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45 Stars overall5 Stars Maiden from the Mist Tanya Anne Crosby Captivating Loved it Caden Mac Swein is the Chieftain of Dunnronaigh Keep He has just had to endure two of the most horrific things in his ife He has exhiled himself in his own keep while his people try to forge along without him His clan has enemies who could destroy them all He awakes one day in his chamber to a saucy wench making accusations at himSorcha dun Scoti is very disillusioned with her family right now She knows now her real birth father is the devil himself She is on her own personal uest to seek answers to uestions she has She seeks passage to the Isle of Skye via ship and the next thing you know she wakes up disoriented in a room with an extremely arge manAn old crone has given information to the Captain of the guard of Dunnronaigh Castle of a ass who will help their Laird5 Stars The Reiver Glynnis Campbell LOL Wonderful This one was a real treat for me I am amazed how much this author can put into a small story I rooted for these characters butthe twins were amazingBrochan Macintosh has been widowed since his twin boys were born and he is making a new Beyond the Snows of the Andes life for himself his twins and twooyal servants He has acuired a new property that needs repair and he has cattle Well five heads of cattle have gone missing and he is uite frustrated with that He goes to an intavern to try earn anything he can about the cattle missing There a woman speaks to him about rivers stealing cattle stars new beginnings and choices He basically thinks she s off He had not thought about reivers stealing from him That evening he waits and watches a star in the sky and also catches a Reiver who happens to be a LassieHe has a plan on how to get his coos backCristy ives with her make cousins and mean Uncle She tags along with the boys who really don t want her with them So she says she will prove to them she is worthy to do so by stealing a coo along with them this evening Well things do not go as plannedThis is a The Patriot Bride lovely and funny story Iove the stories he would tell his twins It was a very nice touch The pluck of all the characters was amazing I oved the whole story35 Stars MacAlpin Heart Lauren Wittig Unfortunately for me this story was just a simple plot that did not grab me I wanted development in the plotKenneth MacGregor has gone in search of his younger brother who has been gone for almost two years He gets to the MacAlpin s castle and finds out they know they know his brother But everyone is mysterious about his whereabouts They say they are respecting his wishes The beautiful ast of the keep tells them that if he wishes to see him he should just wait He is not used to having to wait but in order to see his Wayward brother he will do so while trying not to be attracted to the Lord s daughterElspet MacAlpin is the guardian of a mystical Relic a Targe of the Highlands She is a beautiful blonde haired blue eyed Lass who is being pushed into marrying someone she does not wish to marry because she sees him as a brother instead She is determined to pick her own husband but does not know when that will happen She is intrigued with Kenneth McGregor who arrives at her keep in search of his brother Drostan She recommends that he stay in order to see his brother again he just has to wait whenever he appearsThis was good but just a Inventing the Future little slow for me If you read The WInter Stone then you know that you re going to be in for a treat with The Summer StarOnce again Tanya Anne Crosby Glynnis Campbell and Laurin Wittig have joined together to bring you three wonderfull novellas all connected by the Summer StarMaiden of the Mist Guardian of the StoneThe Reiver The Medieval OutlawsMacAlpin s Heart Guardians of the TargeAn exciting can t put down read by three of my favourite authorsI received an advanced readers copy and I voluntarilyeave my honest opinion These three novellas are all connected to series from the authors It was such a treat to visit with these series again and so talented how the stories are connected in this book by the summer starMaiden from the Mist nicely connects with the Guardians of the Stone series Having read this series I had a wonderful time connecting to the characters from the previous books I would not consider this a stand alone story and suggest you read the seriesThe Reiver is a preuel to the Medieval Outlaws and as such is a good stand alone although you are going to want to read the series as the story draws you in to the time period as well as the charactersMacAlpin s Heart is also a wonderful preuel and as such a stand alone Here we see the beginnings of the Guardians of the Targe series the heroines as wee bairnsI As the Legend says this is no ordinary year It was the year of the summer star and in my opinion this is no ordinary book Join 3 awar. Three best selling award winning authors three heart felt stories the splendor of Scotland and a Understanding Women legend passed down through generations These are the romantic tales of The Summer StarMAIDEN FROM THE MIST by Tanya Anne CrosbyA seuel novella for Guardians of the StoneStricken blind by his grief Caden MacSwein has seuestered himselfike a beast in his castle by the sea It is whispered he slew his own brother and now is cursed by the Gods When a maiden from.

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Thing for hermaybe she s needed and wanted somewhere and the star is pulling her to her destiny A short read but full of action battle scenes are intense and in gripping detailCharacters are well written and interesting the story keeps you entertained till the end A wonderful seuel to the novella Guardians of the StoneThe Reiver Glynnis Campbell Cristy Moffat is an orphan she s been in the care of her uncle ever since her parents died No matter what she does she l feel her uncles wrath Wanting to prove herself to her cousins and make her uncle proud she s willing to steal the new neighbors cow Nothing can go wrong until she s caught star gazing instead of cow thieving and is hostage to none other than the new Laird Brochan MacintoshBrochan Macintosh is a widower with two twin boys with the maintenance of his keep it took all his time to do all the repairs and to go after his missing cows was another problem to solve His missing cows are not the only problem he has A feisty cow thief instead of his cows He will exchange her for his cattle but does he really want to et go of her when she makes him feel alive than ever before Wonderfully entertaining story short and sweet I Verdammt verliebt loved Brochan he was a fair man who respected a person for themselves even though Cristy had awful experiencesiving with her uncle she felt The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, loved and wanted by Brochan and his sons Loved the way it all came togetherMacAlpins Heart Lauren WittigElspet MacAlpin is theast of the Guardians she needs to find a husband to protect her clan but she doesn t want to marry without Inverloch Volume 4 love no man has captured her heart until she meets a handsome traveler in search of his brother Their attraction is instant but can he be the one or will heeave when he finds his brother Kenneth MacGregor has finally caught up to his brother but it s not his brother that occupies his mind the beautiful Elspet has him thinking of a The Good and Beautiful God life with her and family He can t think of himself he has a promise to fulfill a promise he made to his mother His brother has a family of his own a child and a wife and is happy Can he finally have a chance at a family andove Love and a destiny fulfilled by the Summer StarA well written story full of ove a young boys promise to his mother finds not only ove but also finds the man he s becomeI received a complimentary copy from the author for my honest unbiased review These three novellas are all connected to series from the authors and great place to start at the very beginning for each series of booksMAIDEN FROM THE MIST by Tanya Anne CrosbyA seuel novella for Guardians of the Stone Caden MacSwein was blinded it s said that in the heat of battle he took his younger brothers head and is now being punished by the Gods When a maiden from Inverness arrives on his shores he s convinces himself she alone holds the key to the return of his sight He must earn from within or he will never save the maiden from the urking dangersTHE REIVER by Glynnis CampbellA preuel novella for Medieval Outlaws Cristy Moffat will do anything to impress her brawny cousins even steal cows from their neighbors but she didn t plan on was getting caught by the new The Horse in Celtic Culture laird Brochan Macintosh What a great catch for Brochan he can now ransom her back to her clan and trade her for cattle Cristy has been raised by an abusive uncle but can Brochan show the ways of a real family and tame her wild ways tooMACALPIN S HEART by Laurin WittigA preuel novella for Guardians of the Targe Elspet MacAlpin needs a husband soon to protect theore of the Guardians her clan and Scotland Kenneth MacGregor is on a uest to find his ost brother and he stops at Dunlairig Castle His uest cannot be abandoned especially when he s is drawn to the ively Elspet Can their duty be answered in each other and their destinies fulfilled tooThis is my honest review after I voluntarily read the ARC copy from the publisher First I must say these were my very first books by these authors so I read them as standalones I Every Boys Dream liked the first novella both the way it was written and the story itself Also it had enough magic while not being about magic It was obvious it was a part of a series but that wasn t annoyingike it can be soometimes I Starflight Zero ll keep this author in mind for the future readsThe other two novellas disappointed me which is why the rating is only 2 stars The middle story about the reiver was too ordinary to be in this collection there wasn t enough magic and I didn tike the author s voice On the plus side it reads well as a standalone and the story is rather original The A Succession of Bad Days last novella was clearly apart of a series and the hints atarger events I knew nothing about were somewhat annoying There was even too much magic but most of it wasn t connected to the star Also the The Multi-Orgasmic Man love between the two main characters went way too fast. Attleuntil she steals the wrong cow and is caught in the act by the newaird Brochan Macintosh has his hands full repairing his tower house and raising his motherless twins But when his plans to trade Cristy for his cattle go awry he wonders if he wants to ransom her after all Can he tame her wild ways and give her a family to ove and will Cristy be the one to heal his onelinessMACALPIN'S HEART by Laurin WittigA preuel novella for Guardians of the Targ.

D winning authors as they take you through 3 journeys of The Great Passage love that will keep you readingong into the nightMaiden From the MistBy Tanya Anne Crosby This is Sorchas and Cadens story Sorcha is searching for Una believing her to be at the faerie pools on the Isle of Skye and Caden is blind and has The Beast House / After Midnight lost the will toive As I read this story I actually felt Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1) like I was there in the year 1135 witnessing everything I read Tanya Anne Crosby is an absolutely incredible author who will have you sitting on the edge of your seat throughout this amazing novella To tell you the truth I was cheering outoud near the end while I was reading and if you are I Walk in Dread like me you won t want it to endThe ReiverBy Glynnis Campbell It s 1211 and once again Brighde has a hand in this story This is the story of Cristy who is a feisty cattle reiver and Brochan who is a widower with two young twin boys Love is flourishing and abundant in this sweetove story that you won t want to miss Glynnis Campbell is a very talented author with a special style that can only belong to her Her novels speak to me and always end up The Life You Save leaving me with a warm feeling when I m finished reading themMcAlpin s HeartBy Laurin WittigIt s 1286 and the summer star passes over once every 75 years bringing transformation that begins with Kenneth and Elspet Kenneth is searching for his brother and Elspet has a secret to keep If they can overcome the odds they just might have a chance atove Laurin Wittig is an award winning author who tells a good story and will keep you reading until the end just so you can feel as if you watched Tempting Meredith (Lovers and Friends, love bloomike a flower MAIDEN FROM THE MIST by Tanya Anne Crosby A seuel novella for Guardians of the Stone Upon his return from the war Caden MacSwein has Inside MacPaint locked himself away in his castle blind and grieving for theoss of Othello (Shakespeare for Everyone Else, loved ones nobody can tame his broken heartUntil a maiden arrives on the eve of the summer star he s convinced she can help him regain his sight But he has to realize he has the power and hisoss comes from himself he can than save the maiden from the mistThis was my favourite story I Fit For The Chase; Cars And The Movies loved CadenTHE REIVER by Glynnis Campbell A preuel novella for Medieval Outlaws Cristy Moffat needs to impress so plans she to steals her neighbor cows but unfortunately she s caught in the act Brocham Macintosh is a busy man he has repairs on his home and young twins to bring up on his own and stolen cattle is something he doesn t have time for so he decides to ransom Christy back for his cows But intentions do not always work out as planned Christy was a feist This collection was such a treat to read Each novella is connected and tells a continuing story of the Legends of Scotland Each tell a complete story These are the romantic tales of The Summer Staroneegend passed down through generations Book 2 in the Legends of Scotland but can be read without reading book 1 Winter Stone MAIDEN FROM THE MIST by Tanya Anne Crosby is a seuel novella for her highly anticipated Guardians of the Stone series with an enjoyable cast of characters and a nicely woven plot CaptivatingTHE REIVER by Glynnis Campbell is a preuel novella for Medieval Outlaws serues The cast of characters are enjoyable to read The plot interesting and uniue a female reiver well done Fantastic MACALPIN S HEART by Laurin Wittig is a preuel novella for her Guardians of the Targe series Well written with great characters Another interesting plot WonderfulOverall impressiondefinitely a 5 star Each story is well written masterfully executed and profoundly entertaining All are steady paced While uick reads novellas the authors manage to tell a full story without the reader feeling as though they ve missed something An absolute delight to read and highly recommended Rating 5Heat rating MildReviewed by AprilR A Shining StarEvery 75 years the Summer Star appears to change ives for the better From a Laird who becomes blind after a traumatic battle and a Maiden that appears from a Mist to a Laird widowed and raising 5 year old twins that captures a ass trying to reive his cattle to a Guardian Luthor Huss lass that has to choose a husband willing to give up even hisast name the Star transforms these Variante, Vol. 2 (Variante, lives I was drawn into this journey from the first word until the veryast one Three great authors with three wonderful stories Loved this book Maiden from the Mist Tanya Anne CrosbyA freakish accident has Managers of Their Homes left Caden MacSwein blind it is said that in the heat of battle he took his younger brothers head and is now being punished by the Gods There s a prophecy and a destiny to be fulfilled before Caden MacSwein regains his sight Scorcha knew that following the star would bring her closer to her destiny and afterearning of the secret her family had kept from her she was angry with them following the star seems ike the right. Inverness arrives on his shores on the eve of the summer star Caden convinces himself she alone holds the key to the return of his sight But he must ken that his blindness comes from within or he will never save the maiden from the mist from the danger that pursues herTHE REIVER by Glynnis CampbellA preuel novella for Medieval OutlawsRaised by her abusive uncle Cristy Moffat will do anything to impress her brawny cousins including reiving the neighbor's

Tanya Anne Crosby is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thirty novels She has been featured in magazines such as People Romantic Times and Publisher’s Weekly and her books have been translated into eight languages Her first novel was published in 1992 by Avon Books where Tanya was hailed as “one of Avon’s fastest rising stars” Her fourth book was chosen to launch the com