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Erything including spa treatments of every kind The author wrote an interesting series that will keep you reading straight thru till you reach the last page Find out how being uber rich really eel. Ood things must come to an end especially when someone inds out about their illicit affair Weekend #3 Things are heating up as Brandi and Rob's secret weekends together continue Only this time someone has ound out and that someone wants to have Brandi or his own private weekends with her too And if she doesn't give in he'll tell everyone about their dirty little secret Besides her amazingly tiny and lithe body the main reason Rob loves Brandi so much is due to her innocence and loyalty to him How is she going to keep their secret rom getting out without having to do the one that would make Rob hate her And an excerpt or Weekend #4.

Hen she was ourteen He moved them Rascal from a dump of an apartment to his mansion in Beverly Hills Atirst he mom was completely smitten with her new husband Because he bought and lavished her with ev. She does him and when she's not doing that she's out shopping Brandi on the other hand is everything her mother is not Brandi is innocent loyal and always around and supportive And damn if she isn't the hottest piece he's ever seen What happens when Brandi Another Day of Life finally turns 18 and they're alone in the house togetheror the irst time Weekend #2 It's Weekend #2 or Rob and Brandi What turned out to be a one time mistake between the man of the house and his stepdaughter soon turned into something much exciting than either of them anticipated Brandi's innocence awakened something within Rob that made his alpha male side come alive But all

An Awesome ReadI enjoyed reading Bundle Daddy Daughter Weekends 1 3 all about Brandi Creighton an eighteen year old senior Robert Creighton her stepdad She irst met him when her mom married him Enter the captivating and taboo world of Brandi Rob own all 3 amazing stories in one mind blowing bundle Weekend #1 When Brandi's mom married Rob it meant moving rom a run down one bedroom apartment literally on the other side of the tracks to an over the top penthouse in Beverly Hills However transferring Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, from public school to a private all girls high school proves to be a challenge when it comes to dating and making newriends Brandi ends up spending all her nights and weekends at home Alone Luckily her devastatingly handsome stepdad is there to keep her company Rob is lonely Like super lonely His wife enjoys screwing the help than.

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Having been bit by the writing bug I began to see stories all around me When my neighbor Hilde mentioned how much she had enjoyed her Hitler Youth group I was intrigued Not long after that I was helping my 100 year old Granny pack up things and found a beautiful embroidered tablecloth that looked almost new “Granny I’ve never seen you use this Why not”Sadness engulfed Granny’s face “My b