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Fatal Evidence is a very fast pace book There is so much going on the chemistry between Scott and Heather and all the ways that their project is being sabotaged Some of them were uite inventive They are very different but can work together when it counts Fatal Evidence has the ight amount of everything I love in a book mystery suspense intrigue sexual chemistry family drama and great friendships Throw in an heiress turned Essays One real estate agent trying to get out from under herich family and her entitled Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose role and add a blue collared construction worker with a chip on his shoulder and it s perfectScott Holland and Heather Silva you shouldemember from the other books in this series and it was great they got their own story There is only so much pretending one can do when there is so much sexual chemistry that it soon becomes The Kaya-Girl real Scott and Heather are no longer pretend Heather worries she feels too much for Scott and pulls awa. What you don’t know can get you killed Construction company owner Scott Holland doesn’t go looking for trouble but he’s just stumbled on plenty Theundown mill he’s bought is plagued with mysterious incidents and his investment partner heiress Heather Silva is.

Y while Scott has a bad taste in his mouth about a previous elationship and feels Heather too will look down on his lower economic and social statusThrown together as partners on a project they both had to have Scott and Heather soon find themselves in the crosshairs of some lunatic trying to destroy not only their efforts of ebuilding an abandons warehouse but also in destroying them The guessing game and the cat and mouse chase make for a great whodunit While both Scott and Heather are fighting for their business venture as well as their lives they soon find battling their growing feelings difficult amongst all the chaosEnjoyed all the books in this series so far and loved the hint at the next to follow The suspense is outstanding at the end of this second chance Omnibus Films romance It was kind of slow to start then their workplace began to be sabotagedThiseview is based on the ARC provided by the author andor the publisher via Ne. As stubborn as she is intriguing Dumped by his ex because of his blue collar job Scott is wary of Heather’s privileged background Yet he’s drawn to her independence and strength especially as the “accidents” grow terrifyingDetermined to succeed without anyone?.

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TGalley in exchange for my honest opinion 45 Heather and Scott have been attracted to each other for a long time once they act on it though what happens This book continues telling Scott and Heather s story and it is full of twists and turns suspense and Graeco-Egyptian Magick romance This was a fun and engaging book toead and I Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge really enjoyed it Thank you for allowing me toead this and write about it honestly Scott Holland wants the undown mill that s up for sale but the only way he s going to be able to secure it is to become partners with heiress Heather Silva Investing together should be easy enough but it appears someone is looking to cause trouble for the pair with the site plagued with mysterious incidents Yet with the danger closing in on them and Scott being wary of Heather s privileged background will he be able to let go of the past to achieve happy ever after with the woman he s falling in love with or will they lose their chance. ??s help especially her wealthy parents Heather clashes with Scott again and again But a grisly discovery makes them both targets Someone wants Heather and Scott silenced for good And as a killer closes in the only option is to trust each other or become the next victi.