Lindsey Fitzharris: The Butchering Art Joseph Lister's uest to Transform the Grisly World of Victorian Medicine

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The Butchering Art Joseph Lister s uest to Transform the Grisly World of Victorian Medicine by Lindsey Fitzharris is a 2017 Scientific AmericanFarrar Straus and Giroux publication Ghastly but fascinating In 1846 as surgery became freuent deaths occurred often as well due to sepsis and a myriad of other infections promptingJosheph Lister to examine the prospect that germs dirty surgical tools and hospital cleanliness were to blame Lister s antiseptic theories were groundbreaking but not especially popular This led to a great deal of medical politics and backlash towards Lister This is fascinating because of the mindset in the Victorian days by medical professionals However you should be aware that some of the situations described are not for the faint of heart While not purposely or gratuitously graphic your imagination can fill in the blanks I can t imagine such primitive practices or the idea that hospitals were not sanitized especially the surgical tools It s very disgusting to think of and it s a wonder anyone survived Thank goodness for Joseph Lister and his antiseptic theory His life is captivating and his scientific vision paved the way for medical advancements and a massive eduction in loss of life He didn t always have the ight answers but he was an amazing trailblazer in medicine and science The book has a bleak atmosphere and conjures up all manner of appalling images some of which left me feeling a little green around the gills but ultimately this is an inspiring story and I for one came away feeling grateful for Lister and his forward thinking and his tenacity in sticking to his guns when he came under fire Lister s personal life is connected to his professional life in many ways and is examined moderately but. In The Butchering Art the historian Lindsey Fitzharris eveals the shocking world of nineteenth century surgery on the eve of profound transformation She conjures up early operating theaters no place for the sueamish and surgeons working before anesthesia who were lauded for their speed and brute strength These medical pioneers knew that the aftermath of surgery was often dangerous than their patients' afflictions and they were baffled by the persistent infections tha.

Is not the primary focus of the book Mainly the book is about Lister s work and often Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, reads like a history textbook in some ways but nevertheless it is uite absorbing I highlyecommend this book for anyone who enjoys science health and medicine or history and has a strong stomach My hardback copy is here I was fortunate enough to eceive an ARC of this through NetGalley and seriously the second I finished it I went and preordered it This is one of the best and my favorite books of the yearEven though I just ead this I m already ereading this In short This book eally delves into the Victorian surgery practices and thanks to Joseph Lister for forever changing what we know about surgery today Seriously highlighted and now tabbing seems like half of the book So fascinating and well esearched Looking through the hardback copy there is an index in the back and around 30 pages of notes on where the esearch came from I would ecommend this to anyone interested in medical history science an amazing well esearched biographyok nevermind I would ecommend this to everyone Can t wait to see Dr Lindsey Fitzharris speak at the Winchester House on Oct 20 Also you can check out her Youtube channel all about past medical practices thank Dr Lindsey Fitzharris and Farrar Straus and Giroux enough for allowing me to ead and eview this book for an honest opinion through Netgalley If about to go into Hospital for big emergency operation you are eally shitting bricks Congestions you have chosen the perfect bedside ead if wore not scared before then just what you need to put you at your easyA book about what happened to be in the 19th century theatres the gateways to Death In this the year of 70th anniversary of NHS this book shows what T kept mortality ates stubbornly high At a time when surgery couldn't have been hazardous an unlikely figure stepped forward a young melancholy uaker surgeon named Joseph Lister who would solve the deadly iddle and change the course of historyFitzharris dramatically ecounts Lister's discoveries in gripping detail culminating in his audacious claim that germs were the source of all infection and could be countered by antiseptics Focusing on the tumultuous period fro.

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He Labour government after Winston Churchill lost the election WWII helped to bring forth This about Joseph Lister a uaker who change surgeons the world over from the dirty aprons to believe that pus was goodSo smile when you go under knife think on this book as if wasn t for the pioneers of medicine The Labour government the new great NHS you could be like So meany here having no operation just big box lot of people dressed in black This book is funny for all the wrong easons on page 20 she says that Lister was born April 5th 1827 but on page 21 she then says in 1824 1843 he became a great devotee of instrument of microscopes but that makes him 2 in 1832 he became a fellowship of The Royal Society what at aged 5 claims he is only 14 in 1841Who did proof eading for this cannot stop laughingHe was born in 1827 did become surgeon at 20 but not at 2 or aged 5On page 12 if you are male you will scream grind your teeth in pain oh shitLove he cut blokes ball when cut off his leg 5 out 12 for my non fiction goal for the yearSo far I ve been on track with eading one non fiction book per month Let s hope I can keep this up This was eally good I ead a similar book called uackery by Lydia Kang and it amazes me the crazy shit these surgeons used to do to people I couldn t imagine being sick during this time period The medical field has definitely come a long way in such a short time Seems like I m into history of medicine and the medical field I will probably pick up some books about this time period Audio 50So while you e eading you ll become fascinated and want to share with others who will find you ghoulish People around you may protest the audio versionSometimes you may find it hard to finish your lunch while you e eading. M 1850 to 1875 she introduces us to Lister and his contemporaries some of them brilliant some outright criminal and takes us through the grimy medical schools and dreary hospitals where they learned their art the deadhouses where they studied anatomy and the graveyards they occasionally ansacked for cadaversEerie and illuminating The Butchering Art celebrates the triumph of a visionary surgeon whose uest to unite science and medicine delivered us into the modern worl.

As a little girl I used to drag my grandmother from cemetery to cemetery so that I could hunt ghosts Some might say I was obsessed with death from an early age but I’d like to think I was simply fascinated with the past and with the people who lived there Thus began a lifelong obsession with historyI received a doctorate in the history of science medicine and technology from the University