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S Earth This was a very motional read EvaBrynn is a very strong person to have gone through so much and became a strong dependent person Unfortunately this story is all to true of what some children História do Rei Transparente experience with biological parents and fosteradoptive parents It is heartbreaking I very heartfelt read I started this book was so upset by it that I had to stop Then a couple of days later I started it again with newyes I sat up till 330am read as much as I could in one sitting This was an Best Mechanic Ever extremelymotional book from start to finish It jumped backwards forwards a lot but didn t detract from the story I found myself absolutely sobbing my heart than once A very beautifully written story about a very ugly topic and how Dinosaur Dinners eventually things can start to mend Goodness knows what is in store for Brynn next This review is from Leaving Eva The Eva Series Book 1 Kindle EditionAs I go back in my mind I realize that I have never read a book uite like this one The style of the book is very different I believe it s partially told from a narrator s view Other times from the character s POV At times I really had a hard time following all of the characters There are multiple characters in this book andach one had a story about them In His Blood even if a small one The hardest thing for me to follow was the back and forth time changes I found myself rereading several parts thinking I missed something not realizing it was a different time frame than the previous chapter orven a few paragraphs before The story itself was really good This is a dark sad book sad throughout the Desert Kings (Deathlands, entire book Verymotional The book An Officer and a Spy ended with a major cliffhanger I would like to know what happens next but only if the story is told in a continuous fashion instead of back and forth time frames through multiple characters I received this book inxchange for an honest review 35 stars Booktrope and NetGalley provided me with an Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, electronic copy of Leaving Eva inxchange for an honest reviewLife has not been Ooko easy for little Eva Elizabeth She was born to a teenage runaway Ellie Harper and her dangerous drug dealing boyfriend Eva had a few short years of happiness living with her grandparents and her mother but was abandoned on the side of the road by her ruthless father Renamed Brynn in foster care she was taken in by Rose and Thomas but there the suffering continued With so much turmoil in her life Brynn decides that she has to find a way to get past her horrific beginnings or risk losing I received anbook in Naked exchange for an honest review This book was my first book by author Jennifer Sivec but it will not be my last She has touched on some very hard yet very real topics and she wrote about them in a real and respectful way I feltvery Shadow Scale (Seraphina, emotion that BrynnEva went through It was real andmotional and I felt like I was in the story witnessing the Claim The Crown events unfoldThe author had a tight knit plot that flowed uickly and it was on a twisting turning curving road that left the reader needing while at the same time dreading thend of the story coming too uickly The reader was able to feel the Nerds events as if they happened to them and in a way that made thevents feel so completely real Adam and Brynn were such well developed characters and they were so well suited for In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, each other Brynn needed the type of love that Adam offered and Adam needed Brynn like he needed air to breathe Then it all started to unraveland the reader laughed cried and yelled right along with the charactersThere were a few problems with the book but the plot characters and situations made up for the spelling and punctuationrrors that the reader found throughout the book The overall vibe of the story will than make up for these and the reader will just bypass them when they come along This story is a must read for anyone who Bark enjoys a true romance that withstands all of the tests that are thrown at them It will make you laugh cry gasp and leave you with your mouth hanging open wanting Make sure you add this book to your TBR list and make sure you have a new unopened box of tissues next to you once you start it You will need them Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official For information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite wwwfacebookcomNerdGirlng I feel like this book should come with a big Trigger Warning sticker on it Sivec pulls no punchesxcuse the pun in her depictions of abuse alcoholism self harm and And I must say that s why I liked Leaving Eva so much Noth. Brynn has spent her On Such a Full Sea entire life hiding her physical andmotional scars As Brynn struggles to overcome her past so that she and Adam can begin a family of their own the darkness refuses to let her go The peace that Brynn has tried so desperately to cultivate seems just out of reach and Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! even the love of Adam may not benough to weather the storm Le.

5 Cranky Stars Warning Tissues needed for this bookJennifer Sivec shattered my heart with this book and it s still in pieces By the middle of the book I had to send her a message to see if she has a support group in place for her readers If I can offer any advice Read This BookBrynn has had a rough life I m not sure how anyone can survive what she s been through but that seems to be all she s doing SurvivingHer Momma Rose is the child and Brynn had to grow up way to fast while missing out on all the important life lessons that a parent should teach their child Though Brynn has been put through the ringer multiple times she manages to finish school and college to boot Book smarts are Cannibal easy for her it s personal relationships and her feelings that she struggles with Adam fell head over heals in love with Brynn at first sight He knows that she s different and he lives to make her smile He was raised in a loving family and wants nothing than to share that happiness with his Brynn This is truly their story A story of love pain and lossIt s hard to put into words how this book made me feel I went through the gamut ofmotions and at times found myself cringing and shaking I can honestly say that this is the first book to Mastered (The Enforcers, evoke such intensemotions from me I started reading it this morning and didn t stop until the last page I highly recommend this book and plan on stalking this author regularly About a year ago I came across the book Losing Eva It was one of those books that you just know you will never forget At that moment Jennifer Sivec became THE author for me I have never met her I really have never talked to her but as soon as her name is mentioned still to this day I have memories of Eva and how Jennifer is still one of the few authors who can draw out Man, Son of Man everymotion a human can have with her books I immediately knew I had to read Leaving Eva so I bought my copy and it took me four days to get through it I would read till I was sobbing so hard my heart felt like it was breaking into a million pieces and I just barely was able to function as a mother because I was constantly hugging my daughters and telling them how much they were wanted and lovedI was so Alter Ego emotionally wrecked I couldn t write a review a year ago for this book it was too haunting words would never live up to what I felt for this book and Eva When I had the chance to read and review it this time I was still a wreck but I can now write the review This story never left my mind over the year it still wraps itself around my heart and Iven volunteered to be a voice for kids in the court system because of this story This series has the power to change lives and open the yes of those willing to hear the horrific vents I know it changed my lifeShe did a fabulous job in the synopsis of telling you what to Uncommon Wisdom expect on the pages There are no words to describe what an open heart will feel when you read Eva s story Growing up knowing she wasn t wantedxcept by the one woman who can t protect her was devastating She was abused she was mistreated lied to battered let down and she was used No child asks for this when they are born but she was the perfect Unseen City example of an unwanted child with no one to care for herShe learned at anarly age that sharing her secrets made her vulnerable that trust was not to be given lightly to others She also learned her value wasn t worth much compared to others agendas and needs Every time happiness or dreams knocked on her door life would lock it before she was able to find her Art escape Her true worth was not seen because no one looked for it She grew up believing her value to others was disposable at any time in lifeEva became a hero to me her will to survive to still care for others was beyond remarkable She was never taught compassion yet she had it She was never given a chance to show her talents yet she developed them She really did raise herself and she was beautiful I would love to tell you that this is anasy read but it isn t It IS a book God Is in the Crowd everyone should read discuss learn from and find a way to help the Eva s in the world Jennifer not only became one of my favorite authors she became a hero to me Her words inspired me to risk my heart and sit in the court rooms and speak on behalf of kids like Eva Don t be so afraid you close youryes to stories like this learn from them Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard embrace them and do as I didhug your kids a bit tighter and tell them they are precious and valuable Nothing can replace any child put on thi. How can werase the memories that threaten to scar us On the outside Brynn Michaels appears to have it all A successful career A loving husband A beautiful home But nobody not ven her husband knows the depth of Brynn’s horror Abandoned as a child on the side of the road by her young drug addicted mother then later abused by her adoptive father.

Ing was watered down but at the same time nothing felt over the top and into the realm of xploitation It just felt very real I think fans of books such as Bastard Out of Carolina will really Notes for the Everlost enjoy this one I m really looking forward to reading the seuel I received this copy via NetGalley inxchange for an honest review Oh my goodness If you want to read a powerful and compelling women s fiction novel that will take you on an When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) emotional roller coaster ride then Leaving Eva is that novelIn Leaving Eva author Jennifer Sivec weaves a haunting dark tale thatngages the reader to follow the tragic life story of EvaBrynn Michael This heart wrenching story follows EvaBrynn s life through her childhood and adult years dealing with abandonment adoption and living a life wrought with No Biggy! emotional and physical abuse Toase her pain she resorts to self mutilation until she finds comfort and love with Adam her childhood sweetheart Brynn and Adam marry and while dealing with the struggles of normal adult relationships and issues Brynn is forced to face the demons of her traumatic past and come to terms with herself in order to get over her inability to trust and loveLeaving Eva is not an Crush It! easy story to read it is the kind of dark story that draws the reader in and takes them on an roller coaster ride where they willxperience the gamut of Attracting Birds to Your Backyard emotions as EvaBrynn s life story unfoldsThe author weaves a well written and compelling story that intertwines the issues of abandonment adoption addiction alcoholismmotional and physical abuse domestic and child abuse self mutilation self abuse friendship dysfunctional family dynamic overcoming past demons forgiveness and survivalLeaving Eva is a multi layered story that tugs at the heart strings and stirs the soul as it Deep Listening explores the depths of the human spirit It is a riveting story that willasily captivate the reader s attention and make them become Bird-by-Bird Gardening emotionally invested It is a deeply moving story that will make you will hold your breath at the traumas and dark secrets that EvaBrynnndures in her life and with the cliffhanger The Works of Saint Augustine ending it will leave you wanting Leaving Eva is the first book in The Eva SeriesDisclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author publisher inxchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone event hosted by Chick Lit Plus Blog Tourshttpjerseygirlbookreviewsblogspot I was looking forward to Leaving Eva and am not one to be overly disturbed by themes of child abuse possibly as my own life circumstances and childhood have given me a thicker skin than most but I can understand why this book might upset othersThe book is narrated at the start in a child s voice Eva s similar to the style of Room however it s not done as well and has a lot of roughdges to it I think the word mommy was My Teacher Is a Robot excessively used veryarly on the book perhaps a touch of overdose Eva s life is not good her daddy drinks and when not hitting her mommy and smashing her around he turns his temper and fists to young Eva Mommy bothered me by letting Eva know that they could not leave daddy Supper Club even though he is violent because they need him basically to be looked after I personally had an issue with thatarly onThe book seems to switch narration from first person to third throughout and is written with some timeline jumping It s not a bad book but really didn t wow me in anyway I read a fantastic book called Mazie Baby by Julie Frayn and it covered similar subject matter but I found it so much realistic and believable There was just something about Leaving Eva that had me not uite connecting with the characters and therefore fully Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) engaging with my heart Eva has awful abandonment issues and not surprising so relationships will no doubt be frayed with difficulties based on very real insecurities this isxplored later in the book as Adam Professional Capital enters Eva s world the way Eva sees herself and how Adam sees her is chalk and cheese Many have reallynjoyed this book so perhaps it s just one of those that just did not float my boat After all books and reviews are very much a personal perspective I will leave this one in your capable hands dear reader to decide if it s one for you or not I personally am not Seven Dwarfs Find a House (Disney Classic) enticed to read on any further into this series Three stars from me as an okay read Many thanks to Booktrope for an ARC of this book to read inxchange for an honest reviewFor of my book reviews plenty of awesome books to win and author A Berlioz, Vol. 2 events come to follow me on Twitter. Aving Eva is the tragic and suspenseful story of one woman’s battle to overcome abandonment and abuse In this powerful novel author Jennifer Sivecxplores the human resolve and our ability to not only survive but thrive Publisher’s note This story is intended for mature audiences It contains scenes depicting graphic violence and strong languag.

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Jennifer Sivec writes beautifully broken stories with heart She is attracted to and writes stories with characters that are complicated flawed and completely imperfect Her books are often a reflection of life encompassing difficult subjects such as cancer addiction abandonment and abuse She writes with a raw complex yet hopeful approach often weaving tragic stories with honesty and grace