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DNF 12% Stefan needed to find some safe kink friendly therapycounseling group andor individual and get his mental shit straight first before finding a lay Anos de Hierro partner or starting a relationship He was in the middle of hormone replacement therapy experiencing tremendous mood swings including strong sexual urges He was not working He was spending his government assistance on shots marijuana and alcohol instead of rent He was majorly depressed He was too self focused and needy in the wrong way He was too raw emotionally I didn t trust his thinking emotions and reactions so there was no way I could buy into the story Review and Book contain mentionsdepictions of rape fantasies depressionsuicidal thoughts as well as hard core BDSM with a Masterslave relationship Please be aware of this before continuing and if you feel these might trigger you it would be a good idea to avoid both this review and the book Stef lost his whole family when he came out as trans Now all he has is a crappy flat a stolen cello and a box of illegal testosterone shots because he can t see doctors giving him the mess that he is the real deal And while the shots work sorta they also have fucked up his sex drive enough that he is almost constantly in need of sex Which might sound awesome but it is not Especially when the kind of sex Stef wants is likely to get him dumped in a dumpster for someoor trashman to find three days later If the fantasies of being owned and treated like nothing than a sex toy are not the thing that does it then the dude finding out that Stef is trans and mostly untransitioned at that will A Hora do Mocho probably do the trick But then a night of drinking and ill advised blurting of said fantasies lead him to Daz Who might justossibly be everything that Stef has ever wanted if Stef can ever actually admit the truth to himself let alone to a man he desperately wants to call MasterWow I don t even know how to review this book It was one of the most entrancing boundary Otoboke Section Chief Vol. 01 pushing crazy beautiful yet dark things I ve read in years The content can get so extreme at times that if the author had been even an inch less careful in the construction of the characters that it would have been a colossal mess and yetdear gods and yet there were moments where it felt like I forgot how to blink let alone breathe This is a long book but it never felt like it There was an everresent need to keep Casual Power pushing further into this story and these charactersAnd these charactersoh gods these charactersStef is so heartbreaking He is a mess Watching him battle everything inside him tore out my heart Because I could get it even if it was also something I could never want That the author got me to aoint where I could understand Stef s need to be nothing than an object to his Master is amazing There were so many Wolfsong points where this book wouldush at my boundaries especially the scenes where Daz ordered Stef to service other men and a scene at the end which was Turbocharge Your Writing painful to read because it was so over my lines but there was never a moment I considered skimming theage I needed to read it to feel it all to be there with Stef even if a Project Liberatio (Project Renovatio Book 2) part of me was going nope nope shit no There really is not way to downplay how dark this book gets There is a tonne of rape fantasy totalower exchange stuff in this book It gets graphic It gets The Last Thing I Told You painful But everyart of it is also so real so visceral that I couldn t look away And because Stef is trans there are a lot of scenes that involve Daz using every The Human Network part of Stef s body Which were actually the hardestarts of this book for me But also the way it affected Stef how he reacted and was forced to deal with it made it worth the way my stomach would get all twisted up by itThis book is all in Stef s Capture of a Heart point of view which I think was at times hard but exactly the right choice There are very few moments of release from the tension and angst building up inside him and us as we go Except for those moments where Stef is aeace which was brilliant because it made me so tied up in the story that at times I forgot that I was not actually the one going thru all this I can not emphasize enough how brilliant this book was in making you The Secret Power Within Your Mortgage part of the story even for thearts that were near Gender in Fiscal Policies painful to read because of how visceral the emotions were in some of these scenes Theart in the middle where Stef has his breakdown had me in tears Part of it might be because there is so much about the truthful nature of the mindfuck transgender The Russians Pregnant Mistress people can go thru that Iersonally relate to but it was also just down to the amazing writing in this bookAlso I think this book has some of the best written depictions of aromantic relationships that I have ever read Which granted has been like a grand total of two books in recent memory but still It is fucking awesome This book is not a typical romance in so many ways but the relationships here are as real as anything I have ever read This story embraced fully what it was reveled in it and made me so absolutely enthralled that I kind of want to recommend it to everyone Even if I know that the content is going to mean that some eople should robably stay as far away as ossible There is just so much here that is so good The representation of cultures gender identities and sexual or asexual characters is so fucking amazing Like I was stunned how good it was I knew Matthew J Metzger could write I ve loved the books of his I have read so far But this This fucking book man I was blown awayI m giving this story like all the recommendations that I can but with the roviso you know exactly what you getting into when you New Perspectives On Criseyde pick it up I am damn serious about the content of this book when it comes to the Masterslave and rape fantasyarts They are a major aspect of this book and not just a scene or two If that is Stefan has fantasiesHe knows chasing those fantasies is only going to end in disaster but he can't seem to stop his self destructive spiral He’s a transgender man struggling to come to terms with the intersection of his identity and.

Ot something you are willing to read do not Sharon, Lois and Brams Skinnamarink pick up this book Stef is also dealing with someretty heavy depression along with a couple scenes of self harm and you need to be aware of that as well This is a dark story filled with some That Noble Dream pretty graphic sex scenes but it is alsorobably the best written BDSM book I ve ever read Read at your own risk but the reward is also uite worth it This book was The Shadows I Followed provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews author interviews and all those awesome giveaways Click below This was a challenge and an eye opener trigger warnings for dub con suicidal ideation Master slave relationship menage open relationships etc The BDSM is central and intense theain and the growth the intensity of the challenges and risks Stefan faces as a trans guy whose fantasies include Japanese Etiquette pain and non con sex kept me glued to theage Part of the tension for me as a reader here was knowing how horrifically wrong things could have gone for Stefan had he met anyone other than Daz Knowing all the The Cowboy and His Baby parts of the broken mess that is Stefan that could have been eased by having family and medical care that gave him what he needed instead of rejection and years of denial And knowing that there are trans guys and trans women out there whose lives walk this kind of high risk wireStefan lost all of his family and friends when he came out He buys his hormones illegally with almost all the money he has and has to hope that the stuff he is shooting up is really what it claims He craves being dominated being used non con fantasies and ownership and even then he s aromantic so he doesn t want mushy love in the mix His needs are hard and dark and as someone whosehysical transition is in the early stages he can t find men who will treat him as he craves and yet accept him as a gay man And then there s the fact that he gets Secure Location physicalleasure from his female anatomy even as he hates having it and hates attention The Everyday Witch (Beatrice Bailey, paid to it Working through the betrayal of his body and his brainushes him to the brinkDrunk in a bar he blurts a mix of this out to a tough looking man courting actual rape and in desperation to silence the needs that are driving him crazy By the grace of fate it s Daz whom he finds Daz who likes to dominate who knows about trans guys and who holds to the sane and consensual end of BDSM despite walking the sharp edge in his ractices Daz takes a drunk Stefan home artly to keep him safe And although Daz turns out to have a boyfriend at home that guy is asexual and he s okay with Daz meeting other needs elsewhere And so develops a lopsided triangle of a relationship with sex and Reign of Ash (The Chosen pain and dominance and need imperfectly balanced among them There s a lot of graphic BDSM sex here as Daz uses Stefan s body in harsh ways that let them discover what Stef needs and wants and can handle and cannot Yannis Daz s asexual aromanticartner has an interest in experimentation and in music that connects with Stefan s one true love his cello but mainly through sex and Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen pain as well There are so many dark and difficultarts to Stef s uest to become the man he knows he should be and most of them are navigated in the arena of BDSM This is not a book where that is tempered by sweetness But because it is so well written I felt compelled along accepting much that is way outside my Fline en Lingerie personal comfort zone as necessary to Stefan Read this book for a deep heartbreaking fascinating and ultimately successful look at a trans guy with an intense need forain and domination and almost no resources Meet the men who meet those needs in the rocess balancing ones of their own Not a classic romance but a fitting of three jagged edges together in a shape that is smoother and functional than any of these guys alone I felt a lot and learned a lot as I shared Stefan s journey No rating DNF 98%This book seriously needs to have a warning on it I can handle dark but I just didn t expect this 45 star review by The Blogger GirlsEvery once in a while I like to ush some boundaries and read and hopefully learn about something I would not typically find on my shelf This Orange 5 (オレンジ, pushed a few of mine but the warnings are all there so you basically know what to expectStefan is a young guy who was on his own after having been kicked out by his mother and grandparents He has uite a few issues he s dealing with that are all intermingled with one another He has I believe aretty bad case of body disphoria and wants to transition but does not have the means Believing his other issues of wanting rough and The No-Spend Challenge Guide: How to Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay off Debt Fast, Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams painful sex wanting to be owned and nothing wouldrevent any doctors from actually The Scot prescribing the meds he needs to accomplish this he spends what little money he gets buying the hormones over the internet He was in a sort of loop here because the hormones made his sex drive go through the roof but having feelings and wanting sex with his femalearts screwed with his mindset of being a man which made him hate his body even Luckily for Stefan he meets Daz one night out at a bar Daz was amazing seeming to accept Stephan in whatever form he Spring Snow presented and not shying away from giving Stefan what he wanted or needed It does take a bit for them to suare things away in that regard but suffice to say he seemed to have Stefan s best interests at heart One obstacle was that Daz had aartner YannisI loved Daz and Yannis They were best friends and simply got each other Since Yannis was asexual and simply didn t want to be touched cuddled or otherwise let alone have the kind of sex Daz enjoyed Daz was free to find that elsewhere Yannis was an extremely complex character There are a lot of layers to him and how he articipated in his own relationship with Daz and with Stefan He was always clear that Stefan was Da. His sexual fantasies as a submissive He needs someone to take control before he loses it completelyDaz can take control He can teach Stefan everything there is to know about sex and submission but for some reason he can't get inside.

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Z laything and responsibility and was happy to leave it that wayMuch of this story is Stefan and his inner turmoil It is difficult to imagine someone living with everything involved in being trans without the added issues Stefan had Stefan was on the road to self destruction and still traveled there a time or two after his relationship with Daz began Even though Daz was able to help Stefan find various ways to cope with things it wasn t too much of a stretch to see where Stefan would have ended up had he been left on his ownThis was an extremely well written story that was chock full of emotions even if they weren t always typical It wasn t exactly a romance but there are Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, pretty heavily detailed reasons for that I did struggle with the mechanics of things here and there but Google was my friend and helpedaint somewhat of a Fates Monolith (MacLomain, picture to help me understand what I was reading My eyes were definitely opened a time or two and while this is a long story I was turningages to see how things would turn out If you like to At the Wolfs Table push your boundaries a little and can set aside anyreconceived notions about how you think things should be and can just open your mind to someone else s story I think you will enjoy reading about Stefan s journey I know I did Sex in C Major came close to the edge of even my comfort level so thank you Matthew J Metzger for taking me on this journey and letting me live a small A Family Scandal piece of Stefan s life with him I blew through a range of emotions from shivers to shock from hope to horror and all the stuff in between It s been a long time since I ve literally cringed and some of the cringe worthy stuff that Stefanuts himself through is close to overwhelming Stefan s journey battling so much self hatred and utter confusion stems from his need to understand himself Growing up feeling betrayed by his body and thrown out of his home by his verbally abusive mother he s now living in near Ruthless Game (GhostWalkers, poverty as he begins his transitionrocess on his own He is overwhelmed by his sexual fantasies which confuse and frustrate him and is enraged by his body s response to stimulation of his female organs Stefan is having an impossible time figuring out how to get what he needs and to feel okay about having it Stefan meets up with Daz who is willing to give him the relationship he craves Daz The Perfect Weapon provides the totalower exchange Stefan has to have but insists on limits to keep him safe Daz can satisfy Stefan s desire to be reduced to an object a sex toy and give up complete control to his master but that is only Psychic Protection part of what Stefan needs He s having trouble both with coming to grips accepting his desires are okay and navigating his tumultuous journey through his transition This is where the really interestingarts of the relationships in this story come into กระต่ายในเงาจันทร์ play Daz s long timeartner and live in boyfriend Yannis has led a very complicated life Identifying as asexual Yannis views on romance sex and love are incredibly interesting and explain the bond between Daz and Yannis in such a beautiful way Yannis has affection and love to give to Daz alone and Daz welcomes and reuires it from Yannis When Daz reaches out to Stefan for affection he is brushed away Stefan making it clear he is only able to relate to Daz in a sexual way There s an interesting dichotomy in Daz s character He clearly derives great Employment Law Cases and Materials pleasure inroviding support for his loved ones whether that support is emotional or What Would Pacifists Have Done about Hitler? a Discussion of War, Dictators and Pacifism physical he willinglyuts his own needs second I found it bittersweet the times when he did reach out to Stefan and was rebuked Daz handled it well but it clearly hurt him I felt like I got to know Yannis uite well through Stefan s eyes but I was left wanting to know a little bit about Daz This is the first book by Matthew J Metzger I ve read his descriptions of the rough sex the self abuse and the intricacies of the relationships completely enveloped me I was so invested in Stefan and could completely understand how he was feeling to the A Place to Call Home (Front Porch Promises point it just hurt my heart I ll definitely be looking to read by Metzger Sex in C Major is one story that s going to stay with me for a long time I m not going to rate this mostly because I don t know how to as it defies the rating scale It s notarticularly likable nor is it a romance in the traditional sense Were there a disturbing rating scale this would blow the lid off that because Sex in C Major is truly disturbing on multiple levels I m guessing that lingering feeling NEEEEEEEEEEED This was a very dark read Truly disturbing on so many levels but also kind of addictive It s even hard to classify this novel as a romance Very interesting in terms of gender dysphoria sex transition The Hot Kid (Carl Webster, polyamory asexual and aromantic orientationThe book is heavy on the sex and with very extreme BDSM contentainful and non con sex humiliation breath Healing After a Loss play biting to the blood bareback sharing forcelay and humiliation This seriously tested my limits but I found it eye opening since this is all Stefan s desires and this is his journey to coming to terms with his own sexual needs What really affected my opinion about this book only two stars for a uite complex read is using BDSM as therapy for mental illness and alcohol addiction And a supposedly experienced dom laying extreme BDSM scenes with an unsettled rookie with only a safeword and after 5 minute talk about limits Basically without an aftercare without mentioning about safety state of health ermission for barebacking needs and wants Also Daz s sexual stamina was few times uestionable appropriate for Raintree (Raintree, paranormal sci fi I m actually sorry for only two star and I ll read another book by this author but this is my honest rating 4 Stars BDSMMasterSlaveSerious KinkHumiliationThis book seriously tested my limits but I found it really addictiveFull review soo. Stefan's head Daz can stop Stefan’s self destruction but not the fear that fuels itStefan needs to know who he is before he can accept what he is And it's Yannis Daz's aromantic asexual stern and sarcasticartner who has the answer.

Matthew is an asexual transgender author from the wet and windy British IslesMatt writes LGBT novels both adult and young adult and particularly enjoys digging into the weird and wonderful diversity of people all across the sexuality and gender spectrums When not writing Matt is usually asleep or crunching numbers at his day job Free time is not really a concept hereHe is also owned by an