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Mph his aring rescue of six Citizen Cain desperate American citizens from the heart of post revolutionary Iran I melighted that Mr Mendez is now receiving the public acclaim that he never sought but has richly Trail of Secrets deserved Thank you sir for your service to America And thank you for this wonderful book This isn t an action packed spy thriller featuring ruthless agents breaking all the rules This is about a guy who wanted to eat be an artist but found an opportunity with the CIA rose through the ranks impressively He spent 25 years mostly forgingocuments identities working out How to Train a Cowboy disguises so other agents couldo the job but he One Special Moment did have uite a few hours in the field as wellThere was some repetitionue his meticulous handling of every subject A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain definitely great fodder for any spy thriller novelists Forged papers identities legends aren t whipped up at the spur of the moment The amount of tedious preparation sometimes in primitive conditions was incredible The skills needed were mind blowing Heiscusses slicing open an envelope then gluing the threads back together until the glue job was invisible I can t imagine Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, doingetail work like that sometimes for 18 hours at a time under threat of The Mommy Makeover discoveryPerhaps the best part was to hear an insider s account of some of the milestones of recent history Heiscusses Argo but never mentions Zelazny or Lord of Light by name the fall of the Berlin Wall the very end of his career several traitors He The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives doesn t excuse Iran Contra or other boondoogles but it s pretty easy to see that the CIA hasone some great work as well as made some great goofs They re also hampered by politics news coverage He A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, doesn t blame either butoes mention a couple of times when both certainly put extra pressure on those in the fieldI m glad I listened to this I would have skimmed a lot if I First Blood d read it in print Still it s well worth getting through the entire book Ion t think I ll read Argo How the CIA Hollywood Pulled Off the Most Audacious Rescue in History since it was covered well enough for me in this book but I might read another of his books Spy Dust Two Masters of Disguise Reveal the Tools Operations That Helped Win the Cold War Gathering Info Getting the Scoop by Using Your Wits both look interesting because they re co authored by his second wife who worked with him in the CIA. Nary Tehran Iran This extraordinary operation inspired the movie Argo The Palliser Novels directed by and starring Ben AffleckThe Master of Disguise gives us a privileged look at what really happens at the highest levels of international espionage in the field undercover and behind closedoor.

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Within the limits set by the CIA he writes of cool Men And Gods In Mongolia disguises and spy tradecraft This book is best when it s a first person account of his adventures on the job in exotic locations with code named foreign agents working for the US When it gets to the expositions of how and why his occupation works it can be a bitry but necessary And the most famous of his tales the extrication of 6 Hunter Killer (Pike Logan diplomats from Iran using the Argo movie scam gets only a few pages Fun behind the scenes account of CIA operations mostlyuring the Cold War It s fun because M ndez carefully avoids most of the CIA s most heinous history in favor of rollicking spy tales I enjoyed The Master of Disguise with eyes wide open to M ndez s bias A bit boring at parts but overall very interesting The actual processes that go into operations is much than I thought it Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, d be 35 this is uite a nice book as much as a memoir or an autobiography can be it s not really full of action and intrigue or suspense and tension like a fiction spy book but it s nonetheless uite entertainingthe author is a retired CIA operative that reached over the years the euivalent of the rank of colonel or even close to a general if compared with the army ranking system as such he had the chance to see a lot and to take up a special seat with a great view in his career to some events that took place in fact in our recent historyis covering the cold war era from 1965 all the way to 1990 and even a bit so if you have some interest in some significant events that happeneduring this period you may find this book uite interestingI know I The Friend Zone did and it was time well spent on my end An interesting book Parts of it were very intriguing while other parts could get boringIt was cool to learn about CIA tradecraft but also takes some of the mystiue away Not so many James Bond stories but still some interesting things theyid The book s author and ex CIA agent Antonio Mendez also wrote Argo which wasis IMHO just a better book I Flying Scotsman Manual d say but I m on a frantic book logging catch up scramble so for now I ll leave it at that I read this book after seeing the movie Argo and becoming intrigued to hear the real story behind the mission to help the six embassy workers get home from Iran Mendez in this book takes you through his early life and the parts about his career in th. From the author of Argo comes an unforgettable behind the scenes story of espionage in action In the first ever memoir by a top level operative to be authorized by the CIA Antonio J Mendez reveals the cunning tricks and insights that helped save hundreds fromeadly situati.

E CIA that he can reveal It s not an action packed spy novel but it s better than that because the is talking about real operations and real things that officers Alpha (Shifters, did in theiraily work Mendez primarily worked with Whalerider disguises and exfiltrationuring his years with the CIA Even though the Iran situation takes up about 60 pages of the book the other stories were uite interesting too I found this to be a fascinating piece of insight into the pre 911 CIA and how it conducted some of its work The one Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex down side is that Mendez clearly wanted to boast at least a little about the awards that he wonespite him saying otherwise although even with the little information he can Graphic Design For Everyone disclose it seems clear that his awards were highlyeserved The Master of Disguise My Secret Life in the CIA is easily one of my favorite memoirs of all time It reads like fiction while giving you that adrenaline rush without having to be in the Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, do orie situations yourself I ve loved every Tony Mendez memoirnon fiction book I ve read and would recommend them all full heartedly but this is probably the most expansive of them all since it covers his full career in the CIA rather than a specific operation or location This is the one to read if you only read one and would like a better understanding of what the CIA actually Sweetland does and how it goes aboutoing those things While I was researching the CIA background for my Art of Laurel and Hardy debut thriller HUNTER Ievoured a host of books written by former Agency officers My goal was to try to get a sense of the reality of their Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, day toay lives and activities And because aliases and The Intelligent Entrepreneur disguises play such an important role in my novel I was especially eager to learn as much as possible about that aspect of spycraftFor both reasons I waselighted to The Summer of the Ubume discover The Master of Disguise Antonio Mendez is and presents the realeal when it comes to life in the clandestine services His CIA memoir is rich with Distracted - Acting Edition detail about operations tradecraft and the personal impact of living in a universe of lies ruses and manipulations I profited greatly from reading this book both as a writer and as a citizen who acuired a greater appreciation for the braveedicated men and women who often must put their lives on the line to efend our nationWith the hit movie Argo now paying tribute to his greatest covert ops triu. OnsAdept at creating new identities for anyone anywhere Mendez was involved in operations all over the world from “Wild West” adventures in East Asia to Cold War intrigue in Moscow In 1980 he orchestrated the escape of six Americans from a hostage situation in revolutio.

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Antonio Joseph Tony Méndez was an American CIA technical operations officer who specialized in clandestine and covert CIA operations He smuggled six State Department employees out of Tehran during the Iran hostage crisis an operation portrayed in the movie Argo He wrote multiple memoirs about his CIA experiences