S.R. Witt: Operation Gamers Universe #05

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It’s the easy jobs that turn out to be killers When Heck nd her Operator outfit the Metal Rats take Yoga: The Art of Adjusting a job to retrieve some experimental technology from research space station on the Fringe it seems like cakewalk But when they discover the scientists have some secret defenses of their own the ttack.

Ers find themselves on the defensive And when Heck learns the truth behind what they’ve been sent to steal she has no choice but to go rogue Will Heck’s decision to violate the rules of the scenario make her The Neural Basis of Free Will a hero or will her choice doom themllJump into Operation Catspaw nother thrilling tale in

Gamer’s Universe by S R Witt If you’re fan of LitRPG gritty science fiction dventure cyberpunk or multiplayer games this is the series you’ve been waiting for Gamer's Universe Suggested Reading Order Operation Catspaw Operation Snowblind with JL Hendricks Operation Pirates vs Drones with JL Hendric.

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