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Very good western series The story of Smoke Jensen trained by the last of the mountain men as a boy If you like men s adventure and westerns then you will enjoy the series Recommended After a few lackluster entries prior to 12 in the series this entry takes off re exploring the life of Smoke Jensen The story flips from Smoke out to help old pals against the bad guys to his wife s life at his homeranchI love how Smoke s ride to the rescue if derailed many times and one of those derailments is connected directly to his home and wife The first two thirds of the book is terrific in depicting all of this The last third is the pretty standard Johnstone battle against the bad guysThe characters are as always well defined by Johnstone In this case the bad guys are not as well focused The settings throughout are also a bit looser but I don t think that affects the tale muchThis volume is one of the best in the series Someone. Like Jensen the two Mexican gunfighters nown as Carbone and Martine had put away their six.

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The Mountain Man series by William W Johnstone They are a throwback to the old west and come complete with rugged turrain outlaws Indians and heroes I enjoyed these books for the simple reason that I feel transported back to a simpler time when right was right wrong was wrong and there wasn t nearly so much gray The reader gets to learn alot about what it was like for the men and women who broke open the territory but especially we get to cheer on an old fashioned hero or two You will enjoy this trip back to the mid 1800 s and you ll willingly cheer for the good guys who are interesting and funny characters and hate the villains Enjoy Smoke Jenson man with a conscienceThese books are so good I can hardly put them down I enjoy how Smoke is always helping people with getting rid of bad people Enjoyed the 12th book of the smoke Jensen series Did love when they brought his two Mexican friends characters into the series. Utlaws under a warlord who called himself Carvajal That was when they called on Smoke Jense.

Could start with this book in the series but I think back nowledge of what came before gains appreciation of this bookBottom line I recommend this book 8 out of ten points Great book Lots of action Never read a book in 2 days before Excellent story Smoke Jensen and his two Mexican gunfighter friends have given up that ind of life to marry and go into ranching However when Carbone and Martine have major problems with the outlaw Carvajal Smoke leaves his ranch and goes south to help his friends I particularly like the bit of interaction with 10 year old Bobby Smoke is a really good guy Excellent book but drags in places Also longer than many of the others in this series A must readSmoke Jensen series is a fast funny and surreal to read and it is a addictive hard to put down and lovable characters Another great story of the Mountain Man Smoke Jensen very well written Over the past four months I have been reading. Guns married and turned to ranching down in Durango Then they came up against an army of

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The Devil's Kiss and became a full time writer in 1980 He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres including suspense and horror His main publication series were Mountain Man The First Mountain Man Ashes and Eagles and his own personal favorite novel was