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Suuueeeeallll A new series from one of my favourite LIS authors And it s focused around a family of law enforcers In Texas Take a look at that cover Only I want to know why the ero is riding away from me Yoohoo Gavin I m over Dem Nordpol am nächsten here Damsel in distress Heeeelllppp Sigh He s ignoring me Probably because it s taking allis concentration to keep tabs on the love of Heart Beat his lifeLexie s in terrible danger and Gavin s suree s the only one who can keep The Site Book her safe He might be a little biased about that And a whole lot controlling but you ve gotta love aero with deep issues who wears The Devils Possession hiseart on Betraying Beauty (Vegas Titans, his sleeve Insert swoon emojiereFor Vrolok her part Lexie is so over Gavin Not She s still nursingurt feelings and is fiercely protective of 僕の愛を知れ! [Boku no Ai o Shire!] her teen brother so there s no way Gavin is going to get paster defenses this time And my but it was fun to watch The Boy Who Would Not Say His Name him do exactly that Lots of sparks flying along with bullets in thiseart in throat romantic suspense Lexie only wanted a place where she felt loved and wanted instead she felt abandoned by people in Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped her life First it was the death ofer mom then The Hunger Within her father left without anyone s knowledge whethere was dead or alive Then finally was Gavin the one she thought would be there for the rest of Between Two Skies her lifee walks away from Witch-Hunting in Seventeenth-Century New England his family ander Gavin who ad is own issues of not meeting up to what The Dolce Diet his father expected Of feeling guilty aboutis past Made the only choice Brave Enough he felte could make but now Spunk he wonders if it was the best choice Home and family are so important to both Lexie and Gavin now they re thrown into events where they need to depend on each other Can they make it work or will things stay the same Will they survive This book by Susan Sleeman is packed with suspense and action I was kept engaged from the very beginning to the very end Wow I also enjoyed getting to know the many McKade family members andope to see them in other books I truly enjoyed this book and The Kafka of 238th Street hope you will tooI was given this book by the author for anonest review all opinions are my own Much of this story was good Loved the family interactions often very realistic However what bothered me was that no one really wanted to talk about their differences or The Letters to the Thessalonians hurts from the pastThe mystery suspense was not well put together in my opinion The very first incidentad a uge flaw In order to ave something explode with use of a phone as a trigger means something Geheimes Verlangen (Shades of Grey, had to be planted on the object to explode Nothing was mentioned as toow that item was planted just that a plane landed and a phone detonated a bomb that came from thin airThe storyline about Lexie Ivory (The Ivory Saga holding a grudge because Gavin took a job in Houston and refused toave a long distance relationship with Never Go Back (Jack Reacher, him got old and a bit eye rolly The two bad guy storyline was good though but the maniacal character at th. DEADLY HOLIDAY REUNIONWhenis ex is thrust into the crosshairs of a deadly syndicate FBI agent Gavin McKade will do whatever it takes to protect The Temple of Death her Even work the case withis stubborn sheriff dad Gavin’s.

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Avin and Lexie are dealing with Venus Blueprint hurt and unforgiveness both are miserable Will they allow God to mend the broken places and allow Him to shine His love on theireartsSusan Sleeman once again cements Shame On Her Volume 3 her position as suspense ueen of Christian fiction Sheits the ground running and the action never lets up till the very end I am a forever fanThanks to the publisher and author for a preview copy of this book My opinion is entirely my own and Bisk CPA Review honest HOLIDAY SECRETS by Ms Sleeman is the beginning of a new series Set in Texas the law enforcement is just as rural as the ones in my state Laid back ranchers southern drawl It started with a literal bang and the tension didn t let up Who is behind the death of Dr Grant Why is Lexie being threatened I couldn t figure this suspense out and I usually can I couldn t even make an educated guess If you like Texas cowboys and law enforcement this bookas the flavor down pat You won t be disappointed by this romantic suspense Lots of twists and turns and of course the black moment A Crazy Kind of Love has youolding your breath and saying prayers I was given a copy of this book All opinions are my own PAGE TURNERHOLIDAY SECRETS McKade Law 1 is a page turner from start to finish Sleeman The Medieval Forest has long been a master of suspense writing and this book is no exception Her characters are believable relatable and complicated The plot is excellent and will keep you searching for clues on each page The ending is will take your breath away and is spectacular Susan Sleeman wastes no time sweepinger readers into the romantic suspense novels she writes Holiday Secrets book one of the McKade Law series is such an example From the opening sentenceLexie Grant s father The Road Beyond Ruin had to pick today of all daysto come back from the dead the reader cannotelp but be caught up in the taut actionNow issues aplenty the two main characters Lexie Grant and Gavin McKade ad almost reached the altar years earlier Sleeman puts great emotions into er characterscausing the reader to Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, hope plot and cheer as she reads I especially enjoy seeing the way Lexie and Gavin grapple with their problems and learnow to incorporate God s leading into themFBI abandonment Medicaid billing fraud the syndicate and reconciliation are all themes touched on in this exciting Susan Sleeman book If romantic suspense is your genre you won t want to miss this first book of the new McKade Law series Holiday SecretsI received a complimentary copy of this book from the author I was not reuired to leave a reviewpositive or negative I received a copy of HOLIDAY SECRETS from the author and I read it through immediately I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the plot The McKade family members are so protective and endearing that I wished I were part of their family I can t wait to read about them I m so glad this is a serie. Has rekindled their complicated romantic connection But if Gavin can’t untangle Lexie from this dangerous web the blurring line between duty and love may not matterbecause this Christmas could be their last.

E end was overdone and way eye rollyThis book just didn t do it for me although it was Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, highly rated by many When Susan Sleeman starts a new series I m totally IN This one is set in Texas and involves the McKade family who are all in some sort of law enforcement We meet all of the siblings in this book but the oldest Gavin is front and center It seemse as ad a falling out with is father who is the sheriff of their town so e s gone on to be a FBI agent in the big city However Black and White he comes back exclusively to work on a case involvingis ex girlfriend s father He still loves Lexie Grant but e ad to get away from is father so e left town Lexie sees Cake Pops her father gunned down in front ofer and she Brave New World has no idea thate s part of a deadly syndicate That s why Gavin is in town and together along with Gavin s father they The Name of the Rose have to figure out not only who killed Lexie s father but who is trying to kill Lexie ander brother There is a lot of action and a very surprising ending Lexie will need to learn forgiveness as she works with Gavin and so will er brother Adam Gavin s family is also wonderful I really enjoyed all of themI really liked this story and the characters I look forward to the following books I reviewed this for RT Bookreviews Magazine readers ave come to expect from Sleeman Memories of My Melancholy Whores her latest combines solid suspense and enough twists to make things unpredictable While there is romance involved the main focus is certainly on the mystery though it s easy to become invested in the characters The reader is plunged into the action from the start and there is no shortage of tense situations Lexie and Gavin are flawed yet relatable charactersLexie Grant wasn t uite sure what to expect when she went to meeter father who recently came back into Pakistan her life She would neverave anticipated being rescued from a gunman by Pitch Dark her former boyfriend FBI agent Gavin McKade Gavin is investigatinger father and Dont Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear he needs to learnow much Lexie knows She is esitant to trust im as e as let Deadly Slumber - Demon Tales her down before Can she count onim when Atomic Ghost her life depends on it What exactly waser father involved in that Lightning Strike Twice has now made Lexie a target Susan Sleeman auge favorite starts a new series with this book This is the story of the McKade family in Texas all of them in law enforcement to some degree This book focuses on Gavin the eldest son who The Purple Island has suffered a great blowas a falling out with The Last Odd Day his sheriff father and leaves town to join the FBI He also leavesis best girl Lexie and Lord Lightning (Astrology, her young brother Lexie can t get over this and carries theurt in Wildwing hereart always Then Lexie s mostly absentee and unloving father tells Londons Perfect Scoundrel here needs to meet The Bucolic Plague her on a deserted plane runway She goes and what she sees is life changing Shead asked Gavin for Harvest hiselp with this Their lives then take a Three French Hens huge turn for the worseBoth Holidayomecoming isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy but e must set aside the past to make sure Lexie Grant survives As if protecting Lexie from professional killers isn’t difficult enough the unlikely reunion.

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