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Ng how vastly different our country is So I was heartened to ead of this truly inspirational woman and the Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose remarkable life she lead I give great credit to the author for the thoroughesearch and the plentiful footnotes and citations This did make the book move almost too slowly my one The Kaya-Girl reason for not giving it a full 5 stars A very good book for a very narrow audience This is the biography of the woman who wrote America the Beautiful The book tells of the struggles of a talented woman poet during a time when women had to fight for their education and careers Wellesley College is the focal point of her life both as a student and as a faculty member The book also chronicles a few never fulfilledelationships she had with younger men lasting till her death If you are into literature poetry or a human interest story about an accomplished woman This is for you. Rsonal heartaches as a single woman faced with choosing between marriage and a career She efused to let an impoverished childhood in a Cape Cod village or the closed doors of male only bastions the ministry graduate schools or the Yankee literary establishment prevent her from creating an inspiring life This book is for those who love America the Beautiful and those who oot for the unlikely triumph of a complicated woman from sea to shining sea.

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Overnment high school classes I am the fortunate winner of a Goodreads giveaway of the biography of Katharine Lee Bates author of the poem America I yearn for unity in our country as did Miss Bates following the Civil War From her origins in Falmouth MA to her college education nearly unheard of for women in those days to her inspirational trip to Pike s Peak CO we learn what a trailblazer she was She and her companion Katharine where visionaries and pioneers not only in the written word but in women s Omnibus Films rights I was surprised to learn that Francis Scott Key s Star Spangled Banner was written to the tune of an English drinking song but Bates s America was a poem mean to be spoken Later turmoil in our country would form the poem into the song we now know The song is what often inspires me as I travel across our country amazed at the view from the airplane seei. Her childhood in Falmouth Massachusetts during the mid 1800s where she felt she had beenock'd in a clamshell to Wellesley College Boston Oxford Spain and EgyptAlthough her passion was poetry Katharine's three alluring suitors two men and one woman pulled her into major eform movements in a changing America She was a dynamic woman with public triumphs an antiwar activist poet during America's tumultuous growth into a world power who suffered pe.

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Very informative book about Katherine Lee Bates Terrific ead Katharine Lee Bates From Sea to Shining Sea by Melinda M Ponder is one of the finest biography s I ve had the opportunity to Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge read in a very long time I was so impressed with the depth of theesearch into Katharine s life She was an amazing woman I love that she wanted to write something that made Americans proud of their country She wanted everyone to feel the deep love and gratitude she had for this land that she was born aised and embraced I was surprised to find out how well educated she was I would love to see what she would think if she could find herself suddenly in our time She was very progressive having loved two men and a woman That made me chuckle She loved her country and her countrymen for who they are A superb book that I would love to see made into euired Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family reading for American In KATHARINE LEE BATES From Sea to Shining Sea biographer Melinda M Ponder delves into theemarkable life of the woman behind this nationally treasured poem Teacher poet community builder and patriot Katharine Lee Bates challenged Americans to make their country the best it could become in its values and literatureDrawing on extensive esearch in Bates family diaries letters and memoirs Ponder brings Katharine to vivid life in her journeys from.

Melinda M Ponder became intrigued with Katharine Lee Bates’ story when she attended Wellesley College and studied English – in the same English Department that Katharine Lee Bates established at the school decades earlier Ms Ponder continued her academic career as a published literary critic with an MA in American Studies and a PhD in English and American Literature from Boston College and