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Some plausible what do I want to do with my life thinking from both MCs some very entertaining descriptions of Bali both the location and the people and then lots of meandering ridiculous non communication and for two people who fell in love very uickly enough serious ignoring of their emotions that the HEA ending was too artificialSo 25 for the author s story of romances for Lily and er mother 425 for the entertaining travel descriptions 4 for the narration 15 for the audio uality leaves the book with3 mehSo I m not sure whether I would say I m too cynical for the book I did buy into the idea of a straight woman crushing on a lesbianand reevaluating Isotopic Carbon herself as bisexual something that shouldappen often IMO but I do agree with Alexis that Lily s Fire disappointed Over all 4 Stars for the audiobook a re read375 stars for narration I enjoyed this audiobook version of this book The narrator CC Sinclair did well on the Bali natives and the British characters including Lily and The Robotics Primer (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents Series) her mother but then again I don t know what a Bali accent sounds like River is an American artist living in Bali who also gives private boat tours Great chemistry between Lily who came to Bali for what was supposed to beer Step Out of Your Story honeymoon and mysterious River who isiding from The Eyes of the Dead her past Romance was a bit fast which doesn t bother me but even I noticed it was uickLike the ebook I gave the same rating 4 stars A good romance likable MCs and travelogue for Bali I enjoyed both versions Full disclosure I won the audiobook from the author with no obligation for a review 35 stars A good first book from a new author I really liked Gold s second book Beyond the Skyline so I gave this one a try too and I wasn t disappointed Even though I didn t really connect with characters like I did in Beyond the Skyline I still enjoyed itGold differentiateser books from others by taking readers to some exo This is definitely a winnerWhen Lily s life is in disarray she Rules for a Lady hopes aoliday will Calebs Tempting Mate (Saber Chronicles helper piece it back together River ABC has a very dramatic past andas built To Odd Man In her new friend Lilyas never been involved with a woman before but she can’t seem to get the charming and persuasive blonde out of Palace Intrigue (A Medieval Tale heread Is this newly awakened fire just a moment in time Or as destiny led them exactly where they needed to.

Ed er review with I am far too cynical for this bookand in general Well Carlyle Marney hey nowif any of my friends IRL read that sentence they would immediately think I wrote it Alexis and I often agree on book ratings but we also often differ dramatically So I decided to listen to Lily s Fire to seeow in or out of sync we might be on this oneI enjoyed the narrator but disliked the pervasive tape Shameful hiss sound that plagued much of the audiobook Poor technical uality is becoming much freuent with Audiblecom so perhaps I should stop mentioning when it s bad and start calling out the audiobooks that deliver uality sound Nahspanking can be fun The book begins with MC Lily deciding to go to Bali which shead planned to do What she ad not planned to do was go alone as it was supposed to be er Sacred Landscapes honeymoon trip Having caughter fianc a man in bed with another woman just before Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, her marriageplans changed YupLily is straightLily enjoys a private tour with MC River an enigmatic artist with a mysterious past and with a trail of women she s beddedwithout commitmentsWell Lily and River spend time together Lily is surprised by developing a crush on River and River forer part doesn t mind Gold Rush helping a straight woman experimentshe s done it before with lots of tourists But thenRiver begins thinking that Lily is different than the others Lily begins to think that life with former fianc Edo was boring and that she s excited by the changes iner lifeAnd then Lily s mother arrives And somehow a delightful story of an island romance between two improbable women who must sort out their feelings for each other and decide whether this is a tryst or a relationshipjust gets weird Lily s mother is too strange for all the book time she s given and somehow the book suddenly includes a romance for Girl Reporter her River s troubled past is revealed River and Lily are open about their feelings for each otherto their friends but not to each other Lily and Edooh don t get me started One or both Lily and River don t ever return calls and at the end all s wellSodecent beginning. Bled past and serious commitment issues She traded a successful career in LA for a uiet anonymous life in Bali where she works as a tour guide on weekends After the two meet on an excursion led by River Lily is shocked to finderself curiously drawn.

I am far too cynical for this book and in generalThis started off pretty good but wow did it go downhill fast There are so many things about this book that downright irritated me I really don t understand Hunted how it s gotten suchigh ratings The entire story to me was just utterly unbelievable and unrealistic In fact I ended up skimming Gingerbread Heart half of the book and even wondered whether or not it would end up as a DNFThe main characters spend less than a week together and the reader is supposed to believe they re madly in love I m not buying it in fact if someone were to tell me they were in love after only 1 night together I would be running for theills The only thing this story ad going for it was the chemistry between River and Lily However instead of focusing on their relationship and building a stronger basis to make their love believable the author chose to dedicate that attention to Lily s mother who acts so immature and clueless sometimes she might as well ave been Biz Talk-2 hatched from an eggThis really just wasn t my kind of book Plenty of other reviewers seem to like it though so give it a shot you might be less cynical than I am This was a very enjoyable first novel I will keep an eye on future books by Lise Gold35 starsMar 29 2017 This was a beautiful story A really beautiful story I loved it Lovely romance with very likable and well written MC s Lily who is visiting Bali which was supposed to beer Ricky Ricottas Mighty Robot vs the Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn (Ricky Ricotta, honeymoon and River an American tour guide and artist There a number of side characters the author does a remarkable job giving each a backstory and personality but it is not overwhelming I look forward to read from this author Really enjoyed the book and the writing style only could not get over the mistakes in the editing the kindle editionad Lily is spelt numerous ways throughout the book including Lily Lilly and Lillie annoying as she i DNFcould not get into it at allshelving it for now sorry I listened to the audiobook Lily s Fire after reading my Goodreads friend Alexis review She gave it two stars and open. Lily a A Historical Atlas of Tibet heartbroken editor from Londonas just learned the The Last Awakening (Curse of the Phoenix, hard way that love is unpredictable After findinger fiancee entangled with another woman she travels to Bali to recover from er failed relationship River is a womanizing artist with a trou.

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Lise Gold is an author of lesbian romance Her romantic attitude enthusiasm for travel and love for feel good stories form the heartland of her writing Born in London to a Norwegian mother and English father and growing up between the UK Norway Zambia and the Netherlands she feels at home pretty much everywhere and has an unending curiosity for new destinations She goes by ‘write what you k