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Author Seven Steps sent me an e copy of The Slave Planet for review Unfortunately the file did not transfer to my e reader properly and I had to reuest another copy Sure lad I didThe Slave Planet is the story of a dystopian society at least for the men slaves That is my classification the book is not necessarily marketed as such What else would you call it when one Dark Intrusions group in this case women enslave another men Social problems aside The Slave Planet is a love story accurately several love stories where the characters respond to natural physiologicalbiological urges don t worry the book is nowhere near that clinical The crux of the story is that men and women are naturally attracted to each other yayThe story is full of action political intrigue murder and of course romance The characters are believable and sympathetic except for Arees believable yes sympathetic no and I found myself rooting for Nadira from the start As I said The Slave Planet is a romance but we know romance is not my usual read This book has so many thingsoing for it that I did not feel I was reading out of my preferred enre The evil politicians were as ruthless and cold hearted as they come Our female author does not o easy on her portrayal of female characters at all does that sound sexist The book title Men are from Mars Women are from Venus is apparently true the slave planet in uestion is Venus and there is a hint of what Mars is about shudderThe Slave Planet crosses Decade of Despair genres so easily that I find it hard to categorize Iuess that is what publicists and merchandisers are for For me it just means that Seven Steps is a very What Was Lost good story teller Bottom line isn t that what we re looking forI was so caught up in the story that I didn t pay attention to the battery level in my e reader In the midst of the climax I had to recharge the device What a dragThe Slave Planet by Seven Steps is the first in a trilogy definitely worth following EnjoyMike The Slave Planetives a whole new meaning to the phrase Women are from Venus The book takes place on the Planet Venus in the year 7009 The planet is run by a matriarchal society where women not only run the planet but men are slaves Relationships between men and women are forbidden So what is Nadira to do when she finds herself in love with her slave Kiln As a council woman she tries to pass a law that will free the slaves But new and old Go-Go-Go! grudges alike not only prevent the bill from passing but also put Nadira and others lives in danger This book started off a little slow for me but when the action started I had a hard time putting it down There are so many points I could hit on that made this book soreat to me but I don t want to spoil it completely for everyone I will say this it s amazing what a few angry women can accomplish when they put their minds to it They cannot only build a society on that anger but they can also tear it apart with the help of a little ignorance and a healthy dose of entitlement The characters were amazing You had Nadira who knew what she wanted and that was Kiln She was willing to do anything to keep her relationship with him and wanted nothing then to not have to hide any and live in fear of being found out She was tough and stuck to her values even when that meant harsh conseuences Kiln wanted nothing but to be with her He wanted her safety above everything including his life Bragnia was an angry woman with a chip on her shoulder She blames her status in life on others and doesn t take responsibility for her own decisions that Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook got her there She uses her position to her revenge at any cost Eva is aood Reine Mädchensache girl who believes everything she has been taught about men and women and their status in society Until she meets Lex her new slave It was fun to watch her learn androw throughout the book There are many other characters who make this book hard to put down just waiting to see what happens to themAs the book continues. In a world where women are born to rule love is the ultimate crime  Empress Nadira’s planet is overned by one unbreakable rule women hold the reins of power and men exist to serve them But Nadira is in love with her servant Kiln and it’s a secret that could tear her family apart

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Aves was a mind broadening experience it almost toyed with your assumptions and ave a twist as to where you expected the storyline to Offenders and Detainees go and added aood sense of unpredictability Obviously no one would want a society where slavery is an accepted practice but this dystopian society was well thought out in its creation the political tension the underground markets and the different citiescommunities that made up the planet I struggled some with the relationship of Nadira and Marie in the beginning because it seemed inconsistent First Marie being upset that Nadira was too friendly with Kiln then sending her to live on her own with Kiln and no supervision However the way Marie and Nadira worked together in the end helped clarify their stance with each other I m not much for rating with half stars but this one I teetered between three and four stars as I compared it in my mind to other books I ve enjoyed and I d have to qasas-ul-quran give it 35 stars I reallyot hooked in the adventure but at times the flow of the story was choppy from errors you vs you re then for than and bought instead of brought that were prevalent throughout the book But with the string of characters that survived and the adventure where the book ended I am really looking forward to the next book in the series Please Note I was iven a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author for sharing your work Da Book Reviewers Presents This book was very well written It had few rammatical errors if any The title had me thinking that it was about to be a book version of the movie roots However I was in for a rude awakeningThe story took place on the planet Venus The characters were young kids and their mothers There were no fathers in the story but toward the ending it became clear of how the children were made The kids and their mothers all had slaves Some of the kids and their parent had than one slaveThe kick of the story is that the planet is ran by women All the slaves are male They have to do exactly what the women say or they will be punished or executed The higher council was only women So you know with a bunch of women together this book is full of drama and jealousy Some of the women were falling in love with their slaves But Dead-End Road Mysteries guess what that was against the law So now we know the book also includes sex lying and sneaking We now have all the recipes for a delicious bookThe slave planet keeps the readers intrigued I read the whole book in one setting The ending was somewhat sad I mlad Empress Arees Hear the Wolves got handled I only wish they would have zapped Countess Jun Su also Maybe they willet her in part two Great book keep up the Valors Measure good workwwwFacebookcomDaReviewers I received this book for an honest reviewThis book has a very interesting view on a future planet where women are in charge and men are slaves They buy and sell men all over the universe The women are called Empress The story revolves around an youngirl Nadira and her slave Kiln She wants him to be free because she is in love with him her mom wants rid of him and for her daughter to be on the council In the beginning her friend BFI Film Classics gets killed while racing hovercrafts and she keeps being seen with her slave which causes her toet in trouble Her mom eventually kicks her out even though she made it on the council Several of the Empress are killed and they set out to find out who Very interesting story if you like futuristic books I was Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan gifted this book for an honest review I have learned I am not a reader of Sci fi This book was well written flowed well and very few edit errors For those I amiving it a 4 star I was not able to connect to the characters in this story I was not sure what to expect I did read the entire book and it took all I had I can say I am not disappointed in the way it all came to an end If your into futuristic fantasy stories this one is for you you would probably enjoy it than I was able Rotecting her family or following her heart and saving KilnSaving Kiln is a Clean Interracial Science Fiction Romance with a touch of fantasy Fans of Octavia E Butler and Orson Scott Card will enjoy this book Fans of The Fifth Element The Matrix and Jupiter Rising will also enjoy this bo.

You start to see that all is not what it seems in the beginning but you will need to read the book to learn I highly suggest you read this book I hope to see the story continued I would love to see what becomes Nadira and the rest Intense Intriguing InnovativeThose are the words that for me describe this bookThe Slave Planet is a story set in the very far future it takes place on Venus one of many planets that have been colonised It is a planet where women rule and men are their slaves The High Council that rule the planet are run by mostly power hungry women with extremely uestionable morals Reading this book I actually found myself at times ashamed to be a womanThe two main female characters Nadira and Eva both hold love for their slaves which is illegal on Venus We see them struggle and fight for their love against such fierce opposition On top of that is the crazy Arees who is desperate to become the leader of the High Council and will stop at nothing to achieve her وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله goalsI loved the storyline it is original and I have never read anything like it before However though I loved the idea I felt that the author whether knowingly or unknowingly lacked in certain knowledge of the planet itself I myself have been enthusiastic in learning about the universe and have often studied the planets in our solar system so for me there were a few holes in the story For example the days and nights seem to be written within the same time frames as earths when in fact a day on Venus lasts 116 daysEven in knowing that I still really enjoyed the book and the plot lines the characters were fantastic and I felt as though I was there with them which is always the sign of areat writerWith the book ending with a cliffhanger I m hoping there will be a second book and am extremely excited to read it What would happen if woman ruled the world This is exactly what this book is about Set on Venus where women have men as slaves it follows Nadira a young council member whilst she tries to change to running of the planet On Venus it is illegal for women to fall in love with their slaves but Nadira will not let this stop her loving her Slave Kiln and with the help of her best friend Eva she battles the High Council to try and Fiend get society changedAs a lover of Sci fi this book held my interest from the beginning The story was well written and the characters were believable throughout this book you could sense how head strong Nadira was and willed her toet what she wanted whilst also looking out for her friends and family The action in the book made it a uick read and the ending came far too soonAs a new author to me I for one will be looking out for of her books This is a Voice of Conscience great start to this series and I cannot wait for the 2nd book What would it be like if women ruled and men were slaves well The Slave Planetives you a pretty idea of what it would be likeIt was a little slow to begin with but once the characters developed they were PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) great and thought it wasreat to reveal in bits through out the book why the plant is ruled by women and what a few other planets are like There was a The Pedlar and the Bandit King (Scarlet and the White Wolf, great range of types of charactersood bad down right evil and oblivious of whats Marvins Room going on and you could really picture what your surroundings looked like as well as see the charactersThe ending had me wanting to read so do hope book 2 in in the works to come out soonI wasiven a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Wasn t too sure what to think of the book to start off with It was almost a DNF But it intrigued me enough to finish I understand the concept of the story line Just seemed a little off The story didn t flow for me Although I found the book to start a little rough the dialogue felt long while the seuence of time went too uickly once it found a better pacing I really ot hooked The culture of the book was really interesting having a matriarchal society where men were used as sl. Fter she’s accepted onto the High Council the most powerful institution on Venus her conformity to the way her world operates becomes important than ever When Nadira’s affair with Kiln is revealed her love for him will have disastrous conseuences and she will have to choose between