Once they meet and their eyes connected that was it Roth wanted Tressa but his best friend Alonso explained to him that Tressa was engaged but that did not stop Roth it only slowly him down just a tad bit Tressa fianc Cyrus was totally all wrong for her and Roth knew and Tressa knew it also she just was not ready to give up on love Tressa and Vivian are friends as are Roth and Alonso I will definitely be reading In The Market For Love Vivian and Alonso s where it all begin Great romance read As the saying goes When one door closes another shall open Tressa was broken hearted and disappointed at her own engagement Stormy Waters (Dar and Kerry, party but found true love in Roth the one man who was there to comfort her We should NEVER give up on love even when we encounter heartache Sometimes the heartacherepares you for the gr. Gineer does exactly that In his snowbound mountain cabin mutual attraction ignites a scorching affairRoth has three rules never be vulnerable always wake up alone and stay in control Thanks to Tressa he's broken them all One beautiful sensual night becomes many but

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Eat love you were meant to be blessed with Letting your guard down is hard to do when you ve been hurt but Roth wants Tressa in his life she broke all his rules and she understands him Tressa s engagement Passage of the Republic party was crashed by her fiance s mistress so she s trying to getast that disaster She had doubts about the relationship anyway so a week in the mountains with Roth gives her time to clear her head The mutual attraction between them becomes so much until meddling exes intervene These two are very strong and likeable characters Soaring on Love 2 Flights of A Patriots History of the United States passion When her engagementarty is crashed by her fianc s mistress Tressa Washington ER Nurse will do anything to escape the disastrous aftermath Even stow away in the back of a guest s SUV And when she tells Roth Lexington to just drive the handsome aero. Nce they leave their haven behind mistrust and meddling exes intervene Soon he faces a choice watch this stunning adventurous woman walk away or finally let his guard down Roth will uickly learn that in order to reach the heights of love you have to be willing to fal.

By day Joy Avery works as a customer service assistant By night the North Carolina native travels to imaginary worlds—creating characters whose romantic journeys invariably end happily ever afterSince she was a young girl growing up in Garner Joy knew she wanted to write Stumbling onto romance novels she discovered her passion for love stories; instantly she knew these were the type storie