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It was a coincidence that I finished reading this book on the death anniversary of the author Chaturvedi Badrinath One of the finest books on one of the greatest souls humanity has ever produced by an author who only could have written a book on Swami Vivekananda with such clarity and practical touchThe author makes a good point in the starting that a great man like Swami Vivekanand can be understtod only if ones feels with him his time and surroundings and his interaction with many other contemporary persons After completing the book I fully understand his point A well written book on the life of Vivekananda It presents an unbiased view and leads the reader to the predicament of conflicting emotions in swamis mind Its a must read for people in India to understand this towering personality and his candid views on rituals and religion The courage he had to present some revolutionary views without worrying about the political conseuence of it is truly appreciable great book This book written by chaturvedi badrinath throws some amout of light on the life of swami vivekananda but it isnt a literary oy to be reading the boom That is because of a very unfathomable peculiar way in which this book is presented so its neither fiction nor can i say its non fiction We have loads and loads of letters with none in a particular order from various people in the life if the swami Leaving the shabby presentation apart the book is a stunning revelation on the man who preached vedanta and various other lectures the gripping flow and command of swami vivekananda on language and his magnetic personality make you want to kiss the very dust he walks on A enlightening read with lots to take home to The book was from a spiritual side and reflects the teaching and behaviour of Radhakrishna Parmahansa Swami Vivekanand It explores the complete different style of Vivekananda Well researched and chronologically written This is a must read for everyone of every religion Through this book you will meet an extraordinary human being divine but so human at the same time a monk a patriot a socialist a Vendant ist a person who s religion is love and who s family is world His thoughts are applicable even today than 100 years after his death I finished the book and wanted to read from the beginning again I didn t know what to read next and what The Vedanta was an inseparable part of Swami Vivekananda’s personality He lived and breathed this philosophy while preaching it to India and the west While Vivekananda’s landmark address at the Parliament of Relig.

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Uld surely impress everyone An insight into the life and work of a man who was almost a personification of the Vedanta What struck me the most what is peppered throughout the book is how honest and pure the Swami s work was and still is If you re looking for inspiration to be true to yourself and to your work you should pick this one up on your next visit to the bookstore The book is uniue in the approach it takes trying to understand Vivekananda as a person rather than the religious and national leader that we all know him as It traces the life of Naren his relationship with his master Sri Ram Krishna Paramhansa his thoughts and ideas of nation building and uplifting India from the shackles of poverty and dogmatic religious practices It is an account of the life Vivekananda lived real and normal as you and I live his practical difficulties around travelfinancesmanaging people and their expectationsdealing with adversaries and controversies choices made between serving his family and the nation and the triumphs and agony of those choices The book also gives a fair view of the contribution made by people who supported his transition from Naren to Vivekananda remarkable people of whom we know little The book runs in a criss cross time frame moving forwards and backwards with alacrity While that may be necessary for connecting the dots the narrative appears shaken with such freuent umps As such the book becomes less coherent than desired The book is rich in description and feel of the life Vivekananda lived transporting one back in time but its a pity that it never elaborates upon Vivekananda s core philosophy or Hinduism as he interpreted it All we get is the broad idea that India needed to move to the philosophical roots of Hinduism Advaita rather than remain entrenched in ritualistic dogmatic blind beliefs of religion The book is a winner when it comes to bringing alive Vivekananda rather Naren who came to be recognized as Vivekananda Howeverit leaves me wanting on his teachings My big takeaway from the book is that even leaders of his stature go through conflicts between the head and heart and nobody has all the answers Even Vivekananda was human after all This by itself is a sign that the author is successful in what he set out to achieve giving a living breathing rich description of Naren and his life and time. Written biography Chaturvedi Badrinath liberates Vivekananda from the confines of the worship room and offers an unforgettable insight into the life of a man who was the very embodiment of the Vedanta that he preache.

Ill match this uality You will meet Swamiji through this book His thoughts are not something which are ust to be read once and kept aside This book is a kind of self purification You will see things in a different light To talk about the author and his writing style He did a great ob Some may find this book a little academic But I would like to give credit to the author for not adding his own interpretations without any proofs on the events and the thoughts of Swamiji He has definitely studied Swamiji s life and even the smallest facets of his behaviour his attitude and the events thoroughly This book can prove as a guide for lifeFollowing is one of my favorite snippets from the book which is actually what Swamiji said on the concluding day of Parliament of ReligionsIf the Parliament of Religions has shown anything to the world it is this It has proved to the world that holiness purity and charity are not the exclusive possessions of any church in the world and that every system has produced men and women of the most exalted character In the face of this evidence if anybody dreams of the exclusive survival of his own religion and the destruction of the others I pity him from the bottom of my heart and point out to him that upon the banner of every religion will soon be written in spite of resistance Help and not fight Assimilation and not Destruction Harmony and Peace and not Dissension I have never thought that i would be hooked to spiritual books however I have read two books about Vivekananda ie Living at the source and the Living VedantaI finished this book today and the moment i finished it i felt a bit of dizziness inside me regarding what i would be reading tomorrow morning as i was aware that no book in my collection can replace this bookI may start reading this book again b coz of the value addition it has done to meI won t comment on the writing style or anything of this book and would agree that few may find it bit boring and confusing though it s one of the best depiction of a person with all his flaws and it s nice to know that swamiji can also have a dichotomy of thoughts that he also got angry some times and he was also so caring about his mother and brotherI was impressed by the fact that we don t need to be god to be good however we can be ust be good for the goodIt s an impressive book which wo. Ions in Chicago in 1893 established him as modern India’s great spiritual leader his popularity and appeal is attributed to his ability to integrate his human side with his profound spiritual sideIn this beautifully.